Throwback Thursday: Interstate Arms Hawk Model 982

Interstate Arms Hawk 982

There are plenty of amazing guns out there. However, have you ever wondered what people are actually buying? It may, or may not, surprise you that not everyone buys a $2,000 fully decked out Knights Armament AR-15. Our most common sellers are usually home defense shotguns, semi automatic .22s, and .380 pistols. I pulled our sales data from the last six months and made an interesting discovery. A relatively obscure shotgun is outselling the rest of the guns we sell by a large margin. The Interstate Arms Hawk Model 982 literally flies off the shelves and we have a hard time keeping them in stock. It is currently our number one selling firearm. This is due in no small part to its very low price tag—but how does it measure up in quality and performance?

Interstate Arms Hawk
The IAC Hawk closely resembles a Remington 870 with a couple of upgrades and a much lower price tag.
The short answer is that it is brilliant. It does a great job of doing exactly what the manufacturer intended it to do, which is to be a rugged home defense gun. This shotgun is simply a Chinese made Remington 870 clone manufactured by Norinco and imported by Interstate Arms.

Actually, copy is a better term than clone. The word clone implies that it is precisely the same in every way. However, not all aftermarket parts are interchangeable with the 870. For instance, an 870 sidesaddle may fit just fine, although a barrel exchange will not work without adapters.

The 982 model comes with ghost ring sights pre-installed. Some ghost ring sights will cost you half the price of this whole setup, so imagine my surprise when I found out they were included. I decided to try to find out where Norinco cut their corners. It is a Chinese reproduction, so it cannot be as good as a real Remington 870 Express, right? I inspected the receiver half expecting to see aluminum; it was steel, just like the Remington. Norinco machined the extractor and ejector instead of using MIM parts like the Express, which is an improvement. The trigger guard was also metal instead of the plastic stuff Remington stuck on their gun. The action was a little rough at first, although after a few hundred rotations, the gun polished itself down to an action just as smooth as the 870. The gun shouldered well, and when firing, I really could not tell any difference between it and the Remington.

Norinco managed to make a reproduction as good as the original, at a fraction of the cost. While I usually try to buy American, I forced myself to come to this conclusion: If you are on a budget and need something to protect your family, this IA Hawk 982 is really an amazing deal.

If you are not on a budget, this makes a great knock around gun. I would have no qualms about chunking this thing behind the seat of the farm truck or taking it out in the elements for some muddy training. While the shorter barrel is not ideal for bird hunting, the 982 fits snugly in the role of home defense, range toy, or random critter exterminator.

Specifications and Features

  • 12 gauge
  • 18.5-inch barrel
  • 3-inch chamber
  • 5 round capacity
  • Polymer stock
  • Matte black finish
  • Machined, solid steel receiver
  • Adjustable ghost ring sights
  • 38.5 inches in overall length
  • Weighs 7 pounds

What are your thoughts on the IAC Hawk 982? Share in the comments section.

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Comments (149)

  1. I would just like to say it is a pity they aer made in China, is there anyway in the near future we could have them made in the US or Canada? As a responsible Gun Owner and Law abiding Citizen I just would also like to know if you know other Gun Owners who are Canadian, as I am, they need to sign the petition against Bill C-71 which the Trudeau Gov’t is trying to clamp down even more on responsible Gun Owners and make it easier for us to beome targets for the criminals who of course do not obey the law and obtain them illegally. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.

  2. I bought one sometime around ’07/08. Since then, I’ve fired it hundreds of times and put it away dirty more often than not. I treat it like a cheap, red-headed, chi-com step-brother and in return it just. keeps. banging. every. friggin’. time. Not one misfire or miss-feed so far. Tough to beat flawless function at a low price point. Made in China…so F-ing what? This is one product the chi-coms hit out of the park.

  3. When and IF I buy a Hawk 982 shotgun, it will be because I want a decent shotgun, as opposed to an opinion of “my country is better than your country”. Besides, the Chinese already OWN most of America anyway. I am from Texas and we are friendly to everyone except for bad guys. For that we let well-made shotguns from China or the US sound the only opinions the bad guys need to hear.

  4. This is as good as an 870 absent the slightest bit of doubt for far less cash which obviously is a key variable for most shooters–some remain suspect of such but I would recommend they do their own homework and then report back…heck get both the 870 and 981/2 if possible, the more the merrier (compare/contrast)…

    Now, IMO the ‘self-righteous” outcries critical of 981/2 owners solely because they are built in “Red China” (yes I recognize Free-China AKA Taiwan) are comical…those very same people mocking Norinco owners are living amongst countless consumer items within their very household ranging from electronics to toys and everything in between…For those that abide by a strict discipline of “Red-Chinese-Abstinence” in totality please disregard and kudos (note I have yet to meet one single American that has successfully avoided such even when making a concerted effort).

    BTW, where does it end…? Do we not but forearms from Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, (Eastern Europe @large) Russia etc…Oh, and don’t check that S&W M&P 22 that was made in Germany…;). And don’t open up this can of worms that inevitably next leads to Ammo…

  5. Great article. I appreciate your perspective, thanks. We live on a very tight budget, and as such I am very interested in one of these as my first and likely only shotgun for home defense. Any thoughts on reliability? The local gunsmith by me said he had a couple of Chinese shotguns blow up in the face of his gunsmith and he would never sell them, which makes me concerned. But I have not read any similar concerns anywhere else. Also, is it single or dual extractor? Thanks.

  6. America is based on capitalism, not communism. Therefore, we import things for purchase just like all free 1st world countries. We have the FREEDOM to purchase things from anyone we darn well please. Only Communists want to force people to only buy from state-sponsored companies, so if you hate the idea of free market economies and think people should only buy from certain places then you should stop whining here and just move to a Communist country where your ideals are law. But before you go, have a look at some of the labels around your house, where the things you have bought have been made. I’m willing to bet more than a few will say “MADE IN CHINA”. So if you’re whining about “supporting a communist country” then you need to put a cork in it until you can figure out how to explain your hypocrisy and ignorance to your fellow freedom-loving Americans. We’ll wait for you, so you can catch up on things. 🙂

  7. I’ve bought many AMERICAN firearms, etc. BUT I do feel (no,know) that I and the American people have been and are being ripped off and used by the very democracy live and fight for. Based on our current financial and healthcare situations I am ready to purchase firearm and other life products at a price I have been forced to afford. So, I am looking for an affordable, usable 12 shotgun – without my own government allowing me to be screwed by my own patriots. I’m 64 and a Vietnam WAR navy seal vet, so I don’t want to others crying about THEIR service!!!

  8. This seems to be a great value so it might be good to buy a few, shrink-wrap and bury them to be used when the CCA APC’s start rolling through your neighborhood … It’s a bit late to whine over the fact that they are coming …

  9. I just bought one of these shotguns . I own two import guns now . This badass 12ga and a mosin m44. All my other guns are made in the USA . When it comes to a home defense shotgun I wasn’t willing to pay double or triple for a mossberg 500 or Remington 870. This IAC is all I needed and a great value . It will see range time but mostly be kept for home defense. Has anybody noticed the famous H&R protector is made in china too ? They are just as popular as this gun but with a USA name . So whoever wants to go spend the $ for a Remington or Mossy to serve the same purpose as this Hawk – more power to you .

  10. to the #1 input candy ass. You are judging others while you yourself are guilty of buying chin/chinese/gook/russian… Think of all the pieces Plus the steel casing ammo & tell you haven’t shot it or don’t own it. I bought an Interstate hawk 981, exactly like a remington, however has a better heavier for the heat chamber. I didn’t know it was a gook when I bought it. Understand this little boy. When you were playing video games in the house, I spent two tours, right at two years, fighting the gooks. Let me know when you want some schooling loud mouth. Too, I’ve owned numerous gook sk’s & have a ruskie now. Your kind disgust me. Jim Perkins TN/OH

  11. These comment sections are so entertaining. Started talking about the sales of the 982 and then it went into communism and religion. What ever happened to the days we all spent our time outside with our friends and family instead of sitting behind a computer screen? I say we all use the 982 to put a hole in the computer and then we go light up the BBQ and call some friends over……well at least turn off the computer, that way we can still have something to do on a rainy day…LOL…

  12. Magnum6 post #9 over a year old. Its comical that you believe Christians are good people. Check your history on that one… Not to mention the fact that any religion is believable. Why you are googling ‘christian history’ Check out this new thing called science as well….

  13. When I buy my 982 it will sit nicely next to my IJ-70 Russian made Makarov 9mm and my Harley Road King and if you think that the Harley is all American made you’d better think again. I’ll bet that some of the American flags that yall fly are Chinese made. Semper Fi!!! 64-70.

  14. When I buy a 982 it will go right next to my IJ-70 Russian Makarov 9mm and my Harley Road King. If you think the Harley is completely American made, you’d better do some research.

  15. The way I see it, CTD is an important asset in bring consumers the best possible product the consumer is looking for. Chinese made, russian made, communisism, lol, i’ll bust a s**t storm of lead and steel in them all with anything of mine from m4, mossberg, s&w, sks, and others, if they bring it here. So to the whiners about where American’s firearms come from, lol, don’t sweat our business. We got this.

  16. AJTexas, you really want to point fingers & bitch at folks who may buy Chinese guns when yourself are commenting your illogical whining online with a computer made outside the United States… VERY likely, built in this same Red regime China you cry about..?
    Moron. … Do the math. *shakes head*

  17. I also want to thank Cheaoer than dirt for allowin us to ask questions. You mentioned the Glocks as one of best sellers. How does the Judge 45/410 compare in sales to the best selling glock? From your stand point, which cal/ga ammos are the most popular for all of the ammo you sell? I was enamored by the fact the judge uses two types of ammo.

  18. Are you guys comparing ideologies or guns. Because, if you are, you’re on the wrong forum. A good gun has nothing to do with political ideologies. And it just so happens that Communist countries do actually produce some pretty decent products.

  19. there have been a lot of those little carbines in pistol calibers showing up at our range lately . in fact they’ve even set up combat courses for the guys and gals to run with them .

  20. That’s what freedom is all about… choice! You chose what products to buy and support , and I’ll chose mine. A wise man once told me… if we all liked the same thing, we’d all be married to the same wife!

  21. Hey…..just want to say….thanks CHEAPERTHANDIRT for letting us gun owners get our 2 cents worth in on your website… this is what freedom is all about…keep up the good work…its so great to hear other gun owners opinions and feed back….

  22. Sorry…..dont buy into those cheap chinese copyied firearms anymore !!!! Norinco is a communist chinese company !!!! remember early 90s when they flooded the american market with guns and cheap ammo …you get what you pay for…most of the time…clinton banned all those imports remember?… i have a chi-com sks that failed me horribly !!! still have the scar on my nose to show for it !!!! rifle cost me 69.oo dollars brand new !!! Have a norinco 1911 45 that i bought brand new that hasnt ever failed to work and shoot…but…what kind of unsafe metal was it made out of ?????….. no you can buy that crap from china if you want…but me I will buy from a well known firearms company…..

  23. I don’t think it’s always up to the American consumer to buy American no matter the cost, but it helps. I try to do my part where I can. That being said I will never ever buy a Norinco product! I remember back when the Mac 90’s and SKS’s were flying off the shelves about ten years ago. Norinco was behind all those and I was about to get on board. Then I read an article, in SOF I believe, about how Norinco is a company that was started by the Chinese government! That means when you buy their products your money is going directly into the pocket of the red army! It may end up resembling an intercontinental fast and furious on when the first American is killed by a Chinese soldier with a weapon financed by the American gun owner. I’m out on that!

  24. So much anger toward buying chinese. I happen to love general’s chicken and pot stickers the bomb!
    Seriously though, blame your government for allowing outsourcing and giving tax breaks to companies that outsource. Blame your government for not properly taxing and tariffing imports. Blame your government for selling and allowing the sales of American land to the same nations that own our debt. Blame your government for spending so frivilously that our debt is what it is today.
    If I had the opportunity to make a product for $20 and sell it in China for $200, I and any one of us would do it all day. China doesn’t allow this as openly as we do here. Our nation was hijacked years ago by multinational corporations through opportunistic and greedy politicians. Buying American only solves the problem if foreign imports are taxed enough to discourage production and sales to the American market.
    But if you want real results, drag your local politician who is guilty of accepting campaign funs and allowing policies like these by the hair onto his front lawn and…you can figure out the rest. I recommend a fair trial for treason, but I also hate wasting tax dollars.
    Remington 870 still the best and most reliable entry level shotgun known to man. Drag a glock through the mud and it will still fire. Mosin…yeah, but boring. Ruger is the 870 of rifles. Overall great article.

  25. If you have to go with an import shotgun i like the turkish ones. They use a good steel, and have excellent fit, finish and function. Yes they worship Allah but at least they don’t have nukes pointed at us.

  26. At Magnum6 not saying your not a Marine but i found two pretty obvious flaws in your comments. Me being a Marine from 1997-2003; #1 flaw we NEVER call ourselfs ex- Marines,never, #2 flaw you sd a “Buncha Marine doctors patched you up” I have never seen One much less a Buncha Marine doctors you should know the Navy handles that, just wondering I could be wrong

  27. I think that after owning maybe 40 shotguns over the years and shooting for Federal and the Army I would rather buy American and keep the money here regardless of cost. I’ve had many Remingtons 31’s 32’s 870’s 1100’s and all are good to great guns . My favorites are my model 50 Winchesters . Having said that the Mossbergs are tough , economical and never fail and my choice for defensive purposes .

  28. It’s the labor cost. R.I.P. Twinkies ! You want junk, the chinese will make it. You want a decent gun, the chinese will make it, too!

  29. As a registered customer of CTD and a frequent purchaser of products through their web site, I am a bit surprised that this Log (or Blog) is not moderated. Some of the comments submitted above are totally off topic. Some might even be considered offensive to some people.

    Now, I’m certainly no saint. But I’d suggest that we all keep the comments on-topic and not stoop to posting personal attacks.

    One more thing: If CTD can’t do its part to help keep this Log “clean”, maybe it isn’t worth a following by their customers.

  30. Can’t help but wonder, I know that at least one time that the Mossberg Maverick was made,purportedly, in Mexico, back in my gun shop manager days, and that at least the riot barrel replacements for the Remington 870’s were made by Mossberg. But, like the rumors of QC issues after Remington, Marlin and others were bought out, anything is possible. Things always change, like FN making a factory near Ft Jackson, SC, my family’s backwoods, nearly, because they had to to have the military contracts.

  31. First off-@Kenn, comment #88-right on, brother! I have a particular love of the old Ithaca Riot Shotguns, and of all places, it has been along the used racks of local pawn shops that I have scored outrageous deals on an agency-modified Ithaca Stakeout, 7 shot extended 12 gauge pump with the Original Ithaca pistol grip-only model, and a patrol issue wooden stock Ithaca (4+1) 12 gauge riot gun. I wish the new Ithacas now made did NOT have the disconnector now added-being able to train for the rapid fire of holding the trigger as you pump and simultaneously fire s great! And great for training others. But, not wanting to wear down my collectors, I got the excellent Mossberg Special Purpose model 500,7+1,12 gauge pump that is also parkerized. Sucks in the Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf Glide, great for protection even for saltwater ops in service. The reviews seem favorable, mostly, although I DO prefer not to buy Chinese. It still might be an even better option for the teaching of others on a basic stock, riot style pump action. I teach both types. To be said for the used market, I have even scored an older Remington 1100 12 ga that was marked WAY LOW for the unevenly cut down barrel-to 22”. I had to but even the cut to a sweet 20”, hone the action and add on a pistol grip equipped full synthetic stock. So, there are options, but maybe I can fill in the Made In China with compounding,ha ha ha! I freely admit to having an excellent RPK (Romanian AES-10), Polish AKMS,an incomparable CZ 75D Compact 9mm (about 3,000 rds of 9mm JHP +P+ negates the caliber argument). the thing is, being a multi service vet in particular, I got the training along the way to pick up ANY weapon serviceable on the battlefield and use it. I honestly pine for my old M60 LMG, but the economics of the RPK suited my wallet best! (For heavy receiver units like this-cured in by heat bonding oils like Militec 1 ,for machine guns, cures them into perfectly operating machines! Even followed the tip to add it to my V Twin’s crankcase!) Don’t get me wrong,I loathe communism, and do not trust the Chinese, nor the new era Putin-ese!
    But I have a retreat, for just in case, and bedsides already training people basic and advanced weapon tactics there, I have a small unit to help arm for survival training. Not a militant, not an anarchist, just a survivor who likes to train the Good Guys how to live and survive, and have a group that I am willing to take in in exchange for special skills for the better good of us all. Just call me a vet who wants to be left alone if the balloon drops. Now-I respect anyone’s beliefs as long as it doesn’t involve the harming of others or dogs! But I deserve the same. So please do not preach religion to me. Call me jaded, but my only source of strength is my family, pups and my skills to survive. If I pray to Odin and wish for Valhalla, it is my choice. Yes, yes, maybe I’ll go to hell, but I have already been there and back, and back, and back. Plus three bad marriages-so I figure I am owed some points in the game! It drove me nuts-short trip-to see if this Remington 870-based Hawk shotgun has the semi cut slot in the shell guide/follower, the way the 870’s are now for making it easy to clear a jam now. I have my old 870 done in the way we used to fix this, by drilling two larger holes and cutting a slot in the center. Saves your range time or even your bacon by allowing the back of a knife blade to push a shell back into the magazine tube-rather than the fun of stripping down the shotgun. Mine has a ten shot extension tube added on and braced, so I might as well drop it and draw my Para GI Expert .45 acp w/o the modification. Curious to know if 870 accessories and magazine tube extensions can be added onto the oriental special, ha ha! But seriously, I owe a LOT of my gear, ammo and emergency rations and expanded professional First Aid/First Responder gear to Cheaper Than Dirt for the great deals! (I do think THEY OWE Me a size XXL or XXXL company shirt and cap for the roughly $30,000 I have spent with them though, ha ha ha ha~!) One of the finest deals they have are the EXCELLENT Condor double rifle and discreetly shaped padded cases. They and the Molle long gun scabbards of nylon are great for the fair-sized collection of training weapons I have to protect. Great Work, CTD! now about that shirt…ha ha ha ha! Sin-cerely, Mike ”Cujo” Perrine

  32. We are a peculiar nation we have been importing things from other nations for all time. Baretta, Browning, Springfield, Defend your self at all cost at any cost, no matter what it’s okay to wish and dream American but quite frankly quality is quality. And a dollar spent is a dollar spent. In America on Americans.

  33. I am 77 and it is interesting but very sad to watch the demise of the worlds greatest nation. Guns won’t save us it will be when the moronic electorate finally realize they are about to lose it all. It will most likely be to late by then. We will only know when the end arrives. That end is not to far off. The only pleasant thought I have is that when the real shooting starts the welfare and anti gun people will be the first to meet Jesus.

  34. The usual rantings of a bunch of beer swilling red neck southern good ole boy mall ninjas wanna be. Their iq is always lower the caliber of the guns they own.

  35. ROFL, Chinese are communists. You guys are funny. A communist country were worker unions are outlawed unless they are sanctioned by the party and usually the company that employs them.

    Hate to break it to you, but more like godless capitalists. Americans wonder why their salaries and benefits continue to crumble, yet they cut their own necks to save a few bucks on something that is going to last a lifetime anyway.

    Rich people would sell their mother to make a buck, everyone else apparently would buy a mother made in China if it saved them a few bucks.

    1. there is nothing about being close between communism and capitalism. communism is run by a collective, the elite. they decide what products will be made.

      true capitalism is run by the buyers the people, the sellers try to keep up with the buyers and if the buyers don’t want something it is not made. the harder you work the more money you get. that is why we ended up the greatest nation. we work on supply and demand. the harder you work the more you get.. unfortunately our country is looking more and more like communism , there will be hell to pay when this government collapses because it can’t pay it’s bills. it is coming soon to a neighborhood near you. under communism people expect the government to take care of them and there is no sense in working very hard because you get paid the same.

      the debt and the entitlements we owe will bring us down and obummer made sure it was coming soon by doubling the money supply and doubling the national debt. no one not even the US can live on debt. we are close to the collapse it is coming soon.perhaps after the collapse we can get back to people needing to work for what they get. we will all need a few good shotguns and ammo. as long as they are reliable. we need cheap guns because the middle class is being forced into poverty. things are getting ugly. i did not here what this gun cost but with a mossberg around $300 now hopefully it will be under $200.while i believe in buying american. some of us do not have money and need these cheap guns. the more guns there are the harder it will be for people running around trying to take things because they did not prepare. cheap reliable guns always have a place or should in our country. if we have to import them so be it..

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