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SIG Carry Guns: What Do SAS and SRT Mean?

SIG P229 and P229 RX

There are good-quality handguns, decent affordable handguns and then there are cheap guns. The SIG P-Series offers excellent reliability, accuracy and handling.

They are not inexpensive, but the SIG design is simply uncompromising. The pistol was intended to meet the needs of German police and special units during the first wave of terrorism.

The P220 had to be reliable above all. Accuracy was valued, as the pistol would be called on to take hostage rescue shots.

The pistol was designed to replace the Walther PP and PPK/s pistols generally issued to peace officers. Reliability and wound potential of the PP series was lacking, as well as accuracy.

Stop gaps such as the Walther PP Super and P1, as well as American .38 caliber revolvers, had been issued in the interim. The SIG P-Series valued simplicity.

There was no manual safety, only safety features. The long double-action first-shot trigger and firing-pin block were the only things between the shooter and a discharge, and all that was needed.

The original SIG P220 9mm was among the most accurate service pistols ever adopted. This single-stack 9mm Luger was eventually offered in .45 ACP and the much less common .38 Super.

The SIG P-Series has expanded to include the SIG P226 high-capacity 9mm, the compact SIG P228, now replaced by the P229, and other variants.

P220 SIG Carry SAS

Modern P-Series Usage

The P-Series has been adopted by many federal agencies including the Secret Service and Federal Air Marshals. Additionally, a number of state police use the SIG P-Series.

The bottom line is that if an agency issues the SIG, they have done so on merit, not the low bid. I first became familiar with the SIG when an agency I served with issued officers the SIG P226.

I found an excellent handgun with unquestioned reliability.

The double-action first shot was smoother than anything I had used, and at the time, the pistol was the only factory handgun I had fired as accurate as a custom-grade 1911.

I had given up the 1911 I had previously carried and adopted the SIG P226 along with the rules of the new agency. The agency was a step up and I adapted to the 9mm SIG.

I managed to have the P220 .45 approved for duty for those that qualified to a higher standard. I would feel very comfortable with the SIG as a duty sidearm.


The double-action trigger is smooth enough that a fast accurate shot to seven yards isn’t difficult for those that practice.

Once the first shot is fired, you have a crisp 4.2-pound trigger action that allows for excellent control and shot placement.

Later, I was able to move back to the cocked-and-locked 1911,  but I have kept a P-Series on hand since. Today I own several. The SIG P220 .45 is among the most accurate .45 caliber handguns I have owned.

It isn’t unusual for the P220 to group five shots into less than two inches at 25 yards with quality ammunition such as the SIG Sauer Elite 200-grain V Crown.

Some have grouped five shots into 1.25 inches when I am on my game. The P226 and P229 are similarly accurate, although in general, not quite as accurate as a solid P220.

On a side note, I found the 200-grain SIG Sauer load very accurate in all .45s.

SIG Decocker
The SIG’s decocker is ergonomically sound and easily manipulated.

The Illustrious P229

Perhaps the best balanced of all SIG P-Series pistols is the P229. This handgun features a steel slide over an aluminum receiver and offers excellent balance.

The P229 RX with SIG ROMEO optic is a first-class handgun, fast on target and accurate. My favorite of all the P229s is a SIG P229 in .40 S&W.

The .40 is a hard-hitting caliber that isn’t difficult to control in the P229 and offers excellent accuracy. Despite pretty shaky claims, the .40 S&W hits harder than the 9mm and offers real versatility.

I like the P229 a lot, it makes an excellent SIG carry gun. The P229 RX is a good shooter that offers real punch with the SIG Sauer Elite 9mm — I prefer the 124-grain load.

The bottom line, on all of these SIG carry pistols — fit, finish and reliability are very consistent and very good.

Note the rounded forward edge of the SAS slide. The P220 SIG carry is a great gun.

SIG Carry Improvements: SRT & SAS

SIG P-Series handguns have been improved over the years with various advances. These include tritium sight inserts and changes in grip material.

The short reset kit and short trigger are misunderstood, as they are not the same thing. The short reset group includes a safety lever and sear.


When you install the Short Reset Trigger (SRT) kits you enjoy a shortened trigger reset. This means that the trigger and trigger finger do not have to move as far forward to reset the trigger.

There is also a reduction in single-action take-up before the ‘wall’ is met for the trigger press. The short trigger is just that a shorter trigger for shorter trigger reach.

When the two are combined, you have an excellent trigger action. My personal SIG carry P220 has both the short trigger and short reset. This is the P220 Carry version with a short slide.


This pistol also has the SIG Anti-Snag treatment. This (SAS) means the ends of the slide are rounded and smoothed for snag-freed concealed carry.

I like this system a great deal. The shorter slide doesn’t materially affect accuracy, but the pistol clears leather quickly. The SRT makes for excellent trigger control.

I like this handgun when traveling and for home ready. No need to lower the hammer for home ready, cock the hammer to fire or take the safety off as the SIG is drawn.

For home defense, the SIG P-Series makes a lot of sense. Sure the high bore axis of the SIG will never allow a good shooter to win a competition against the 1911, but personal defense isn’t IPSC.

The SIG P-Series is among the finest handguns ever manufactured and a first-class firearm for personal defense, home defense and service use.

If you want to convert your SIG P-Series to the SRT setup, offers the full kit. This is a well-made set that offers an excellent upgrade for the P-Series pistol.

Shooting SIG Carry SAS
The SIG SRT trigger offers a smooth, straight-to-the-rear compression and rapid reset.

SIG P-Series Accuracy

Here are accuracy results from five-shot groups at 25 yards (average of two groups) with SIG P-Series handguns.


Load Group Size in Inches
SIG 124-Grain FMJ 1.5
SIG 147-Grain V Crown 1.3

SIG P220 Carry

Load Group Size in Inches
SIG 230-Grain FMJ 2.25
SIG 200-Grain V Crown 1.5
SIG 230-Grain V Crown 1.65

What is your favorite SIG carry gun? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author:

Wilburn Roberts

When Wilburn Roberts was a young peace officer, he adopted his present pen name at the suggestion of his chief, as some of the brass was leery of what he might write. This was also adopted out of respect for families of both victims and criminals. The pen name is the same and the man remains an outspoken proponent of using enough gun for the job.

He has been on the hit list of a well-known hate group, traveled in a dozen countries and written on many subjects, including investigating hate crimes and adopting the patrol carbine. He graduated second in his class with a degree in Police Science. It took him 20 years to work himself from Lieutenant to Sergeant and he calls it as he sees it.
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  1. Been a long time sig shooter as my 1st one was a p228 9mm then upgraded to the p229. 40 with the new enhanced grip and srt trigger by far my favorite over any glock I’ve shot in the past.

  2. I recently purchased a Sig P320 SC in 9mm. I had a P250 in 45 ACP for a while. Both are excellent for EDC. Accurate, reliable, and sized just right for me. I prefer the P320 in 9mm and at 12+1 capacity it’s just about perfect for me, with a spare mag, of course. I also like the modular design. I swapped out the grip frame to Coyote Tan in about a minute. Without a doubt I will be buying another Sig very soon.

  3. I have many different Sig models and can speak highly of them all.As a retired LEO with Orlando P.D we carried Sig P-226 9mm for many years which instilled a great more confidence than the S&W Model 15’s .38 that we transitioned from.For C.C. these days I highly recommend the Sig P-938 in 9mm,this little guy carries a lot of punch and can be carried in a pocket or IWB very comfortably.Personally I like a Sticky Holster for IWB.

  4. I have had a Sig Sauer P2022 in 9mm for many years. I did upgrade the sights to the Trijicon tridium night sight.
    Love the gun have run hundreds of runs through it with no failures or misfires. If you can load it it will shoot it, I prefer the 124 grain JHP and 115 grain FMJ.
    Get one you will enjoy it.

  5. After shooting both the P220 and P226 chose the 226 for firepower while caring as a reserve deputy in 1986. After 4-5000 rounds receiver rails cracked… Within two weeks Sig Replaced with a brand new gun. Still have the 226 got hired in 1988 full-time, wife carries a P290 in .380 auto and also on a 7.62 Sig 716 for going to war. Agree with the comments on 40 Smith & Wesson as a hard-hitting rd. Also have a Springfield XDM compact in 40, It carries and shoots well, it helps me sleep at night.

  6. Does the SRT system approach the trigger of the PPQ? It sounds as though it does, and if so, that’s a huge plus. To this day, the PPQ remains the only pistol in my collection, I can consistently double tap with, y other pistols require a bit of war up to do so.
    A SIG P365 became my CC gun about 2 years ago, and just my typical luck, a year later the SAS version was released. I’ve not had the opportunity to free the new version, but it’s definitely something to consider down the road.

  7. It seems to me that most folks like their “plastic pistols” as their EDC. I prefer my S&W 411 as my EDC as it is very well balanced rugged and the option to carry a chambered round. eight and size in an EDC is of no issue s I am a rather large individual so weight and recoils is not a problem.

    On a side note I prefer American made and I don’t care about who likes what!!

  8. My P239 SAS is a very smooth shooting CC pistol. It was very expensive at the time (still is too) but it’s pluses far outweighed any perceived negatives. It’s easy to shoot but it takes a long trigger pull to fire it. I like that because a manual safety on a “Oh $HIT Pistol” just slows down your response to a deadly situation. On a side note, the SAS on my pistol makes it the best carry weapon available. If you get the opportunity to purchase one, but it, you wont be disappointed!

  9. I prefer a smaller handgun with a manual safety although I am sacrificing round capacity …I found the Sig P938 fit the bill perfectly and I loved the mini-1911 style of it. It is awesomely accurate and with very manageable recoil..Sigs are awesome firearms and my chosen choice…

  10. I carried the M-11 (Military P228) in the Army and found It to be an accurate workhorse in any conditions I found myself in around the world. Since it is no longer manufactured many of us that carried it have purchased an M11-A1 for our collection. The M11-A1 is a P228/P229 mod that uses components of each. I love the gun and still count it as a favorite. For duty i carry a G19 Gen 4 but my normal preference is a 1911. I could comfortably carry any of the three knowing I have solid dependable firearms when I need them.

  11. I own two Sigs. An original P226 9mm made in West Germany. It rivals my custom Colt 1911 .45 as my most accurate handgun. I also was able to recently acquire a used P229 in .40. The LGS I purchased it from installed new Siglite nightsights and the SRT trigger system. It’s tied with my Glock 23 as my favorite home defense/ccw weapons.

  12. The only thing I own that says SIG SAUER on it is a T-Shirt and I got that as a gift from my son.I will not question the quality of German firearms.They are of the highest quality.I did own an H&K .45acp and got rid of that as well not because of reliability or functionality but the accuracy was pretty bad and sold it to a German fanboy firearm enthusiast. Their customer service is not of the same quality as their firearms and this goes for basically all German firearms manufacturers.When a customer has a problem with one of their firearms which points to a defective product,they will blame the customer with bullshit like” it needs a couple hundred of rounds to break it in” even if the customer shows the defect on video.That’s the main reason I will never own a German firearm.I own S&W,Ruger and Glocks handguns and their customer service is second to none.The same goes for reliability and accuracy of their firearms.Hell! I even sold my Glocks after shooting my M&P 2.0 45acp and my Ruger LC9s with all types of ammo even the cheap Commie block stuff and no failure to feed or extract and with anything I feed them.Oh!by the way accuracy was amazing for self defense purposes and I have poor eyesight.My point is why pay all this extra money and not have the customer service to back it or own up to admitting a product is defective.!!!

  13. My Sig 938 SAS is my favorite edc but my Sig p320 handles better because of the size. The 938 is a micro 1911 style gun that packs a punch even in 9mm and the P320 is not good to carry around in a holster all day. The handles rather fat and prints wide.
    Still, Sig Sauer are my favorite firearms and I’d outshoot anyone with comparable Glocks say G43/G19,17
    CZ would take second place in my book.

  14. I was promoted to my Police Dept’s Tactical Unit in 1984 & realized that my duty weapon, a S & W .357 & my off-duty model 29 .44 magnum were too large for concealment & undercover ops. A brother P.O. was selling a new Sig Sauer P220 .45 ACP which used to be the Browning BDA. It’s been literally the perfect undercover extremely potent handgun I’ve trusted my life to. My Sig shoots so smoothly you can forget you’re firing a .230 grain round which’ll stop nearly anything. The only difference remains the magazine release on my 1982 P-220 & today’s Sig’s. Mine’s a manual release located at the butt. Newer Sig’s have mag release buttons. I remain ebullient due to my Sig Sauer P220 .45 ACP!

  15. The P239 is an excellent carry gun, and the P290 can just disappear in a pocket, with a little help.

  16. I just bought my first Sig. The P229 Elite ASE, SRT Stainless in 9mm. I Love this gun. It shoots every time, very accurate, 15 plus one rounds and the trigger is awesome. This is now my favorite gun period. After 37 years LEO and all he Glocks I own, this is a treat to shoot and I feel just as reliable as a Glock.

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