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SHOT Show 2022 — New Firearms, Gear, and More!

SHOT Show 2022

It’s that time of year again, the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Manufacturers from all over the firearm industry are gathering this week to showcase their newest products. Follow along with us all week as we take a look at some of the best and most unique products on the showroom floor.

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SHOT Show Day 4

As day four finally came around, we kept searching the floor for the rest of the hidden gems.

We were excited to get our hands on the LWRCI SMG-45. Based on the HK UMP design, the LWRCI SMG-45 utilizes a delayed-blowback operating system and is chambered in .45 ACP. Though not necessarily “new,” the firearms have had some teething problems and have certainly been difficult to find in the wild.


LWRCI also brought a number of its ARs. One of my favorites was the IC-PDW, the smallest in the series. Featuring an 8.5-inch barrel and the compact LWRCI collapsible stock, this 5.56 NATO AR-15 would make an excellent CQB option. This is a solid short-barreled rifle that is ready to stand up to some serious use.


With both a standard and optics-ready version, the new Standard Manufacturing SG-9 striker-fired pistol brings a lot to the table. The SG-9 is constructed from a solid steel chassis surrounded by a polymer grip frame for improved durability. Featuring fully-ambidextrous controls, including manual safety levers, the SG-9 is easily manipulated with either hand. This 9mm pistol is a great option for modern shooters looking for a dependable sidearm.

ZRO Delta showed us some of its newest pistol accessories and builds. “The One” pistol features a heavily modular design that enables the shooter to configure and customize the firearm for their needs. With different slide, grip frame, and frame rail insert options, The One can really do it all and serve in every role.

ZRO Delta The One Modular Pistol

Desert Tech took the venerable AR-15 to a new level with the new Quattro-15. Featuring a quad-stack magazine with 53 rounds of capacity, the Quattro_15 packs some serious firepower. The new Quattro-15 lower receiver accepts standard AR mags as well as the quad-stack mag, and is compatible with standard AR-15 upper receivers. 

Smith and Wesson introduced a new AR-15 to its line, the M&P Volunteer. Available in both a Standard and Pro Series version, M&P Volunteer rifles feature some of the most popular upgrades shooter’s make to their AR. Improved furniture, optics, and triggers come standard in the Volunteer line. With the dependability and track record of the M&P15, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better rifle for the price. 

Blackhawk introduced its new TecGrip FormLok. This is a moldable nylon holster that can be fitted to different gun models and offers passive retention. This is a great option for those looking to holster any older, discontinued, customized, or brand new firearms. The TecGrip FormLok is the perfect holster to carry comfortably all day.

Vaultek showcased its popular LIfePod. The LifePod is a lockable travel case constructed from a durable, polymer blend that keeps it safe, secure, and looking good. Quick to open, the LifePod keeps your pistol safe and secure, but readily available when you need it most. Whether you need it for air travel or as a lock box for your car, the LifePod is ready to rock. 

Canik announced its new SFX Rival pistols. Incorporating Canik’s latest designs and upgrades, the SFX Rival is available in both a black and a gray version. Both pistols are optics ready and feature aggressive slide cuts and milling for easy manipulation. These are two pistols that can surely compete with the best of them.

Recover Tactical introduced its new PIX. The PIX is a modular AR platform chassis for your Glock pistol. Simply seat your Glock into the chassis, snap it into place, and you’re ready to rock with an AR-style rifle. Reload, charge, and fire your pistol in the same method you would with your AR-15. This is a great way to turn your concealed carry pistol into an incredible home defense firearm.

SHOT Show Day 3

Day three of SHOT Show was a success. There was still plenty on the floor to see.

Unified Laser, a company specializing in laser engraving systems, was there with a massive display of some of the fanciest looking firearms and accessories. There was gold plating, detailed engraving, and high-quality machining everywhere you looked. If you’re looking to take your favorite firearm to the next level, or simply want to customize a few magazines, be sure to check them out.

Gold-plated AK rifles
Gold-plated 1911 pistols

It wouldn’t be SHOT Show without checking out what Kel-Tec has going down. The new P15 features the new micro-compact slim profile, just stretched out to give shooters a full grip. This optics-ready striker-fired 9mm pistol accepts 15-round mags and is available in two different versions, the alloy model and polymer model. The alloy model features an aluminum frame and attractive wood grips. The polymer model incorporates an accessory rail for mounting lights and lasers, and is the smallest and lightest 15-round 9mm pistol on the market.

Iron City Rifle Works had some high-quality ARs on display. Whether you’re looking for a rifle or pistol, Iron City Rifle Works has some feature-rich options that can easily hold their own with the best of them. Want something more unique and personalized? Custom make your AR-15 or source the parts you need to complete your dream build.

Iron City Rifle Works rifles

Want to go on that big camping trip? How about that once in a lifetime hunt? Credova was there spreading the word about their buy now, pay later system for outdoor adventures. Pick up what you need now and pay later in four interest-free installments. This system allows you to get the gear you need at a price you can afford.

Credova Booth SHOT Show

SHOT Show Day 2

As day two rolled around, we were really getting in the swing of things. There were plenty more interesting and new products to get our hands on.

It’s clear there has been a resurgence of the Browning Hi-Power. EAA/Girsan has introduced the MC P35, a modernized Hi-Power. Featuring an accessory rail, ambidextrous thumb safety, upgraded target sights with fiber-optic front and adjustable rear, and a beveled and flared magwell, the MC P35 takes the Hi-Power to the next level for a new generation of modern shooters. Additionally, G10 grips provide more traction for rapid follow-up shots, even in wet and muddy environments.

Dickinson had some fine sporting shotguns on display. These over/under and side-by-side shotguns are as functional as they are pleasing to the eye. With natural wood furniture, detailed engraving, and color case-hardening, these shotguns incorporate some high-end features. Whether you’re a hunter, sport shooter, or collector, Dickinson shotguns are worth a look.

Dickinson Sporting Shotguns on Rack

Riton Optics showcased some of its newest and most popular spotting scopes, binoculars, and magnified optics. Good glass isn’t something you should cheap out on, and Riton knows this. However, there are tons of different shooters shopping in all different price ranges. That’s why Riton offers some high-quality and affordable options, along with some of their top-of-the-line models.

Riton Optics on Table

It’s no secret that red dot optics have become the new standard. HK updated the VP9 SK with an optics mounting system, making an already great carry pistol even better. Along with the optics-mounting system, HK enlarged the cocking “wings” at the rear of the slide for easier manipulation and added new extended baseplate options for the magazines. This is definitely a carry pistol worth keeping an eye out for.

Retay brought some of its state-of-the-art shotguns. Retay has one main claim to fame, accuray. Because of the deep bore drilled barrels and factory-lengthened forcing cones, Retay claims its shotguns can deliver a more consistent pattern with less shot-to-shot variability than competitors.

Woman holding Retay Shotgun

It’s no surprise there were a ton of different AR-15 rifles and pistols at SHOT, but there were a few that stood out amongst the crowd. Breacher’s Custom Guns brought one of the coolest AR pistol builds I’ve seen. Like the name implies, these are custom guns that are typically built to order, but their website does list some pre-built models for sale. They’re pricey, at a couple grand at least, but they sure do stand out in a sea of black rifles.

Breacher's Custom Guns AR Pistol

Though relatively new in the knife game, Hogue has claimed its spot in the market. Having handled hundreds of blades, I can confidently say Hogue models pull their weight. Utilizing the ABLE lock, the Hogue Trauma series can be quickly open and closed with one hand and lock up solid. These blades are great for first responders, especially the bright orange version with the seatbelt cutter and glass breaker at the rear.

Hogue Knives

Walther added a new model to their popular PDP line, the SD Pro. Featuring a threaded barrel, enhanced magazine well, improved trigger, and reinforced optics-mounting system, the Walther PDP SD Pro is ready to do it all. Additionally, the SD Pro incorporates a more aggressive stippling pattern to improve tracking in wet and muddy environments. 

Hi Viz illuminated us on some of its latest night sights. Hi Viz H3 tritium/fiber-optic sights glow in the dark for shooting at night and feature bright fiber-optic rods for visibility during the day. The sights hold their brightness, even without being exposed to light beforehand. H3 sights are available for a variety of firearms and are an excellent addition for a defensive gun.

Leapers UTG gave us the scoop on its matching upper and lower receiver sets. Machined out of 7075 billet aluminum, these AR uppers and lowers are incredibly durable, and can be customized to the user’s specifications.

Leapers UTG showcased some of its newest and best optics. Whether you’re looking for a new red dot for your pistol or rifle, or want a magnified scope for shooting further out, UTG has some affordable and dependable options.

Leapers UTG gave us the rundown on some of its newest magazines, handguards, and other accessories. UTG is constantly working to improve products based on customer feedback and always seeks to raise the bar.

INTEGRIX, a subset of Leapers UTG, brought some of its latest high-end optics. These magnified scopes offer a wide field of view and improved lens coatings to give you a high-quality and dependable optic that will stand the test of time.

SHOT Show Day 1

Day one of SHOT Show went off without a hitch with some incredibly interesting new firearms as well as a few upgrades to some existing guns.

Magnum Research brought plenty of samples of its popular Desert Eagle pistol. One of the newest and most notable versions was the Viking edition, which features a hammered-looking finish and howling wolf grips. You don’t have to be Thor to love this pistol, but it helps!

Viking Desert Eagle

Franklin Armory brought a lot to the table this year. Though there was an impressive lineup of firearms, the binary Glock trigger stole the show. That’s right, a Glock with a fun switch — well, almost. This allows the shooter to switch between normal semi-automatic firing, which fires the gun once each time the trigger is pulled, to binary, or echo, mode, which fires the gun once when the trigger is pulled, and again when it is released. This greatly speeds up your rate of fire and is an absolute blast at the range.

Franklin Armory Rifle on wall
Franklin Armory Binary Glock

Nosler introduced its first suppressors to the market. With both .22 caliber and .30 caliber options, in either the titanium series or aluminum series, these cans are ready to go. All feature a modular design for quick and easy disassembly and maintenance.

FN has gotten back in the game with the reintroduction of the legendary Browning Hi-Power. This is no ordinary Hi-Power, however, it features some modern upgrades like improved sights and an ambidextrous slide release. Available in several different finishes, how excited are you to get your hands on one of these classics?

Holosun optics are incredibly popular because of their price, quality, and performance. Showcasing its lineup at SHOT gives users the chance to really get a feel for what they’re getting.

Holosun optics on pistols

AREX released its upgraded Delta Gen.2 Tactical pistol. This striker-fired 9mm features a threaded barrel as well as an optics mounting system with five interchangeable plates. Absolutely feature-packed, the AREX Delta Gen.2 is definitely worth a shot.

Profense dropped some jaws with its M134 MiniGun. Firing 7.62 NATO ammunition utilizing a link-fed system, the M134 is a beast. Shooters are able to select between a 1,500 and 3,000 rate of fire depending on their needs. For most civilians this is off the table, but it sure is fun to see.

Profense M134 MiniGun

Patriot Ordnance Factory announced its all new 9mm subgun, the Phoenix. This blowback-operated pistol makes a great host for your red dot sight and pistol stabilizing brace. The POF Phoenix is perfect for everything from plinking at the range to serious self-defense use.

Elite Iron showcased its Asset suppressor. The Asset features a modular design that allows the shooter to configure the suppressor shorter and longer for their specific needs. This also allows it to be easily cleaned and maintained. The .30 Cal variant can handle anything up to a .300 Win Mag and the full titanium construction keeps the can lightweight, yet durable. 

Lucid Optics brought some of its top scopes and optics. Moving more of its manufacturing back to the United States, Lucid Optics is refining and upgrading its product line along the way with some top-notch improvements. Enhanced lens coatings, internal components, and housings are just the start, Lucid Optics is determined to take things to the next level.

CAA USA brought the incredibly popular MCK conversion kit and some interesting new accessories. Able to convert a semi-auto pistol into a subgun-like setup, the MCK is a popular option for home defense or plinking at the range. New accessories like a removable knife that mounts in the spare magwell, extendable bipod, and glass breaker muzzle shroud make this an even more intimidating and versatile weapon system.

Media Day at the Range

It’s Media Day at the range and you know what that means, free ammo and trigger time. Like kids in a candy store, we didn’t know where to begin.

Diamondback brought some winners this year. The Sidekick is a fun little DA/SA revolver that looks like a classic cowboy gun. With both .22 LR and .22 WMR cylinders, this is a blast at the range and for pest control.

Diamondback Sidekick

The Diamondback DBX is a compact and dependable performer. With a folding brace and a mag full of 5.7×28, this is an excellent PDW that is incredibly soft shooting and accurate.

Diamondback 5.7

Federal showcased the new .30 Super Carry rounds. This round takes up less space in the magazine than a standard 9mm and offers promising performance. Will this be the new go-to concealed carry round?

Federal .30 Super Carry Ammo

Whether it’s in the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Plus or a Nighthawk Custom 1911, the .30 Super Carry absolutely delivers.

S&W Shield
Nighthawk 1911

Aimpoint was a hit with its red dot sights. Both the ACRO P-2 and the CompM5b provide incredible performance. These would be right at home on any duty firearm.

Aimpoint ACRO
Aimpoint Red Dot

Winchester gave us the rundown on its new self-defense ammo. The new Defender 12-gauge, USA Ready and Ready Defense in 10mm Auto, and Silvertip .22 LR offer promising performance. What do you think, did you find your next round for personal protection?

Kel-Tec showcased its new P50 5.7×28 pistol. This powerhouse runs on FN P90 magazines, giving you a whopping 50 rounds on hand. It’s incredibly flat shooting and provides virtually no recoil, making it an absolute blast to shoot at the range. Ready for mounting your red dot optic and pistol stabilizing brace, the Kel-Tec P50 is also a solid home defense option.

Maxim Defense showcased some of its newest suppressed firearms. Offering selections from .22 LR up to .308 Winchester and barrels in a variety of lengths, Maxim Defense came to deliver.

Behind the Scenes at SHOT Show

As the beginning of SHOT Show 2022 draws near, here are some special behind-the-scenes shots from the Cheaper Than Dirt! crew. We look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest from the firearms industry!

Be sure you thoroughly clean out and check your travel bags for any cartridges, spent brass, knives, or worse, firearms! You don’t want any unexpected surprises at the airport.

gun, knife and ammo on bag

The new guns arn’t the only thing to see. Las Vegas is sure dressed to impress with some unique and exciting decorations.

Las Vegas Asian Decorations SHOT Show
Las Vegas Asian Decorations SHOT Show

Firearm manufacturers are getting set up for the week ahead. Even with COVID causing some big names to stay home, there should still be an exciting turnout. What are some of the brands that you’re most excited to see?

SHOT Show Setup Yankee Hill Machine booth

Firearms aren’t the only thing on display, there are plenty of new knives for the new year from the top manufacturers.

SHOT Show Setup Knife Booths

We’re excited to check out new developments in the ammunition world. With big names like Hornady, Winchester, and Browning there, there’s sure to be something new and exciting.

A little behind-the-scenes movie magic of filming at SHOT Show. Be sure to check back regularly for our SHOT Show updates.

Don’t forget to check back frequently, as we will be updating you throughout the day for the rest of the week on everything new and exciting at SHOT Show 2022!

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