TT: A Rifle for Concealed Carry? Three Practical Choices

AK-47 pistol

Events both at home and abroad have many Americans rethinking their everyday carry handgun choices. There’s an excellent chance that you might be one of the thousands of prepared citizens trading in their pocket pistol for something a bit larger, like a gun in the size class of a GLOCK 19 or a CZ P-07 duty.

But what about those tragic incidents where no matter how big your pistol is, it’s simply just not going to be enough? How can you best prepare to deal with multiple aggressive adversaries, who might be wearing body armor while armed with AK-47s?

There’s no question, the best way to deal with these challenging problems is the trained application of a rifle. And the only type of rifle that’s going to help is the one that you’ve got with you at the moment of truth.

A Word on Our Gun Choices (READ THIS)

Many states have laws allowing the carry of rifles, both openly and concealed. It’s up to you to know what you are or are not allowed to do, and to comply with all applicable laws, just like you do when carrying a concealed handgun.

Let’s be clear, the only type of long gun that’s easily concealable on a regular basis is going to be a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR). While the process for acquiring rifles with sub-16″ barrels can be confusing, it’s really not that terrible to go through.

Short barreled rifles have never been more popular, and are becoming an extremely common sight on the firing line. Obtaining one is easy enough. Click here to learn how.

Many times, it’s simplest to just convert a rifle-caliber pistol to an SBR. None of the choices below ship in rifle format; it’s going to be up to you to perform your due diligence and get everything squared away with your SBR stamp before adding a stock.

With that out of the way, you’ll notice that there are no pistol-caliber weapons listed below. There’s a good reason for that. If you’re going to the trouble to carry a carbine-sized defensive arm, you want something with some punch behind it.

Top Concealed Carry Rifles

PTR 91 Inc. PDW

Yes, it’s big. Yes, it’s heavy. And yes, it gives you 20 rounds of full-power 7.62×51 in a compact package. If anything, the muzzle blast and noise will send along a significant “leave me alone” message.

Perhaps best of all, it’s easy enough to attach a (slightly modified) collapsible HK91/G3 stock to it after you get your SBR paperwork completed. And, did we mention spare mags are cheaper than a fast-food restaurant’s #1 menu item?

See more .308 Winchester semiautomatic pistols here.

Midwest Industries ARP300K

The shorter you make your rifle’s barrel, the more your ballistic performance suffers. This is a simple fact of physics, but this reduced performance is often worth the tradeoff to get a compact overall length. However, going with a caliber that’s efficiently optimized for short barrels, like the .300 AAC Blackout, will give you the best of both worlds.

Since it’s an AR-15 to its very core, the ARP300K couldn’t be easier to add a stock to once the SBR process is complete. Just pick your favorite, or add a stabilizing arm brace to the already installed, custom-designed pistol buffer tube and forgo the SBR process entirely.

See more .300 Blackout semiautomatic pistols here.

Century Zastava PAP M92

While it’s a relatively complex process to attach a folding stock in order to make it a legal SBR, the PAP M92 is one of our favorite choices for converting and carrying. Superb reliability, decent accuracy and a compact profile give this AK-esque gun plenty of attributes that lend themselves well to backpack duty.

Rifles can get heavy very quickly during a long day, but the PAP weighs in at a scant 5.69 pounds. It also takes all common AK magazines, including the immensely popular Magpul PMAG. For a 7.62×39 firearm in its class, it’s pretty much impossible to beat.

See more 7.62x39mm semiautomatic pistols here.

You’ll Also Need a Bag

Slipping a PAP M92 under a coat during your Wal-Mart run is not a recommended practice, but carrying one in a purpose-built piece of gear like the Bulldog Cases MSR Sling Pack is a very viable option.

Think outside the box and get creative with your method of carry. A baseball bat bag or tennis racket case won’t get a second glance at local sporting events, yet are completely capable of legally concealing your SBR.

Is this Even Practical?

Naturally, all of this raises the question, is carrying a concealed rifle on your person really practical? Honestly, the answer is probably “no” in most cases. Packing a rifle around while keeping it concealed isn’t easy or convenient, but it is possible. It’s up to you to judge your perceived threat levels and plan accordingly.

Even if it’s not practical or even legal in your circumstances, it’s a fun gear exercise to think about, ponder and question. Because as gun people, that’s just what we do.

Have you upgraded your everyday-carry handgun in light of recent international events? What would you say is the ideal “level up” from a pistol caliber handgun? Let us know in the comment section.

The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

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  1. I though i was paranoid. No even the secret service carries this heavy.

    -9mm toy carrier. At least by comparison.

  2. I carry a keltec sub 2000 in a modified shoulder harness. Fits snug under my arm and is easy retrievable.

  3. John w Blesch,

    9mm absolutely penetrates more than 5.56×45. Just look at the results of various tests. The 5.56 round is small and moves three times faster. This means when it hits a surface such as a wall, it is greatly destabilized and begins to deteriorate much quicker than a 9mm does. Even underwater this proves their. Pistol rounds stay in tact underwater. Rifle rounds disintegrate.

  4. To begin, I do have a pistol caliber carbine in 9mm. It’s far more appropriate than a 5.56mm or a 7.62×39 for in-home use. Just considering the muzzle blast of those 2 eliminates them as well as their propensity to penetrate multiple walls. The 9mm is much less likely to over-penetrate and the muzzle blast is far less.
    As far as a rifle to conceal carry I will try my C39 v2 with folding Zhukov stock on a single point sling. Maybe it won’t conceal, but it will be 10 to 12 inches shorter & more manageable from inside a vehicle.
    I carry a pistol so I can fight my way to the rifle. When I travel a rifle packs well in the trunk with at least 2 30 round mags.

  5. Recently I was in a major hotel chain. My pistol/rifle was in a tennis racket style carrier. Only issue I had was all the folks wanting to talk tennis! Interesting trip…

  6. I use a LWRC SIX8 PDW as a concealed carry weapon. You can wear a jacket most of the time where I live. When you can’t, I just go open carry, which is legal in 100% of the State, outside of the usual places, government buildings, open alcohol, etc.

  7. J William ,
    The firearms discussed here are pistols. They only become rifles when and if the taxes are paid and a stock is attached creating a SBR (short barreled rifle). Being classafied as pistols makes them legal for concealed carry. None of the firearms discussed are “automatic”‘ whatever that means. Your misguided emotions have lead you to an incorrect and uneducated conclusion. No doubt this is a pattern. Some self reflection is in order.
    Best wishes

  8. There is an awful lot of SBR talk involving tax stamps and what not in this article. What I didn’t hear was how far the brace industry has come and how easy said industry has made it for law abiding citizens to avoid having to contribute their hard earned money to those ridiculous laws. You can get anything from a Bren to Zastava pistol without having to deal with the headache of the ATF form 3s. Thank goodness for common senses individuals and human ingenuity!

  9. I keep the Ak style pistol in one vehicle all of the time and in the other I keep the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 designed for Glock 28 round 40 cal. I bought (God I don’t know how long ago) but is Gen 1 so Im sure it is old.

  10. I would enjoy reading posts, but I simply cannot get logged in. How does a company that is 100% dependent upon internet sales NOT have a simple method for reading comments?

  11. I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you all for the hours of enjoyment I have on this blog. You’re a great bunch, even those of you who I have disagreed with. We may differ on certain points but in the end we’re all in agreement on the Second Amendment and our favorite topic.

    1. @Mikial:

      Merry Christmas to you too!

      Mikial you are clearly, to me, the #1 contributor on this forum. Your gun technology posts have so much excellent content, and even though I usually don’t have any interest to read political posts, I will peek at yours to see where you stand on a particular issue, because I trust you opinions.

    2. @ss1

      Thanks for your kind words. I guess as far as political opinions go, we all have them so I’m sure yours as probably as good as mine.

      Have a Happy New Year!

  12. hey ss1 ,
    I have also had probs posting on here as well if they are going to change things let us know lol i gave up a week ago trying/ I love myM94 as my truck gun now that it is a legal sbr i have no problems with cayying it and 3 30 round mags under the back seat of my jeep i also carry at least 3 handguns sometimes 4 when i go to a very crowded place such as the mall or a movie theatre now double shoulder holstered 4 with a 30 cal tokarev pistol in case they are 1 of these isis style attacks and have body armor on .The 7.62 tokarev will do the job against body armor i tested it the round leaves the muzzle at a sizzling 1700 fps and will get the job done with a 9mm mak in my ankle holster and a 32 naa in my weak hand pocket in the pocket holster i only vayy 1 extra mag for the colt 45 because i have 3 back ups to go to BTW get that zastava 308 M77 ak yet they are great rifles to have and work just as well as my M94 does .Classic arms does offer 20 round mags fir it i modified a cple of imi M1A 25 round mags and they fit perfect and work well and just make the rifle look very mean and capable with 25 rounds of .308 win merry xmas my friend stay safe LMK when you get that ak

    1. @Damian:

      Thanks for reaching out to me and wishing me a Merry Christmas, and I hope the same for you!!

      Here are my comments on what you wrote:

      * I didn’t even know that the 7.62 Tokarev even existed until you wrote this. I looked it up and watched a video on it’s history. The price that I can buy it for is phenomenally low! That’s really good. I like the velocity too. If the goal is to pierce body armor, I’m ALL FOR this pistol. I will buy it. I HAVE TO buy it because it came from you 🙂

      * Regarding the Zastava M77, I have a toolbar button for it on my browser, at ClassicFirearms, and IT IS STILL OUT OF STOCK. I just now checked CheaperThanDirt, and it isn’t for sale there either. Do you have any comments on this?

      * You are much more prepared than me for going out to public places. I need to look into shoulder holsters! I have always ignored them, but I think I need to take them seriously and buy one.

      Thanks for your very informative message.

    2. @Damian:

      And I was wondering if you have the Romanian or the Zastava Tokarev? I’m studying them tonight, and the new Zastava doesn’t seem to get as good reviews as the used Romanian. Let me know what you think.

    3. i have the romaian and it is a very good shooter and deadly accurate. the 7.62 tokarev round will zip right through all levels of body armor but the trauma plates if you have them most do not of course mostly just miltary has those in the armor itself .Now if they do not have body armor but every isis style attack they have you will have an overpenetration problem i wopuld only use it against a body armor wearing attacker when you get it if you do go shoot it and see the incredible penetration and power it hits with up to 100 yrds easily in right shooters hands it has more energy that a .45 acp and moves at a sizzling spped out the muzzle .read up on it body armor does no good againt the 7.62 tokarev i carry mine just for that threat only but i do carry it in my double shoulder holster with my colt on other side.and it holds 9 rounds of powerful ebergy bone crushing power for an 85 grain fmj bullet but if want to defeat body armor it will do the job.

    4. The zastava tokarev is in 9mm luger my friend and is not a c&r pistol get the mil-surp romanian 1 if you want it in 7.62×25 russian..ammo is plentiful with reloadable brass.

    5. @Damian:

      I’m someone who tries to by a gun to fulfill a particular purpose. Buddy you came out of nowhere this week and told me about a gun (and a round) that has a specific purpose I really like (armor penetration), plus it’s dirt cheap!!!! Thank you very much! I did start to do a little research on body armor and the 7.62×25, and you are correct. This thing really does the job on body armor.

      But I do want to say some things about the Zastava M57, which you can view right here on CTD.

      * It really is 7.62×25.
      * The mags hold 9 rounds instead of 8.
      * It is newly manufactured.
      * It has a manual slide mounted safety (the kind I like), and I don’t see one on the Romanian.

      I understand it can be cool to own the “mil-surp” Romanian, and it seems to get dozens of excellent reviews, but I’m leaning toward the Zastava 7.62×25 right here at CTD, yet I’m still trying to do a little more research.

    6. @ss1
      All romanian 7.62 pisols tokarev’s have the side safety they were updated to have them when Romania built them only the early russian ones have no safety and i do not know of any Repro tokarev handguns that are not in 9mm luger only the mil-surp ones as far as i know you want a real tokarev or a remake is up to you but you want it in 7.62 tokarev it will be a mil-surp pistol they all are in 7,62

    7. @Damian:

      Who knows I may get the Romanian because it’s more concealable. I’m still searching for a concealable pistol that I can shoot more accurately than my Glocks.

      But since you got me going on calibers that penetrate Level II vests, I did more research and I discovered the 9x25mm Dillon. It’s a 10mm necked down to a 9mm. The 90gr bullet travels at 2000 FPS!! They also fit into Glock 10mm magazines.

      I own 2 Glock 10mm’s, model 20 and 29. I can buy a Lone Wolf extended 2 port 9x25mm barrel for only $95 and use it in my model 20.

      Underwood Ammo offers 3 types of 9×25 mm ammo, including an Extreme Penetrator bullet!! If they go out of stock, Double Tap makes about 4 types of 9x25mm ammo too.

      Have you ever heard of 9x25mm Dillon?

    8. @ss1,
      Well i like the tokarev because it is very slim and light holds 9 round mags and is based on the 1911 design in fact it is damn near a copy of the 1911 basically .I hAave never been a fan of glcks .The 9×25 has to be a wildcatted round and one thing you need to consider carry extreme penetrater called ammo is a prosecuters dream to make a case against you that you are using MANKILLERS in front of a jury ,not good .I say stick with the tokarev and factory ball ammo my man it gets the job done on body armor and hits with a lot of energy and you cannot beat the price in court you were using a normal fmj factory round for self defense to a jury that could make the diff on if you do or do not get a conviction that is sadly the facts in todays legal system get the tokarev and the fact zastava now makes then new in 7.62×25 i would deff go that route if you want that choice in you’re self defense arsenal JMHO dude.

    9. @ss1
      Well you got me on that 1 i had not known they remade any tokarevs newly produced in 7.62×25 but leave it to Zastava a great gunmaker to do just that thanx for the info ss1 even i had no idea they were remaking them in7.62 all the nwer ones i have seen were in 9mm lugar even i can be wrong rarely lol .Dont happen often but you got me on that 1 great price as well my only concern would be how does it compare to the romanian made ones but being zastava made it i would give it a chance of getting the job done you can also get a hollow point maker for this round at cheaper than dirt nifty little tool but if you want a body armor defeater stick witth the ball ammo and at 1700 fps making them hollow points seems they would damn near explode on impact and defeat the reason i carry mine in my double shoulder holster it is only for that purpose or the firefight has exausted all my back ups ammo all other times i carry it strictly for an isis type body amor wearing shooter . I believe in be prepared for any and all threats you may face, head shots under stress i cannot count on enough i go to the tokerev game over i get him first regardless of level of armor it will zip right through most all levels of body armor available on market and end the threat hits with a lot of energy and cuts body armor up easily .

  13. I’m CURIOUS TO KNOW, WHY Dropping the Butt Stock on a “AR” Style M4, but STILL retaining the Buffer Tube. Is STILL allowed to carry a PISTOL Designate, as opposed too a CARBINE Designate…

    ALSO, What is the “Time-Limit” on CAPTCHA Posting’s…

    1. @Secundius:

      Hey buddy, Merry Christmas to you.

      Aren’t you of Romanian heritage? Or is it Hungarian?

      Any comments on the Tokarev 7.62x25mm?

  14. There are a couple of points that seem to be missing here.

    EDC pistols are only as good as the training, practice, mindset of the carrier, and the degree of situational awareness the carrier has for their environment at the time of a given incedent.
    I was taught that ones EDC pistols primary use was to provide suppressing fire allowing one to retrieve their rifle and/or shotgun at which point the threat envelope becomes somewhat more balanced.
    Tax Spamps?? ATF&E waiting periods?? If one insists on 12″ barrel or other “shorty” configurations that require such extra dollars and time to feel secure then by all means do so.
    Should you be looking for a rifle or shotgun which fits the bill for a CCW platform. One that’s ….Short, compact, easily single point sling carried, of barring calibers, WITHOUT loosing optimal performance. Then p I’d suggest you consider the classifacation of BULLPUPS, rifles and shotguns. You will likely find what your looking for there. Either a production gun or the aftermarket stock systems for such firearms as the 870 and 500 shotgun, the M1A/ SOCOM/Scout and even the AR and AK platforms. You can achieve CCW without have to get a Tax Stamp.
    Most will seldom Carry more than three magazines for their EDC (Pistol) on their person at any one time. One in the platform and two spares in most cases is about the max. Depending on the state one resides in this may vary from 30 to 48 rounds or so of the larger calibers or as many as 90 rounds in the case of the PMR30/.22Mag for instance or say 60 rounds per an FN57.
    One should be able to evaluate what It is going to take to get from where you are at the moment, Point A, to where your rifle and/or shotgun are located, point Z, shold you find yourself in such a position. Can you navigate a course thru a series of interm points, while not exposing yourself and at the same time conserving no using your munitions on hand in a wise manner?
    Let’s face it you are more likely to take a handgun to the mall, church or even a high school graduation then you are a shorty shotgun or rifle which will perhaps be in your car or truck in the parking lot.
    Pistol makes more sense in the short term CCW public situation, but, the near at hand availability of heavier, more accurate firearms which you may be able to access in shot order nay be a game changer.
    If you find yourself in the middle of such an insanity, TRY and take a moment to THINK about what you do next. Your most concealed and powerful weapon is your brain! Use it first!

  15. I have a Kel-Tec PLR 16 in 5.56×45 and I can conceal it under my jacket. With a sling attached it is accurate and fires a rifle round.

    I also have a Kel-Tec SU-16C with a folding stock. It weighs about 4# and is 25″ long with the stock folded. It is accurate and is 5.56×45.

    I have a couple of semi auto rifles in 7.62×51 but they are NOT concealable. I do not see how you consider a 8# rifle for concealed carry.

    1. I’ve got a SUB2000 in 9mm. I,ve looked at the PLR’s and SU’s both,(0n-line anyway. I’ve never seen one in a store.) I wouldn’t mind hearing about some 1st hand experience with them. How long have you had them, how do they shoot, etc.

  16. I have a PTR-91 PDW that I went thru the trouble to get the SBR paperwork done. the 308 cartridge is brutal with the factory HK collapsible stock. although it is not collapsible, I have it fitted with an adapter for a M4/AR15 buttstock and use a GL-Stock shock absorbing stock, I have another one on my Saiga-12. The stock makes both of those heavy recoil long guns quite easy to handle, kicks about the same as an AK.

    I also have a Mech Tech carbine with telescoping stock, Built on a 9mm glock and equipped with factory 32 round mags. functions flawlessly. Even with a 16in barrel the OAL (collapsed stock) is less than 24in. For $20 I bought a standard Wilson racquetball racket bag. I cut some stiff cardboard to match the sides, glued egg crate foam to the cardboard, and trimmed the foam to hold the carbine and extra mags tight. The trade name Wilson across the side conceals the contents better than the fake bags with no name on it.

  17. How about the foldable kel-tec sub 2000 in 9mm and. 40 calibers?
    Plenty of options there especially since they are available in many handgun options whose magazines already fit. Mine is a. 40 glock

  18. @Moderator

    Is it just me or is there an issue with the blog that causes error messages when I try to post. No matter how quick I write a comment, when I try to post it I get and error message saying the time has expired. In order to post, i have to copy my comment, close TSL, go back into it and post immediately within seconds before it expires again.

    It just did it with this message. “Error: Time limit is exhausted. Enter the CAPCHA again. Click the Back on your browser.

    1. @Mikial:

      The software has changed. There is a new Refresh Icon to the right of the math box. So try clicking the Refresh Icon just before you post your finished comments. That’s what I’m going to do right now.

    2. Hey, ss1.

      Hope you’re doing great.

      Thanks, I’ll give that a try. Too bad when they changed the software they didn’t also correct the issue with the reply button in the emails not taking you to the comment you want to reply to.

      Oh well, you can’t have everything.

    3. Just hit the little ‘reload captcha’ button when you’re ready to post. Then you’ll have several seconds to answer before it times out again.

  19. I’ve actually thought about how I would respond when outgunned by an active shooter or terrorist. My normal EDC is a full sized Glock 21 with at least one extra mag. It is a large enough gun that keeping a good grip and shooting it under stress is possible even at the kind of ranges you would find in public venues. With 13+1 of .45 and a spare mag there’s a decent supply of ammo.

    To be honest, my first priority in any situation like that is to get my wife and I to as secure a location as possible. Unless we’re directly in the kill zone I am not going to be initiating contact until she’s safe. She can shoot well and would fight, but no matter how well trained she is, she’s never actually been in a firefight and to have your first when you’re that outgunned isn’t my idea of a good OJT opportunity.

  20. Ruger mini-14/30 tactical with a folding stock would be my choice: got mine after O-bum-u election @ $900; going for $770 now. Not a 308 but a real reliable 6.5 lb package with 2 very common calibers… how about a BULLPUP version; anyone know of a good bullpup stock for Ruger’s?

    1. @ Stanley Post.

      A company called Desert Tech, has FIVE different MDR-C Bullpup designs. In either .223 Rem., .308 Win., 7.62×39, .300 Blk., and 6.8 Spc. The .223 sells for ~$657.00 USD and the .308 sell for ~$950.00 USD. The .308 is ~27.12-inches in length and weighs ~7.5-pounds w/20-round magazine. No price information available for the other calibers, at this time.

      Also a German company called Waffen (Arms)-Greger make a BAR II Bullpup in .30-06 conversion. Approximately 30-inches long with a 20-inch barrel, price is NOT Known…

  21. Speaking of Keltec, the su16 is a 5.56 rifle with a folding stock. There are multiple versions, a couple can be fired while folded. Approx 4.5-5 lbs loaded, takes AR mags, folds to under 20″. They even have a sbr version.

  22. I just increased my firepower by going from a 9mm Shield to a full sized M&P 9mm. If I need a SBR I shouldn’t be there and am getting out ASAP while slinging lead to cover my retreat.

  23. The PTR 91 makes no sense at all for concealed carry. I think more research should been done for better options in the article.

    I own an M92 and I already have placed it in a medium sized backpack for hikers along with 4 mags at the bottom of the backpack. The backpack looks totally inconspicuous, like what a student may use, or someone who needs to walk a lot in the city.

    Because I don’t believe in the SBR concept (or SBR govmt robbery), and I like my M92 as it was intended to be used, it fits in the backpack perfectly.

    1. @Secundius:

      What threw me off is the photo shown is of a full size PTR 91.

      But just now I clicked the “PTR 91 Inc. PDW” link, and you’re correct, there is a mini PTR 91. Wow that’s a cute little monster of a gun, isn’t it?

      After looking at the PTR 91 PDW, I think I’m going to buy a 20 round AK magazine for my Zastava M92 so I can concealing it with magazine attached in a backpack.

  24. If you don’t mind being limited to a single-shot, the Thompson Contender comes to mind. Comes with changeable barrels in various calibers, .222, .223, .308. .7.62×39. Even saw one in a pawn shop in .221 Fireball. Any rifle caliber weapon will be difficult to conceal, or worse, in the case of some pistols, almost as harmful to the shooter as to the target, due to recoil. Never been a fan of folding stocks. In a do-or-die situation, by the time you unfold the stock and get your weapon into play, the fight will be over, with you laying on the ground with a bullet in you. If it is firepower you want, better a large caliber handgun. Most ‘active shooter’ situations & fire-fights take place at under 25 yards. Most large caliber handguns can handle this distance easily.

    1. I have to agree. I have a nice SUB2000 but it’s only 9mm so it wouldn’t be all that big an advantage. In terms of concealed carry laws, Virginia is specifically a CHP (Concealed Handgun Permit) and doesn’t cover the carrying of any other type of weapon such as a SBR. However, Open Carry of any type of legal weapon in lawful in Virginia with no permit required, but that gets away from the concealed carry benefits altogether.

  25. I have the m92 made into an sbr it is a real beast of an ak and will take all mags for the ak including the 75 round drum .I have a very good brake threaded on in place of the thread protecter it came with removing the thread protecter shroud is kind of a job but the brake i bought frm AK builders works great just the concussion and blast from this short ak is enough to strike fire in most any hearts out there in rapid fire with a buttstock it is very controllable add a red dot and rail makes acurracy very good at well over 100 yrds this is a fearsome sbr when done to any threat you may come across after first few rounds burst out of this smalll but fire breathing dragon they will not want anymore i can almost guarantee that much unless they just wish to die that day controllable ,accurate,and super reliable i keep mine in the back of my jeep with a 30 rounder in its original box with tax stamp paperwork in case of traffic stop under the pull out screen in rear of jeep with my hand guns and a few clips and my M92 i am pretty confidant i will probably make it home and the attackers will not .Money well spent the stabilzing brace works well too but the ATF does not allow shouldering it but if you are in a firefight and you have the sb brace on it do you think the perps will care? or complain lol just do not tell the world you shoulder fire it .or put vids on you tube doing it i prefer having the taX Stamp and not worry about it good money scam by atf reassigning the sb brace as not legal to shoulder fire to get the 200 bucks from us ak pistol owners . It did make a lot of us get it to be safe small price to pay for a simple to do it yourself sbr ak for the vehicle and back up rifle.I love mine .

  26. A Rossi Ranch Hand Mare’s Leg (Winchester 1892) in .357 Magnum (9.07x33mmR) 6+1. .357 Magnum Stopping Power with an 12-inch Barrel Reach and ~24-inches in overall length. About $475.99 USD…

    1. Bingo! I realize we’re talking pistol-caliber carbines with the KT Sub-2K but you’re right in that folded it’s hard to beat–even fully extended it’s about like a British Sten or U.S. M3 Grease Gun or the like…Kel-Tec has been innovative in so many ways (they really started the rebirth of the .380 which then saw everyone and their brother copy) but their Sub-Guns are IMO hands-down the best offering to date…It’s the very definition of “Tactical-Practical…

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