Review: Wilson Combat SIG Sauer P320

Wilson Combat SIG Sauer P320 on Box with Mags

I have a special place in my heart, and gun safe, for pistols from SIG Sauer and Wilson Combat. So, when two of my favorite gun manufacturers collaborated on a pistol, I was excited to take a look. Wilson Combat took the already fantastic design of the SIG Sauer P320 to the next level with some incredible upgrades and improvements.

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P320 Background

The SIG Sauer P320 was designed for the XM17 Modular Handgun contract, which it won. Selection by the U.S. military catapulted the P320 to instant fame with high demand among shooters. However, this was quickly dampened by a safety issue where some pistols could fire if dropped at a specific angle. This hiccup was quickly remedied by SIG and the P320’s sales and popularity were back to going strong.

Disassembled SIG P320
Disassembly was a breeze and standard SIG fashion.

One huge selling point of the SIG P320 is the complete modularity of the firearm’s design. All of the pistol’s firing controls are contained within a single housing unit that can easily be removed. This chassis contains the serial number. It is the only part of the pistol that is legally considered a firearm. This allows you to mix and match different slide lengths and grip frame sizes just by dropping in your existing P320 Fire Control Unit (FCU).

As the SIG Sauer P320 gained more of a reputation for being an excellent service and defensive pistol, Wilson Combat came into the picture. While Wilson Combat makes incredible guns, it’s also known for upgrading and customizing existing pistols. Wilson Combat and SIG Sauer teamed up to create the ultimate P320 model.

Wilson Combat SIG Sauer P320 with mags on range bench
The pistol was completely reliable at the range with no malfunctions.

SIG/WC P320 Features

The Wilson Combat SIG P320 features enhanced X-TAC slide milling for rapid manipulations to load or clear malfunctions. It incorporates Wilson’s P320 enhanced grip module, which provides additional grip traction for greater control of the pistol and faster follow-up shots.

The sights have been upgraded to Wilson Combat Battlesights with a blacked-out rear notch and fiber-optic front. This makes for easy accuracy, even out to ranges where a fatter night sight would obstruct the target.

The P320 is a rugged and dependable pistol that can do it all.

Wilson Combat offers the upgraded P320 both with and without an action tune. The action tune improves your trigger pull and reset. My pistol features the improved trigger. The action tune gives the pistol a 3-pound trigger pull (sometimes 2.9 pounds) according to my RCBS trigger pull gauge. This is incredible and makes for fast and accurate shooting. Needless to say, I suggest getting the version with the factory-action tune. You’ll also need to decide between the version with the flat X-Series trigger and the standard curved trigger.

Additionally, the Wilson Combat P320 is offered in both full-size and carry variants with 4.7 and 3.9-inch barrels, respectively. There are even versions in both black and FDE two-tone. Common among all P320s, the pistol features an ambidextrous slide stop, reversible magazine release, and on models with a manual safety, it’s ambidextrous.


Caliber: 9mm Luger
Capacity: 17+1
Action: Semi-auto, striker-fired
Sights: Fiber-optic front, blacked-out rear
Barrel length: 4.7 inches
Overall length: 8.25 inches
Height: 5.5 inches
Weight: 29.2 ounces (empty)

SIG P320 barrel
The pistol incorporates an accessory rail for attaching lights and lasers.

At the Range

I had a great time shooting the Wilson Combat P320 at the range. This is the kind of gun that makes any halfway-decent shooter a skilled marksman. More importantly, you look good in front of your friends. The pistol handles well and recoil was minimal. The Wilson Combat grip module provided good texturing and a solid grip for fast follow-up shots. I appreciated the ambidextrous slide stop. I don’t train with one because I’m used to so many pistols without them, but it’s nice to see.

Accuracy was superb, I was able to put 10 rounds into about 2 inches at 12 yards with one flier stretching it out to 3 inches. I’m sure the pistol is capable of far more. My boss took the pistol out and was ringing steel silhouettes at 50 yards. I kept finding myself wanting to feed this thing more ammo.

Target with 9mm holes
I was pleased with the accuracy I was able to achieve with this firearm.

Conclusion: Wilson Combat P320

Deciding whether or not the Wilson Combat upgrades are going to be worth it is up to you. For me, I believe they are. The pistol handles exactly how I want it to, and the additional performance and features are well worth the additional cost.

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What do you think of the Wilson Combat SIG Sauer P320? Do you think the upgrades are worth it? Let us know in the comment section.

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  • Wilson Combat SIG Sauer P320 with mags on range bench
  • Wilson Combat SIG Sauer P320 on Box with Mags
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Comments (10)

  1. Thanks for giving us the price. I like the pistol but not the rear sight, I own this gun without the Wilson up-grade. I paid $800 less and like the stock rear sight just fine. I cannot justify the extra $800, period.

  2. About $1400.00. How’s that for some sticker shock?!? Uhhhh… thank you. If you got the money, knock yourself out. I don’t need to impress anyone that bad. A tight group of holes on paper is a fine selling point for some folks. But, that paper ain’t shootin’ back. Try it under duress.

  3. Did I miss it? I went back and looked, I have to know the price of these fantastic weapons. I can only afford certain guns and prices, why keep it a secret?

  4. Sounds like nice mods, but…..
    How in the world are we supposed to decide it it’s “WORTH IT” when no price comparisons stock vs Wilson are offered? Did I miss that somehow?

  5. I have several Sig’s , and a bunch more quality handguns!
    My wife just keeps on buying them for me and hiding them in my safe…..
    Just don’t tell her I’ve discovered her hiding spot….:-)
    Buy quality….as junk will get you in trouble…seriously!
    USMC 66-70
    Retired/LEO 34 yrs

  6. Sure wish the Sig P938 had a captured guide rod spring. Talk about flying objects? Just haven’t found a good method to reinstall the guide rod, and spring, yet. It has to be the reason for that old saying: “Two pounds of…er…Stuff, ……in a one pound bag”. Seriously! Has to be an easy way.

  7. Yes. Worth every penny, for all the reasons you articulate. Thanks for the excellent article, and for featuring yet another gun to add to the ‘must haves!’

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