Review: SIG M17 9mm +P Ammunition

SIG Sauer M17 pistol with SIG ammunition

SIG Sauer Elite ammunition has made a big splash in the market in a relatively short time. These loads exhibit good quality and reliability. SIG’s hollow point load features a remarkable new design, the V Crown hollow point.

SIG Sauer M17 pistol with SIG ammunition
SIG Sauer’s new Elite loadings are first class ammunition options.

I have tested the majority of the loadings available with good results. These loads have exhibited good to excellent accuracy. I have had no issues with function. All loads have fed, chambered, fired, and ejected normally. SIG recently introduced an addition to the Elite ammunition line.

The high performance M17 9mm +P load is named for the new U.S. Army pistol, SIG’s M17. These loads are useful for any quality 9mm handgun. The ammunition is billed as military grade. As far as reliability and performance, they meet the grade. SIG has offered both the new 9mm V Crown in 115-, 124- and 147-grain weights and training ammunition in the same weight. These are good loads that provide good performance. The balance of expansion and penetration is good.

+P loads increase the pressure of the 9mm cartridge by several thousand PSI. They also increase velocity. This means that a hollow point bullet will be forced to expand to a greater degree. The +P load may not be well suited to a pocket pistol, but a compact pistol such as the Glock 19 is often a good match for the 9mm +P. The new V Crown 124-grain +P is rated at 1,198 fps. The 124-grain FMJ is marked NATO and Military Grade. This load is also designed to break 1,198 fps, making for a good training load for use with the +P V Crown.

SIG V Crown JHP ammunition boxes
The SIG V Crown JHP is offered in 20-round boxes, the FMJ load is offered in 50-round boxes.

It is important to realize that different handguns will exhibit different velocity. As an example, the standard 1,198 fps may hold steady in a four-inch barrel Glock 19 but be less in the Glock 43. However, the advantage of the +P loading will always be there compared to a standard pressure load. The 124-grain V Crown holds together at this great velocity and retains 100 percent of its weight per my testing.

The 124-grain NATO M17 load is a full metal jacket load that doesn’t expand. If you have a need for extreme penetration or defense against the largest animals, then this is a load worth considering. It is a true, NATO-type loading—perhaps even stronger than some 9mm NATO loads. Is intended as a practice load for the V Crown defense load. These loads reflect considerable research and strike the same point of aim.

I used one of my favorite carry guns for the test. The Glock 34 offers excellent accuracy and is easy enough to use well. Recoil with the heaviest loads is mild. I began with the SIG M17 9mm 124-grain FMJ loading. I had a surprise when I ran the loads over the RCBS Ammomaster chronograph.

Bob Campbell shooting the SIG M17 pistol with a cartridge in the air
Even with +P rating, the author found the loads controllable.

From the 5.3-inch Glock 34 barrel, the 124-grain full metal jacket M17 load clocked 1,270 fps. This is a strong load that really lit up the steel plates. I hope I have the opportunity to test this loading at long range soon.

I fired the 124-grain V Crown JHP over the chronograph first. Average velocity from the Glock 34 is a strong 1,216 fps. Firing at a target with half a magazine of the V Crown and half FMJ, the group was a single cohesive group of 9mm perforations. Combat accuracy firing off hand is good. As for absolute accuracy I fired the Glock 34 from a solid benchrest at a long 20 yards. Each load was fired for five-shot groups. The average of three groups for each load was 2.0 inches. The Glock 34 is accurate but only as long as it is fed good quality ammunition. These loads are accurate enough for competition, personal defense, or small game hunting.

I fired the 124-grain V Crown +P into water for expansion testing. The bullet penetrated about 18 inches of water and expanded consistently to .61 inch. This is excellent performance. The SIG 124-grain V Crown is a viable loading well worth your study.


About the Author:

Bob Campbell

Bob Campbell’s primary qualification is a lifelong love of firearms, writing, and scholarship. He holds a degree in Criminal Justice but is an autodidact in matters important to his readers. Campbell considers unarmed skills the first line of defense and the handgun the last resort. (He gets it honest- his uncle Jerry Campbell is in the Boxer’s Hall of Fame.)

Campbell has authored well over 6,000 articles columns and reviews and fourteen books for major publishers including Gun Digest, Skyhorse and Paladin Press. Campbell served as a peace officer and security professional and has made hundreds of arrests and been injured on the job more than once.

He has written curriculum on the university level, served as a lead missionary, and is desperately in love with Joyce. He is training his grandchildren not to be snowflakes. At an age when many are thinking of retirement, Bob is working a 60-hour week and awaits being taken up in a whirlwind many years in the future.

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Comments (9)

  1. Why not test the Sig M17 ammo line up in a Sig M17/P320 like the picture your using to draw readers instead of giving Glock yet another “rub and tug”?

  2. so will Glocks.Machine pistol ammo works in them.Just be careful to use jacketed projectiles-or go with Lone Wolf barrel

  3. With the ten round magazine limit in hoplophobic NY,I’ll stick with the Glock 30 45 ACP[and if possible to find:45ACP+P 230gr JHP ammo]

  4. There are a number of 9mm rounds that are not +P and reasonably priced that will perform comparable to those in this article. Both S&B FMJ & HP 115gr will shoot at 1280 and 1237 fps respectively. Fiocchi 115gr HP at 1250 fps, Winchester Ranger 115gr at 1225 fps, Aquilla 117gr HP at 1250 fps to name a few. All are accurate, have good penetration, hollow points mushroom well, and they can be shot from most 9mm pistols without any issues. I have tried all of these in my own handguns which consist of HK VP9, Wather PPQ, CZ P10 C, Glock 19,
    XD9, Sig P320, Grand Power Q100, Canik 55, S&W MP9, Canik TP9SF,Taurus 92AF, and Taurus Millenium G2. Didn’t have any problems in those firearms and I think those firearms are a good cross section of decent 9mm firearms.

  5. Meh…I went DOWN to a 9mm from my 40cal. Mostly because my first shot was a touch more accurate, and my follow through shots were considerably more accurate in same or less time. Shooting the +P felt like I was shooting somewhere between 9mm and 40cal, but more closely to the 40 cal.

    So other then capacity, I’d just go back to my 40 cal…so I’ll keep carrying with my Magtech 92.6 ammo. Shoots great, fast, accurate and smooth as butter on the recoil.

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