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Review: Meopta MeoRed Reflex Sight

Meopta MeoRed sight left rear quartering

When selecting a compact reflex sight, there are a few “must have” features: low profile so you can co-witness the iron sights, lightweight, and fast, close-quarter acquisition to shoot with both eyes open. Most of all, it needs to have premium-grade glass with a well-protected lens that provides a virtually parallax-free sight picture. The MeoRed brings all of this and so much more.

Meopta MeoRed red dot sight front right quarter
Meopta’s MeoRed is a lightweight, compact red-dot sight that delivers.

Can one sight to do it all? Not in my experience, but Meopta’s MeoRed is certainly a leader among its peers.

Meopta’s MeoRed is a lightweight, compact red-dot sight that delivers. The MeoRed was built primarily for handguns with a lower profile than previous offerings. This allows the operator to use the red dot, without blocking the iron sights. This is critical for professionals such as law enforcement who typically cannot get approval for electronic sights that eliminate the ability to co-witness the iron sights. In the event of a failure, law enforcement officers have to be able to stay in the fight. There are no timeouts for equipment failures.

That is sound logic and should resonate with anyone who chooses to run an optic on a self-defense or home-defense handgun. However, the MeoRed is ideal for so much more. Red-dot sights give a simple advantage. Instead of having to align a front and rear sight, you simply put the dot on the spot and deliver your round on target. This makes Meopta’s MeoRed an ideal choice for fast, close-quarter target acquisition, tactical use, target shooting, 3-gun, and handgun hunting.

Meopta MeoRed sight left rear quartering
Meopta’s MeoRed comes ready to mount to either a MIL-STD 1913 mount or with included Docter mount.

The MeoRed comes ready to be configured in two different ways. The first is designed for handguns with slide cutouts. If your handgun did not come with a cutout, check with a quality gunsmith who can “melt” your slide for a proper fit. The second configuration of the MeoRed is for mounting to any standard MIL-STD 1913 rail. This applies to a handful of handguns, but really shines when you pair the MeoRed with long guns.


Although red dots are often associated with handguns, no AR-15 used for home defense or Close Quarter Battle (CQB) is complete without a co-witness sight. Lasers often fill this role and do a great job at short range. However, lasers can give away your position or presence in certain situations. The effectiveness of a laser may be diminished outdoors or in a full daylight environment. The laser also loses effectiveness as the range to the target increases. This is where the red dot really shines.


The MeoRed is constructed using an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It is also fully water and shockproof. Meopta’s MeoRed comes ready to mount to either a MIL-STD 1913 mount or with included Docter mount. Regardless the platform, with the MeoRed’s 180 MOA windage and 120 MOA elevation adjustment, you will not have any concerns about bringing the sight on target—at any range.

Meopta MeoRed
Magnification 1 x
Dot Size (MOA) 3
No. of Intensity Levels continuous
Manual Intensity Mode yes
Automatic Intensity Mode no
Battery CR 2032 (one)
Battery lifetime (hours) 300
Automatic Switch-off (hours) 3
Windage and Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA) 180 Windage 120 Elevation
Daylight Transmission (%) 86
Twilight Transmission (%) 95
Length (in) 1.85
Width (in) 1.07
Height (in) 1.02
Weight (oz) 1.05
MSRP $517.49

The MeoRed is easily turned on and off. The 3 MOA red dot is activated via a control button on the left side of the sight. The brightness level is continuous so you pick what works for you and the particular situation you are likely to be in. Working with an AR-15 for home defense, I opted to keep the illumination low. However, when running a new Rock River AR at the range with steel plates, the ability to quickly increase the illumination proved beneficial.

The most common question I hear when talking about any electronics that will ride on a firearm is of course battery life. The MeoRed is powered by a single CR 2032 battery, which provides up to 300 hours of use. Even for a professional, this is a huge amount of time.

Meopta MeoRed rear adjustment controls
The MeoRed’s 180 MOA windage and 120 MOA elevation adjustment allows the sight to be adjusted for just about any type of shooting—near or far.

Batteries can be a liability. They can go out at the worst possible time. The MeoRed counters this with a low battery indicator that will signal when the battery is low to give the operator plenty of warning. Another feature of the MeoRed is the auto off feature. The MeoRed will automatically turn off after three hours of continuous operation—if the function button has not been touched. 

Changing the battery is a simple operation. The battery door is on the right side of the MeoRed. This allows the operator to change the battery without having to remove the sight and risk losing the sight’s zero. Due to the small size of the unit, the battery compartment is secured via two screws. The upside to the system is the assurance that the battery will retain a constant contact to power the sight through the heaviest recoil.

Key Features

Lens: A well-protected glass lens provides a virtually parallax-free sight picture for eyes-wide-open target acquisition.

Coatings: Proprietary ion assisted lens coatings. MeoBright coating delivers incredibly bright and sharp images across the field of view. MeoDrop hydrophobic coating repels moisture and contaminants. MeoShield coating protects lens surface from abrasions and scratches.

Illumination: 3 MOA dot size. Continuous adjustment of illumination allows shooters to adjust aiming point intensity to match ambient lighting conditions. Powered by one CR 2032 batteries for up to 300 hours of run time. Auto off function and intelligent energy monitoring preserves battery life by automatically turning the illumination off after three hours of continuous operation if the function button has not been touched.

Adjustment: 180 MOA range of windage and 120 MOA range of elevation allows the shooter to easily dial in target adjustments and makes zero simple to change and maintain.

Construction: Rugged body is machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and is built to withstand extreme battlefield conditions and is fully waterproof and shockproof. Matte black anodized surface is non-reflective and highly durable.

Mount: A locking, lever activated integrated quick release mount fits a standard MIL STD 1913 Picatinny rail system.

Warranty: Covered by Meopta’s North American Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Do you own or have you shot a red dot from Meopta? Which gun would you most likely use with the MeoRed and for what purpose, target, self-defense, hunting, etc. Share your answers or opinions in the comment section.

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Comments (5)

  1. Not a fan of red or green dot sights, although agre that green superior to red, and have noted so called experienced gunmen get so flusteredvat gailurs of dot sights theyvcouldvnot bulseye without then.
    A scoped pistol or rifle with good center ringvor taperedbhairsbat so calledvdefemsive ranges is all one should need.
    That isvifvthey are almost ef’n blind.
    At up yo 100 metersa prson should fire enoughvrounds yo hit centrrmass, look at size of it, by instinct alone.
    Just an old fart’s opinion.

  2. Meopta, I believe is a product of IMI. What I do not understand is that the Israeli’s were smart enough to take out all of the bad features of the AK in their production of the Galil, but they persist in making “red dots” instead of green dots. Have you ever tried to use a red dot in bright sunlight? It simply disappears. Green doesn’t. Cannot ay any more bluntly than that!

    1. actually Meopta is a Czech company that has been making optics since about 1933. they make camera lenses along with projector equipment for movie theaters and many others. they make the glass foe Zeiss under contract and only use Shcott glass from Germany witch they grind and polish and coat to their specs. they make some of the most underrated scopes in the world and are in the same class as kahles, zeiss, and a few others and almost as good as Schmidt and bender. i own two of their Czech built scopes a 1-4 K-dot and a 4-16 mil dot and i would rate them higher than some of my high end leupolds. meopta is now making some of their line here in the good old USA and still using Schott glass in them. the American line is very close to the quality of their Czech made scopes and at reasonable prices for what you get.

  3. Red dot sights provide rapid target acquisition, and if one is concerned mainly with close quarters work, they there is little need for putting any magnification in line with the sight. With this in mind, I have taken steps to equip virtually all of my tactical rifles with Trijicon Reflex sights with fiber optic illumination of the sighting dot. While these reflex sights do not provide battery powered illumination, they are completely reliable and very easily installed so as to co-witness the metallic sights one might have in place on the rifle. Of course under less than optimum lighting conditions, a battery powered sight is a welcome capability, and Trijicon has very aptly provided a dual illumination capability with battery and fiber optic dots in their ACOG series of sights.

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