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Are You Ready for Winter? 30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 30.

For 30 days, once a day, I have posted a how-to on prepping for severe winter weather. Breaking it up, hopefully, has made the task less onerous. After all winterizing a house can take more than one weekend and building an emergency kit for your car and home can take more than one paycheck.

Some of you might have scoffed at some of the posts. It’s unlikely that in Florida you need to know how to survive a night in your car due to a white out; while Coloradans probably laugh at those who need tips on how to drive in the snow. Either way, I have attempted to cover all my bases from curing cabin fever to preventing carbon monoxide poisoning—universal concerns no matter what your region.

On day 30, the final installment of “30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather,” I present to you all 29 posts.

Now, if you will excuse me a bad storm blew in last night and temperatures will be freezing all weekend—I’ve put it off for long enough. It’s time to stock up on batteries and blankets.

Have a safe and prepared winter!

 Which was your favorite preparing for winter weather post? Did I miss any tips? Share your answers and tips in the comment section.


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Comments (2)

  1. Suzanne,
    A worthy body of work! I hope you will update it each year and repost as a refresher, reminder as well as for those not yet a part of this community. Pete sends . . .

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