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Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2020

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At The Shooter’s Log, we appreciate all of our readers. Thank you for making 2020 a successful year and for engaging with our content.

As this year winds down, we thought it would be a good time to recap some of our most popular blog posts from 2020. These are posts that were first published in 2020 with the most views from our readers, pure and simple.

Whether you haven’t had a chance to read some of these articles or you’d simply like to read them again, here are some posts you should check out:

1. Colt Python 2020 Review: The Greatest Revolver of All Time?

Colt Python
The new Colt Python is the greatest in a long line of famous revolvers. See how the 2020 version of the iconic firearm compares to previous versions. Read more.

2. The 6 Most Underrated Firearms

Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special
Some guns are universally loved, but some are highly underrated firearms that give you a lot of bang for your buck and are great assets to have in the safe. Here are six we think are underrated. Read more.

3. The Burglar Gun: Best Firearms for Dealing with Intruders

best burglar guns
Home defense is serious business, that is why having the proper burglar gun is important for your security and the safety of your loved ones. These are our picks for best burglar guns. Read more.

4. Best Defensive Shotguns for Older Shooters

Defensive shotguns are great options for personal protection, but as we age, it becomes harder to handle that 12-gauge recoil. Is there anything we can do? Read more.

5. The Top 10 Handguns of the Past Decade (2010s)

M&P Shield EZ S&W Handgun
Take a look at the top 10 handguns of the past decade, what their best uses are and why you should consider adding them to your collection. Read more.

6. Best Rifles for Older Shooters

M14 in action
As we age, shooting what we once loved may become difficult, but that doesn’t mean we have to quit the hobby. Here are the best rifles for older shooters. Read more.

7. 10 Guns Worth Keeping

Guns Worth Keeping
There are some guns that are valuable to hold on to because of their usefulness. Here are 10 guns worth keeping that you should never trade or sell. Read more.

8. Top 5 ‘Holy Grail’ Guns

Man Shooting Colt Python Grail Guns - blog posts 2020
There are many firearms we all dream about owning one day, here are the top five Holy Grail guns that are sure to turn some heads at the range. Read more.

9. Best 6 Handguns for Bear Country

best bear country guns
Having a proper gun while out in bear country is an incredibly important tool that could end up saving your life, but what makes a good bear gun? Read more.

10. Top 5 Shotguns for Home Defense

Shotguns a great for a wide variety of situations, but sometimes a purpose-driven firearm is exactly what you need. Here are the top home defense shotguns. Read more.

Conclusion: Most Popular Gun Blog Posts 2020

That’s it! Thanks again for reading in 2020. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for all of the latest firearm insights, news, reviews and tips in 2021.

What topic would you like us to cover next year? Submit your suggestions for 2021 blog posts in the comments below.

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  1. I hate to hear about a gun owner that sold a firearm, then regretting doing so. Not happening so much now but I held on to every firearm handed down or purchased. Guns do not go down in price

  2. I have had difficulty getting the ammo i need same as others. I heard or read something about the reason being that the big rolls of sheet brass that cartridge cases start out from are in short supply. The reason being that they come from china, and they won’t send any to the US. Your thoughts, please.

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