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Podcast: Personally Made Firearms (PMFs)

Dr. Dave Dolbee and Brian Hardy

We have a rich history of innovation in the United States of America, and personally made firearms are no exception. For example, David Marshall Williams, a prisoner, invented the operating principle for the M1 Carbine while working in the tool shop of a North Carolina prison. The Gun Control Act of 1968 allowed unlicensed (FFL) individuals to make firearms for personal use, but the ATF is changing the rules. Listen to our first podcast as Brian Hardy Esq. and Dr. Dave discuss the ATF’s new rules.

Have you ever thought of making your own firearms? What dangers do you anticipate from the ATF changing rules and definitions rather than Congress passing laws? Share your answers in the Comment section.

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  1. @ JOMINIE: You state “No matter how you want to put it or what politics you want to stand on, we need gun control. I ain’t smart enough to say what but we need it.” You need to quit watching lame stream media because it is affecting your perception of reality because it shows in that you have a very limited and distorted understanding of what is really going on. There are not as many mass shootings as the LSM would have you believe. Look up Crime Prevention Resource Center ( for the real stats on that. If the law-abiding citizens submit to gun control and give up their guns, only the bad guys, drug dealers, and gang bangers will have guns and all the rest of us will be defenseless. You want to be like Canada? Move there but don’t give in to the liberal lies. And they way you know a liberal is lying is… he is breathing, and his lips are moving.

    Going back to the late 60’s, the libs were saying ‘we need middle ground… meet us in the middle…’ The problem is it has always been the right that has moved closer to what they wanted and were not paying attention to the fact that they never budged an inch. The right has surrendered ground almost every time the left said, ‘meet us in the middle’ and hoped that by their acquiescence the left would move. They never have. They talk like they did but it never happened.

    Meeting them in the middle, from their standpoint, is for us to completely surrender to their ideas as they move further to the left. It is getting so ridiculous that what JFK thought back in 1961 would be called right wing nut job ideas now.

    The only gun control that is needed is what is required to shoot really tight 5 shot groups every time we pick up our weapons. Any governmental gun control measures are not gun control, they are population control, and then we are citizens, we are subjects as in being subject to tyranny. I have been to places where people were dying to get out of there (literally dying) and trust me, you would not like those conditions.

  2. Living in Alabama with open land my dad let farms use for grazing, we had lots of coyotes and rodent to practice on. So, I grew up with guns. I own my share and non are collectable fancy shooters, just purpose shooters for my wife and I.
    I like what you have said and thou I agree with some and not others, I am living in a community now and with kids in and out of the house. I see what is going on in our schools and refuse to be in any place of great gatherings. Because of loonitics.
    No matter how you want to put it or what politics you want to stand on, we need gun control. I ain’t smart enough to say what but we need it. I wish we could rewind to the days when we had shotguns and rifles in our trucks at school with no issues. Gangs, White trash, Nazies, loonitics, whatever are using large capacity guns to bring out violence to the masses. All sides have reasons why their thinking is the way to go but everyone is wrong to a point and we need middle ground. God bless.

  3. Laws passed by Congress are often completely unnecessary and as often as not, fail to address the real problem. We’ve done fairly well with our elected form of representative government. However, the “rules” being handed down by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats are not acceptable. When “law” is dispensed by one political faction with an agenda, that becomes a dictatorship. If this is allowed to stand, the next step will be right out of the Gestapo’s play book.

  4. The ATF is a major threat to the II amendment. They are lap dogs to the anti gun crowd. Any thing the left doesn’t like the ATF finds a way to change the rules. They need to be stopped. They are making laws (and calling them rules or regulations) they need to be abolished. They are a perfect example of an agency run amok The.FBI and the IRS are two more!

  5. The federal government only has jurisdiction with interstate commerce when it comes to firearms. Pro 2nd Amendment states are recognizing this fact & have been fighting back. ATF has no business enforcing unconstitutional policies or laws.

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