5 Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day With a Gun

Mother and two children shooting air guns

They say any reason to buy a new gun is a good reason. So, when a buddy approached me for recommendations what pistol he should buy for his wife for Mother’s day, it did not take much convincing to head to the range before making the rounds at the local gun shops. It did not take long to figure out that his wife may never see this gun. Especially when he led with, “I do not like that one. It does not fit my hand right, and I am not sure I would want to qualify with it at the police range for off-duty carry.”

Mother and two children shooting air guns
Even if you can’t make it to the range, a few pellet gun from Sig Sauer and some time in the backyard can make for some great family time.

In the end, his wife joined us for the final round shopping and, since it was billed as a Mother’s Day gift, she was bound and determined to make her it her own. On the way home, we all decided to burn some meat, do a little fishing, and break in the new H&K P30 at the sportsmen’s club on Mother’s Day. At first, I thought Mother’s Day was a strange day for some “group therapy,” but quickly reversed course and began thinking of reasons to celebrate our special ladies—with guns!

Fun Factor

Admit it.  As long it does not seem too preachy, or too much like a hubby who is an expert and going to teach the little lady, everyone will have fun. The kids, mom, dad, an uncle and aunt or two… it does not matter; a day at the range is a good day. And just think of the money you’ll save on hotels, gas, dressing up, spa fees etc. That’s all ammo money for a low stress round of Sporting Clays or as many 30 rounders for the AR/AK as you can muster.

Besides, the rest of the guys will be hanging at some sweet smelling resort, so you’ll have the range to yourself and a lady who smells like burnt gunpowder and Hoppes (love potion) #9! If you’re not going to grill, no problem. You can still have a great dinner at Mom’s favorite restaurant to cap off a fine day of busting caps.

Picture shows a woman holding a black AR-15 chambered for .458 SOCOM in front of steel target.
Don’t rule out the AR-15 just because mom may be a beginner. The recoil is low and the fun factor is high!


You can never be too safe when firearms come into play, but I am also thinking of another kind of safety. Mother’s Day is about moms, the wonderful things they have done for us, and the things they’ll do in the future. Ask any mother what her number one job is and she’ll likely answer caring for her children and keeping them safe.

My mother is… well let’s just say I am pushing 50 and she did not have me in her teens. I think that makes her 39 or something like that if I want that pie she promised… Whatever her age, mothers never stop worrying about their kids. A day at the range to practice her gun handling and shooting skills is always welcome should the wolf ever purpose to come knocking at Mama Bear’s door.

Light a Fire in Her

It is probably going to take more than a day at the range to rekindle that romantic flame, but a fun day of shooting is a great start. Regardless how mom’s love life is faring, a day at the range on her special day puts her on a path to a new hobby or sport. The more comfortable she becomes with her pistol/rifle/shotgun, the more likely she is to pursue the shooting sports further. For example, I encouraged my wife to join a Lady’s Trap league, all-Female Silhouette, Cowboy Action Shooting for Her, or Women’s 3-gun team. Why? Well, those may have been my recommendations right after she shot a higher score than I did at her first bowling pin match, but let’s not lose sight of the point—this is about “Moms.” She may develop a love for the shooting sports that includes you, and at times events that give mom that alone time without you enjoying her hobby.

Picture shows a close up of a woman with bright pink fingernails holding a pink and silver Taurus small semi-automatic handgun.
What could be better than giving mom a gun for Mother’s Day? It will certainly last longer than some flowers or a card.

Quality Time

Mother’s Day should not involve events that actually separate mom from the family. Do you really think she won’t simply go to the spa or hair salon another day? Yes, mom needs to be the center of attention and pampered on her special day, so why not make it a family event where all that can happen? Mom will love it, children (of any age) will love it, and dad might just come out of it with a new shooting partner. And, is there a better community of friends than those found at the gun range?


Forget the flowers that will be dead in a few days or the Hallmark card with a sentiment that someone else wrote. You’ll be creating memories that mom will cherish long after the commercial items have faded. Perhaps the best thing of all, the unsung hero in the story will be dad of course. Mom always wants you to take charge and make decisions. After celebrating Mother’s Day with a gun, you can take credit for planning the whole thing—the family, the fun, and the food. After all, that is why men planned Mother’s Day a month before Father’s Day. That way, they are far enough apart that it’s all mom and special, but not so far apart that she has forgot all the wonderful things we did for her when we guilt her into what we want on Father’s Day. Right? By the way, if that actually played out that way for any of the men reading this, please write me in the comment section—with tips!

If you are a Mother, share your best Mother’s Day with a gun story in the comment section. The rest can share those tips for the rest of the men (like me) that need help!

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Comments (4)

  1. I went shooting today with my wife and nephew. We shot varmint barreled AR15s in preparation for a prairie dog shoot at the end of the month. Got everyone sighted in at 300 yards, with the ammo we chose for the hunt. Then out to dinner.

  2. Great advice. Last year my son asked me if I’d rather have dinner & flowers or a gun. The choice was easy – I went for the gun. So for Mother’s Day, I ended up with the Glock 34 I had been wanting for IDPA. This year I’m getting the MantisX rail mounted training aid to use with my students and flowers. I think of him every time I use them.

  3. This is great! My mother used to be horrified of guns, but when dad kept bringing them home, she realized she couldn’t stop us boys from having fun with them. It is such a great bonding activity and really brings a mother out of her comfort zone and into the fun zone.

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