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A trip to the local grocery store or gas station has become a survival test in some areas of the country. Sadly, we live in a deteriorating society in which you must keep your defenses up or at the very least have your inner Chuck Norris on speed dial for a quick retrieval if necessary. Although firearms are often the primary focus when we think of devices to protect ourselves with, other devices on the market offer an alternative when you need to gain the upper hand. Many of these devices are often categorized as non-lethal devices. Some experts express a concern over such a phrase and suggest a more acceptable term would be “less than lethal devices.” Even though the terminology may be up for debate it is hard to argue the popularity of such devices is on the rise.

Kimber Liquid Fury

The Kimber Firearm Company has a reputation for a standard of excellent and quality products. That same attention to detail has been applied to the Kimber PepperBlaster II hand held unit. Thanks to its painfully hot pepper ball of liquid fury that disperses at 90 mph and out to 13 feet, it leaves your attacker disabled for up to 45 minutes. Two highly concentrated non-aerosol pyrotechnic pepper solution charges give you a second shot. Since it is not pressurized like an aerosol spray, it does not lose pressure over time. The ergonomically designed unit fits easily into a pocket or purse and comes in two colors: gray and red.

ASP Agent Baton, Devastatingly Discreet

If you prefer to walk softly but carry a big stick then you will like this device. ASP (Armament Systems and Procedures) Agent Baton is a small, lightweight, easy to grip, discreet and extremely effective baton. Made from aluminum and high-grade carbon steel this baton has a striking surface rating of 240,000 PSI tensile strength, which in layman’s terms translates into a devastatingly low profile baton that packs a punch. When fully retracted the Baton measures 7.5 inches but rapidly extends to become a 16-inch LeverLoc less-than-lethal device. Because the ASP Agent Baton is lightweight and small, it easily hides in a pocket or waistband making it an ideal baton.

Sabre Scare Tactic

The Sabre 500,000 volt stun gun measures only 6 inches tall but offers a less than lethal, painful dose of electrical current. If the visual intimidation caused by the electrical current, which flows from probe to probe, is not enough of a deterrent then perhaps the thunderous noise created from those same currents will issue a serious scare tactic to anyone foolish enough to challenge someone holding this device. This device does require a direct contact to the attacker’s torso area. The stun gun provides users with an on/off safety switch and separate activation firing trigger mechanism, operates on two 9-volt batteries, and is equipped with a wrist strap and belt holsters, and a 2-year warranty.

These are just a few of the examples of devices on the market today which are easy to use, affordable and most importantly may save your life by offering one more line of self-defense. It is important to note most states allow residents the option of carrying less-than-lethal devices. However, it is strongly advised you check your local regulations regarding any type of less-than-lethal devices.

Do you have a favorite alternative line of defense? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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  1. As a direct result of the Trayvon Martin shooting case, I have created a new business that informs and sells a “Less than Lethal” form of defense weapons. I am also designing some weapons with some Federal Agents and will appy for a patent soon. My all time favorite self-defense spray is MACE on a keychain. They come in different leather pouches as well. I have given one to everyone of my girlfriends in the past. The MACE on a keychain is should always be in your hand and out ready to fire. It can handle multiple attackers and has three great features. MACE spray, Tear Gas, and a UV Dye to identify the attacker.

  2. I think if a woman had a can of wasp/hornet spray at her disposal in the case of an attack, she would be justified under almost any circumstances. On the other hand a woman who was 5′ tall with a taser would be in deep manure to defend herself since it requires close quarters. And so many women say they are going to buy a firearm and get a CC permit but just never do it.

  3. Be aware that wasp and hornet sprays are toxic organophosphate nerve agents.(That work very well!) They would be considered as a deadly weapon, as opposed to use of OC sprays. Your justification to use them needs to be the same as employing a firearm (deadly force).

  4. Unfortunately, these items have severe drawbacks. The spray gun requires that you hit the assailant in the face – not easy under pressure. The other two require direct contact, with the stun gun needing some bare flesh and the baton needing someone strong enough and adept enough to do real damage.

  5. Weapon of choice here in the South is fast becoming the wasp and hornet spray. Dont have to get close to use it. Effective at over 20 feet and can disable a would be attacker for up to two days. Course we all still have more potent medicine if needed. It is totally reliable and at about a tenth of the cost of other defensive items, its a sure winner. And doesnt go bad, leak out of the container or need to be recharged.

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