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Increase Performance With a Hogue Overmold Stock

Remington 700 with Hogue overmold stock right profile

I have owned some type of Remington 700 rifle for more than 40 years. I enjoy the smooth action and excellent accuracy of these rifles. My most recent addition is a Remington SPS Varmint rifle with 26-inch barrel. I am pleased with the operation and accuracy. In fact, this is the single most accurate Remington rifle I have ever owned, but I still want to make it even better. This is a serious hunting rifle with much to recommend. With the Hornady ELD .308 loading, the Remington consistently groups less than an inch for three shots at 100 yards. The only drawback was the stock. The fit wasn’t what I would have liked it to be.

Remington 700 with Hogue overmold stock right profile
The Hogue Overmold stock is not only effective but attractive.

The standard stock has good features such as dual sling swivels so that I may mount both a bipod and a sling, but overall the stock leaves much to be desired, despite the rifle’s easy accuracy, so the ugly stock had to go. I was also interested in addressing recoil control. A 10-pound .308 Winchester isn’t a hard kicker, but recoil adds up after a long-range session. Along the way, I fitted a Huber match-grade trigger. The results were excellent, but I still felt that somewhere there was a better fit for me.

Like most of you, I looked to something I had had good results with in the past. Hogue’s Overmold stock was the answer. I have previously used this stock on tactical rifles and found it exceptional. The Hogue Overmold stock features a full-length CNC machined aluminum bedding block. The rubber stock has a bit of give in recoil, and the bedding cannot be bested for an accurate fit. As a point of interest, I actually dropped the stock on the butt pad on the porch to test spring and bounce back—it has plenty.

The rubberized stock has many advantages. A hollow stock may be noisy, and the Hogue isn’t. The fit to the action is excellent. It wasn’t difficult to remove the trigger guard and magazine base plate and then slip the action into the overmolded stock. Fit on the Remington 700 action was snug and precise.

Rigid bracing in the Hogue Overmold Stock
Rigid bracing allows a comfortable exterior and a free floated barrel.

I tapped the stock into position and had a custom grade fit. I really like the feel of the Hogue stock. The appearance is much better than the factory stock. The rubber finish, for lack of a better word, has a tacky or grippy feel. It looks and feels as if the finish will be durable.

My Remington SPS Tactical rifle with Hogue Overmold stock has been in use for some time, and I am certain the new stock will give long service as well. This stock does not harden as some rubber will over time. Solvents and gunpowder or gun oil do not affect this stock.

This is an ideal stock for use in all climates. It will not swell in a hot and humid climate as wood will, and it will not harden at low temperatures. This addition definitely makes for a better feeling and handling rifle. It is also much nicer in appearance.

Shooting the Remington 700 with Hogue overmold stock from the prone position
No matter what the firing position the Hogue soft rubber Overmold stock is a great addition to a good rifle.

As for accuracy and shooting advantages, the stock weighs a few more ounces than the factory stock and absorbs recoil better. There just isn’t too much give in recoil. The reinforced recoil lug is strong and should aid in repeatable accuracy. The stock is completely free floating.

The rubber stock is mated to a fiberglass chassis and aluminum bedding. The rubber is bonded to the inner stock in an outstanding bonding process that ensures function. The stock is supplied with two sling swivels forward and rear.

I especially like the thick recoil pad. As mentioned, a 10-pound .308 Winchester may not seem like a hard kicker, but after firing a few dozen cartridges and testing handloads in the course of a single day, recoil becomes cumulative. The increase in accuracy is incremental. I find the great advantage is that accuracy comes easier with the new stock and remains easier as time goes by after firing greater amounts of ammunition—particularly at ranges of 200 yards or more. In short, the Hogue Overmold stock is a tremendous addition to the Remington rifle. It is available for other makes as well.

Do you own a Remington 700? Have you changed out the stock? Share your answers in the comment section.


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Comments (5)

  1. My brother and I are both gun enthusiasts and we each bought a 700 SPS tactical in 308 with the Hogue overmold stock. Worst gun purchase ever! Not because of the Remington, the stock is junk. The so called ‘free floating’ goes away as soon as you touch the forend grip or place on a bi-pod. Basically, the stock flexes and comes into contact with the barrel. We did a custom action and forend bedding job on the stock and it still flexes. Next step is a new stock. I was surprised Remington or Hogue would put their name on that. My 2 cents.

  2. What base, rings and scope are you using with your 700 sps tactical? I also have this rifle with the hogue overmold and have been looking for good suggestions…the scope i have now is nice but i have to use medium height rings to keep the bolt handle from hitting the scope when cycling the bolt. This setup keeps my scope from being really close to the barrel where i would like it.

  3. I own an overmolded stock. Friends own them too. Everything the author says is true. And more. The more is weight! Adding one of these will take your moderate weight hunting rifle and turn it into something you’d rather not carry. Mine will be replaced before next hunting season!

  4. that would be ideal but when you hunt the shops for bargains on the used rack you get what you can and upgrade. I find it immensely rewarding

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