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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Gun Lovers

last-minute christmas gift ideas

Holiday shopping is well underway, but it’s not too late to pick up a few last-minute stocking stuffers to help round things out. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of the best stocking stuffers for the gun lovers in your life. Anything on this list is sure to bring a smile to their face and yours.

Magpul MS3 Gen2 Sling

The Magpul MS3 Gen2 Sling is highly adaptable. It allows you to carry a rifle in either single or two-point configurations. The push-button Paraclips are sturdy and allow for quick, convenient snap-on installation and repositioning. These snap-on Paraclip swivels are also compatible with Magpul’s ASAP endplate and other snap-hook style sling loops.

The Gen2 rifle sling incorporates a low profile quick-adjust slider resulting in minimal bulk. It also provides an almost effortless, secure sling adjustment. This sling is sized to accommodate all body types and armor configurations, making it an ideal upgrade for all modern sporting rifles, regardless the mission. 

Features and Specifications

  • Manufacturer number: MAG514-RGR 
  • Single or two-point sling configuration
  • Heavy-duty push-button, lockable paraclip sling swivels included
  • Durable paraclip shackle allows for single-point transition
  • Near infrared treatment to reduce IR signature
  • 1.25 inches width
  • Nylon webbing
Magpul MS3 Sling

AIM Sports AR-15 Combo Wrench

This durable AIM Sports Tactical Compact Combo Wrench is a universal tool for both M16 fixed stock and M4 collapsing stock variants of the AR-15 platform. The wrench allows for the installation and removal of barrel nuts, muzzle devices, and buttstocks. Made of powder-coated steel, the wrench’s long-lasting durability can be counted on year after year. This is the perfect gift for the AR builder in your life.

The Combo Wrench includes:

  • CAR stock with three-point castle nut and locking ring
  • Receiver tube stock nut wrench
  • A1 and A2 flash hider slot and receiver extensions

Features and Specifications

  • Manufacturer number: PJTW3 
  • Material: 4140 powder-coated steel
  • Length: 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 21 ounces
  • Installs and disassembles nuts, compensators, and buffer tubes
  • Used to install or remove AR-15 barrels
Aim Sports Combo Wrench

Birchwood Casey Zombie Targets

What says happy holidays more than zombies? Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? Brush up on your zombie hunting skills by dispatching the walking dead depicted on these realistic reactive targets. Each hit results in a “splatter” that stands out and makes your hits easy to spot from a distance. The targets measure 12×18 inches and come in a package of 8.

Features and Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Birchwood Casey
  • Dimensions: 12×18 inches
  • 8 targets per pack
Birchwood Casey Zombie Targets

Streamlight MicroStream USB Flashlight

The MicroStream USB is a compact lithium-ion battery powered flashlight. It features a tail-cap switch, momentary or constant on operation, high and low beams, combination pocket/hat clip, and amazing brightness and run time for a light of its size and price. The aluminum housing with Type II MIL-SPEC anodizing helps make the light extremely durable and abrasion resistant. To charge the light, slide the head cover forward to expose the micro USB port and connect the included 5-inch USB cable.

Features and Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Streamlight
  • Runtime: 1.5 hours
  • Output: 250 lumens
  • Beam Distance: 68 meters
  • Length: 3.87 inches
  • Body diameter: 0.61 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 ounces
  • White LED light
  • Push-button tail switch
  • USB rechargeable
  • 5-inch USB cord and lanyard included
  • Removable pocket/hat clip
  • Aluminum construction
Streamlight MicroStream

1791 3-Way Multi-Fit Holster

1791 Gunleather is a leader in producing premium multi-fit OWB concealment holsters. The 3-Way Multi-Position Outside the Waistband Holster from 1791 Gunleather provides you with the option to carry vertical, horizontal, or crossdraw in either a left or right-handed carry position. This versatile options makes for the perfect low-profile concealment option. In some cases, the holster can be modified to accommodate certain small lights and lasers. The 1791 Gunleather 3WH 3-Way Multi-fit holster delivers comfortable multi-fit performance for numerous handguns.

Features and Specifications

  • 1791 Gunleather 3WH5SBLA
  • 3WH 3-Way multi-fit holster
  • Outside the waistband
  • Ambidextrous
  • Open-top design 
  • Multi-fit design 
  • Carry positions include vertical, horizontal, and crossdraw
  • Reinforced stitching for quality, security, and a lifetime of enjoyment 
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty 
  • Premium 100% certified American Heavy Native Steer Hide leather


  • Beretta 92FS, PX4, Storm, M9
  • CZ75
  • Glock 17/19/20/21/25/31/32/38
  • Jericho 941
  • Ruger P95
  • SIG Sauer P220, P226, P229, P239, P320c
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 9/M&P 40
  • Springfield XD9, XD40
  • Taurus PT247
  • Walther PPS
  • Most other 9mm Luger/.40 S&W compact/full-size models and other similar pattern models
1791 3WH Holster

Walker’s Razor Slim Ear Muff

Protect your hearing with Walker’s active hearing protection. The Walker’s Razor Electronic Ear Muff provides an excellent balance of quality, value, and safety. Made of a durable sound-dampening composite housing, the Razor provides a noise reduction rating of 23 NRR. The sound-activated compression is 0.002 of a second to ensure your hearing is protected.

The two hi-gain omni-directional speakers pick up ambient noise and broadcast it through HD speakers for ultra-clear sound. The padded headband allows you to wear the Razor during long-range sessions in comfort. The low-profile ear cups are ideal when shooting long guns, because they are less likely to interfere with the stock. An over-the-ear muff is preferable for indoor ranges as well because of its superior protection. Protecting your hearing is incredibly important, so Walker’s makes protecting your hearing easy.

Features and Specifications

  • Walker’s Game Ear item number: GWP-RSEM-BB
  • Low-profile electronic hearing protection
  • Hi-gain omni-directional microphones 
  • Sound compression 0.002 of a second 
  • Comfort headband 
  • Sound-dampening composite housing
  • Compact folding design 
  • 23 NRR 
  • Audio input jack 
  • Recessed volume control knobs 
  • Requires two AAA batteries 
Walker's Razor Slim

Hoppe’s 1-2-3 Done Cleaning Kit

Hoppe’s new 1-2-3 Done complete firearm cleaning kit is one of the easiest ways to clean and service your firearm. The kit contains everything you need in order to complete a simple 3-step cleaning process. Included in the kit is a bottle of solvent, lubricating oil, and a bore snake. This kit is available for several different calibers and caliber combinations.

Features and Specifications

  • Hoppe’s 1-2-3 Done Cleaning Kit 11000
  • Pistol-length bore snake
  • Hoppe’s #9 Gun Bore Solvent Cleaner
  • Hoppe’s #9 Lubricating Oil
Hoppes 1-2-3 Done

Magpul PMAG Gen M2 AR-15 Mag

The Magpul PMAG Gen M2 MOE magazine is a 30-round polymer magazine for AR-15/M4 compatible weapons chambered in 5.56×45 NATO/.223 Remington that offers a cost-competitive upgrade from the aluminum USGI magazine.

This magazine is an ideal choice for budget-minded shooters. The polymer construction is impact-resistant and lighter than aluminum or steel. It features a ribbed design for additional grip capability. The AR-15/M4 magazine also includes a four-way anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel spring for reliable semi-auto and full-auto feeding. The easy-to-disassemble flared baseplate makes magazine loading and extraction easy. 

Features and Specifications

  • Caliber: .223 Remington/5.56 NATO, .300 Blackout
  • Capacity: 30 Rounds
  • Body: Polymer
  • Follower: Polymer anti-tilt, self-lubricating
  • Spring: Stainless Steel
  • Baseplate: Flared, Polymer
  • Finish: Black
  • Impact and crush resistant 
  • Ribbed gripping surface and aggressive texturing for positive handling
  • Improved floorplate for ease of handling and disassembly
  • Made in the USA


  • Optimized for use with Colt-spec AR-15/M4 firearms
  • Compatible with AR-15 variants with a standard pattern magazine well
PMAG Gen 2 30-Round

Winchester 9mm NATO 124-Grain FMJ

Winchester U.S. Military 9mm ammunition is some of the most reliable ammo available on the market. This ammo is perfect for target shooting, plinking, and practice. Loaded with M882 124-grain full metal jacket bullets rated at 1,140 fps. The increased pressure cartridges travel farther and penetrate better than standard 9mm rounds. Loaded to NATO specifications, this is the same ammunition that is currently being shipped to American soldiers overseas. The durable brass casing provides improved reliability while keeping your chamber free from scratching and gouging.

Features and Specifications

  • Manufacturer Number: Q4318 
  • Caliber: 9mm NATO
  • Bullet type: M882 Full Metal Jacket
  • Bullet weight: 124 Grains
  • Muzzle velocity: 1,140 fps
  • Muzzle energy: 358 ft/lbs
  • Casing: Reloadable Brass
  • Primer: Non-Corrosive Boxer
  • Quantity: 50 Rounds
  • Usage: Target, Practice, Plinking
Winchester 124-grain 9mm FMJ

CTD Gift Card

The perfect gift card for any shooting sports or outdoor enthusiast! Why buy your loved one something they’re just going to return, when you can gift them the choice of buying whatever they want from America’s Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter? Our gift cards are good for the thousands of firearms, ammunition, gun parts and accessories, gun care products, range gear, hunting gear, and survival equipment.

Our gift cards never expire and have no hidden fees. They are simple to buy and use. Shop on our website to purchase and redeem gift cards. Order an e-gift card, and it will be sent to your email address the same day it is purchased. Gift cards are available in any denomination up to $1,000.

CTD Gift Card

Wrap Up

This list is just a few suggestions, take ’em and roll with it. There may be other similar items you prefer over the specific one listed. But if you’re unsure, anything on this list would make a great gift for the gun lover in your life. 

What are your favorite firearm-related stocking stuffers? What are you hoping to get for the holidays? Share your answers in the comment section.

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