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Mike McNett grew up making and reloading ammo. He is also a huge fan of the 10mm. In 2002, he established McNett’s DoubleTap Ammunition in his garage to meet his own (and friends’) need for this sometimes hard to find caliber. It wasn’t long until his Cedar City, Utah business had grown so much, he had to choose between it and his day job. By Eve Flanigan

Boxes of DoubleTap Defense and tactical ammunition
DoubleTap’s color coding system makes matching the ammo to the purpose—Tactical, Hunting, Defense, Long Range, Safari—quick and easy.

Today, DoubleTap is the world’s largest producer of 10mm ammo. But it didn’t stop with only one caliber. The brand developed a reputation for making reliable ammo, and McNett’s work is now paying off with massive expansion.

Colt recently entered into a 10-year contract with DoubleTap to produce Colt Defense and National Target Match ammunition. Colt-branded ammo, in the dark blue box, will be in stores soon.

Another high-profile contract of McNett’s is his company’s takeover, by request, of the once-defunct Ted Nugent line, offering a single load type in 10 popular calibers. All Ted Nugent ammo features a Sierra bullet.

The DoubleTap brand itself is growing, benefiting from McNett’s freedom to test and develop at will. “The best new products come from customer suggestions. I have no bureaucracy to deal with,” McNett said. This year, production was between 33 and 34 billion rounds. McNett opened new space to manufacture brass in-house, as existing suppliers couldn’t keep up.

Hands holding a new DoubleTap cartridge and upset bullet
DoubleTap’s 9mm defense ammunition showed great expansion when fired into a gel block.

One example of a new DoubleTap load is the 77-grain defensive load for 9mm—specialized for the Glock 43 and other compacts that are not +P rated. The lead-free round has been clocked at 1,400 feet per second from a 3-inch barrel. “This cartridge maintains a lighter feel, but still locks the slide back,” said McNett.

Another innovation is DoubleTap’s approach to packaging and marketing. The company now offers defensive ammo in 12-round packs in addition to boxes of 20. “Most carry gun magazines are six rounds, so it makes sense to sell two mags’ worth,” said McNett. He’s also devised a color-coding system for DoubleTap; designed to help both new shooters and less experienced shop workers pick the right ammunition. Package colors indicate the ammo is made for defense, tactical, hunting, long range, safari, or target use. There’s also a line specialized for STI pistols.

DoubleTap DT 12 Pack Defense ammunition
DoubleTap packages its defense ammunition in convenient 12 packs. This is ideal for concealed carry or stashing in the glove box. It also allows you to test the ammo you want and save some money by buying smaller quantities.

During a recent conference, writers got to see the performance of DoubleTap for themselves in a number of gel block tests. The massive expansion of the much-studied 10 mm HP load was impressive, as expected. Other calibers delivered as well. The 115 grain 9mm +P load sent a bullet that split in two in gel. Both fragments penetrated well; the so well that it came to rest sticking out of the opposite side of the 16-inch block. HP rounds from .380-.45 opened up evenly, producing great rosettes.

DoubleTap is competitively priced. Packs of 12 retail for $11.95. Defensive rounds in common calibers are priced at $21-$25 per box of 20, with less common loads being a little higher. Except for powder, which cannot be domestically sourced, they are an all-American product based on a lifetime of research and experience. Incidentally, during the demonstration and testing segment of the conference, McNett mentioned that his business is debt-free, which bodes well for the future of his brand.

What’s your experience with DoubleTap? Share it in the comment section.

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  1. Is Double Tap manufacturing.357 Sig ammo, and if so, does anyone know the ballistics and velocity and energy? Thanks and much appreciated.

    1. If you search “Double Tap .357 Sig” in any search engine you would find a link to their website. They make 12 different .357 Sig loads.

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