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CZ Shadow 2 Orange — A Serious Competition Pistol

CZ Shadow 2 Orange

For serious competition shooters, or even those just looking for an edge at the range, CZ makes its Shadow line of hammer-fired pistols. These semi-auto handguns are of the highest quality and provide some key features to improve your shooting performance. They look, feel, and handle like some of the best firearms ever made. At the top of CZ’s lineup, the CZ Shadow 2 Orange offers a distinct advantage.

CZ Shadow Line and CZ 75 Heritage

The CZ 75 is a pistol with a rich history of defensive use. From its invention in 1975 to today, thousands of shooters have trusted their lives with some form of a CZ 75. The classic CZ 75 has undergone a number of developments in its lifetime. For a step up from the basic CZ 75, shooters turn to the SP-01 with its added accessory rail and extended slide and frame rails. Increasing in features and quality, CZ offers its Shadow line of pistols. First came the standard Shadow, and later, the Shadow 2 improved upon the design. Finally, the CZ Shadow 2 Orange is the most recent introduction to the line and incorporates the most advancements to the original pistol design.

CZ Shadow 2 Muzzle
The barrel bushing on the Shadow 2 Orange increases the barrel-to-slide fit, resulting in better accuracy.

Shadow 2 Orange Features

The first thing you’ll notice about the CZ Shadow 2 Orange is its namesake, the bright orange grips. These aluminum grips are incredibly thin and, combined with the front and backstrap checkering, allow for an excellent hold on the pistol. A fiber-optic front sight that is paired with an adjustable HAJO (height adjustable only) rear sight to allow you to quickly get a sight picture and adjust your point of aim for your preferred ammunition load.

The Shadow 2 includes front and rear slide serrations to make press-checking and racking the slide easier. This greatly improves the shooter’s ability to clear malfunctions and make the pistol ready. Like many of CZ’s pistols, the Shadow 2 features inverted slide rails, meaning that the slide rides inside the frame. This allows you to get a higher grip on the pistol and results in less reciprocating slide mass. These features combine to lower felt recoil, which allows you to shoot faster, and potentially, more accurately.

A single-slot Picatinny rail provides space to mount a weapon light or laser, allowing the Shadow 2 to double as a defensive pistol. The magazine release button is swappable to the left or right side and is adjustable to three extension settings for shooters to find the most comfortable fit. There’s no need to decock the pistol when moving between stages in competition, simply engage the manual thumb safety and retain your crisp single-action trigger pull when you get back on target.

The Shadow 2 Orange rises above the other CZ Shadow models with a few key upgrades. The most noticeable is the addition of a barrel bushing that increases slide-to-barrel fit, which increases accuracy potential. Further, the double-action/single-action trigger has been tuned from the factory to have a crisp break and short reset. Finally, the slide and frame have been hand-fitted to reduce the slop between parts and improve the pistol’s accuracy potential.

CZ Shadow 2 Orange Grip
The pistol has excellent checkering that provides great tracking while firing.

CZ Shadow Specifications

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Capacity: 17+1
Action: Double-action/single-action
Frame: Steel
Sights: Fiber-optic front, HAJO rear
Barrel length: 4.89 inches
Overall length: 8.53 inches
Weight: 46.5 ounces
MSRP: $2,245

CZ Shawdow 2 Safety
The manual safety on the Shadow 2 is positive in operation.

CZ and Competition Shooting

Take a look around any pistol shooting competition and you’ll likely see a number of CZ handguns. That doesn’t happen by chance, it’s due to the solid reputation CZ has built. The steel frame, lower bore axis, excellent sights, and crisp trigger all come together to make an incredibly accurate and easy-to-shoot pistol that is perfect for competitive shooting.

The CZ Shadow 2 is geared toward USPSA Production Division shooting competitions. These competitions are designed to test your practical shooting skills. The Production Division of USPSA is intended for factory guns with little to no modifications. This makes it more accessible for the average shooter because you don’t need a custom gun to be competitive.

CZ Shadow 2 Orange
CZ has absolutely outdone itself with the Shadow 2 Orange.


The CZ Shadow 2 Orange is easily one of the best competition pistols on the market. Its incredible low-recoiling design allows it to excel at fast and accurate shooting. If you’re looking for a top-notch 9mm pistol for competition or target shooting, be sure to give the Shadow 2 Orange a shot!

What do you think of the CZ Shadow 2 Orange? Have you fired it? Share your answers in the comment section!

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Comments (2)

  1. Yes the CZ SHADOW 2 ORANGE is my newest and favorite pistol to take out. It’s like a nice car that you don’t notice if your driving too fast. I can go through 200 rounds at the range way too quick and not rushing. I’m a Sig Legion guy for a while but once I tried this one I’m hooked. And now the SHADOW 2 COMPACT just came out. I thought I was done buying new ones! Well maybe after that one!

  2. My CZ Shadow 2 Orange is the best handgun I have ever owned and it is my open carry weapon. You will never be in a more serious competition than a firefight defending your own life from a bad actor!

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