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Concealed Carry vs. Open Carry

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Comments (11)

  1. The finest CCW on the planet is the Kahr .32 NAA, a mini, palm grip sized semi auto. Its necked down cartridge has two distinct advantages. First a necked down cartridge is almost a total no fail because it chambers so easily. Two, the velocity of this necked down cartridge at 1000 ft per second and ability to penetrate properly is light years ahead of most anything else you will find in the CCW category, . If you cannot find one of these for sale, email Kahr and tell them to find you one! It may also encourage them to increase the production numbers. They are hard to find but very well worth it. I use Hornady’s 32NAA hollow points. NOTICE: This is neither a standard .32 or .380. Specify “.32NAA”.

  2. Disclaimer: Have not read all the comments.
    I am a strict Constitutionalist. I believe the Second Amendment “…to keep and bear arms…” means to own and use in any way imaginable (as long as use is not in violation of any other laws). There should be no restrictions as to firearm ownership except for laws, constitutional and common-sense wise. You should be able to hang a tank from your belt if you obey the Constitution (silly but to make a point). Concealed carry is the most responsible way to carry in most cases with or without a permit. I always carry concealed but there are occasions when it would be more practical to open carry. If I were in a known bad area of a town where use or display of a firearm would be easier and could prevent an otherwise deadly situation.

  3. Carry, Period. Any way you want without any kind of gov’t hindrance or regulation. Every person has the right to self defense, regardless how ‘trained’ they are- no man has any more right to demand another get training than they have the right to take away the method of defense. That goes the same for those who’ve been incarcerated and served their time: they’ve as much right to defend themselves as any other. The crime was ‘paid for, the debt paid’, so they’re back in the good graces of society. At least, they would be if people were as ‘Constitution and freedom oriented’ as their mouth claims they are- until someone with a ‘record’ enters the room, then their real idea of freedom is displayed. ‘Freedom for me but not you because you’re a criminal.’ Or someone with less training- rather, your idea of training- enters the scene but not considered worthy because they don’t fit your profile. Some heroes- you’d may as well join the Gestapo since you’d be right at home with them.
    Yah, you real he-man constitutional heroes- not.

  4. It was a short survey, barely scratching the surface, dealing with a single simple issue; open, or
    concealed carry. Cultural habits and geographic areas aren’t discussed amoung other factors, which would be relivant. It simply asks in a very broad sense; open, or concealed?
    If the concept of open carry is just that, an un-tried idea, then yes, I can see where at first, people open carrying in stores and on the streets will make some uncomfortable. People don’t generally like change, and if they’ve not been an outdoors person, or been in the military, or otherwise had at least some experience around firearms in their lives, then yes, it would seem natural for them to be scared. People tend to be scared of things they know nothing about, or don’t understand. But over time, the cocept would be accepted and common place enough, that it wouldn’t have that stigma attatched. I remember the looks and questions I got back in ’88 when I got my first cell phone. Nobody had one. Hell, I didn’t even know anyone I could call who had one. Do I get those same looks? No! Do I even have a wired home phone in my house? No, and many folks are the same nowadays. People are accepting.
    Geographics are probably another subliminal factor, not covered in the question; open, or concealed carry. I would not wear a 10″ scoped Contender in a shoulder rig to the movies, or to buy groceries in Los Angeles, or Atlanta, and my Springfield XDs .45 might get me killed in Alaska, whether concealed or open, by bears, so people have to consider the proposed question, and how it applies to them. That’s why I say having it legal either way makes so much more sense. Stormy, Oklahoma has it right, and I bet you can’t find any negative instances resulting from that decission.
    The last question was biased, and leading, saying; no, we don’t need no stinking permits! That’s why I answered the way I did. If anyone with a criminal history, or who knows little to nothing about gun safety and maintanance or both, can just pick up a gun and blend right in, no questions asked……… Oh wait, that happens now, doesn’t it? Well, imagine how rampant it migh be, if there were no NCIS checks, if people hadn’t at least been given some safety and maintenance training. Having that license shows you as an honest and forthrite person, who cared enough to take the time to profess your intentions, and to do so in a safe and professional manner. It has nothing to do with; the Second Ammendment being “enough reason”. Sure, we have that right, and it doesn’t stipulate open or concealed, but I think people seeing open carry about them now, at least can take solace in the fact that those people have passed a background check, and are proficiant with their weapons.

  5. I can see how some people are wary of people that open carry. I think open carry should be allowed but I think people should take other peoples attitudes in account and at least keep the gun somewhat hidden. We are not going to keep carry laws on the books if we make the masses uncomfortable.

  6. I carry open because the state attorney general allows it. However, all the classes given in our state only talk and train on concealed carry. Evidently we should not scare the sheep with open carry. Also, IMO I believe the 2nd allows us to carry without the stink’in permit…….

  7. There are a lot of variables that were not covered by the questions. Probably never could with all the various laws in every state. Oklahoma issues a license to carry……take your pick, open or concealed. That eliminates the problem with printing or an accidental show. Open carry definitely has its place. I farm and open carry a lot when I am not around a lot of people. It’s handy, I carry a larger weapon and it is not intimidating to most of the people I happen to run into. If I ran a convenience store or a gun shop, or delivered pizza, it would be a no brainer. If it makes the “customers” uncomfortable…..too bad. Going to town on my own or with my family is another story. I would feel pretty weird doing open carry at Church, the grocery story, or the movies. Then my goal is to be discreet and feel safe, not to make others feel uncomfortable. Only a few close acquaintances even know I carry. I like it like that. To each his own. Fortunately, Oklahoma gives me lots of options.

  8. My thoughts on these issues do not differ much from those of commenter #1 Bill from Texas; Yes I want people who receive permits to carry fire-arms to be screened for both background/character as well as proficiency(currently my state Pa. has no such proficiency or safety class requirement). Open carry in urban /suburban settings has always kind of given me serious pause, in 1972 I left Pa. to attend graduate school in Oklahoma at that time a concealed carry permit was nearly unobtainable, however any one who could legally own a hand gun could open carry it. It did not make me feel safe to go into the supermarket at midnight looking for frozen pizza and see 40% of the other customers wearing large frame revolvers in hip holsters and there were numerous anecdotes regarding students and faculty having guns stuck under their noses for nothing other than laughing and goofing around in the supermarket. However rural areas are a different story, I spend a significant amount of time either on forested or farm fields for work, open carry is essential who wants to dig under 3 layers of hardshell/ insulation etc if you need a gun. No I wouldn’t want to carry a heavier gun(normal carry gun is a compact 45) I would want a higher capacity trail gun unless I am in Bear country. One of my rural landowner pet peeves is that most game agencies do not do any kind of background check or cross reference and therefore more than half the people who I, or my clients find trespassing on their property during hunting season(armed and allegedly hunting)are proscribed by both Federal and State statute from owning or posessing any firearm, most are convicted felons and in point of fact one individual individual that I have had to deal with had at least 10 past felony convictions in his lengthy criminal history.

  9. WTFI took the poll, It must be because Cognitive Psycologist say it is a major characteristic of americans to live in lies, knew what last dumb as a rock question was while traveling the pavng stones questions leading up too it.
    You talk of ending all pretence that the 2nd Amendment can be carved with the words except under certain conditions and I agree whole heartedly that it needs to be cut up and discarded as it stinks to high heaven already with but maggots living off of its carcass.
    You have County Sherriffs and state officials and voters playing war games and asking for training as in SC aand Ohio to be able to disarm american citizens and they are patriots all uniformed or not.
    Do we need permits ? fn a we do and we will kiss ass to get them as patriots all. We know we are the elite and understand what owning a gun is for, defending against bad people.
    Everyday bad people are attacking us and with a permit we can shoot them down just like cops shoot our pet dogs down on our front lawns.
    Stay in front of your leaders zippers and keep them smiling and if you are good they may permit you ……

  10. I feel we should have the choice period. I think it should be based on what we’re doing, what we’re wearing, and how the routine of our day changes. Yes, there are certainly those saying;”the element of surprise, and you’ll be the first target in a public environment when shooting begins”. If the law provided for both, there’d most certainly be others scattered thruout most public places, with weapons showing. That would preclude you being the first target in a public incident. With it more common place, it would become less conspicuous.
    Actually, although many forms of open carry and available holsters offer conveniant secure and balanced carry of any sizee/style of handgun, being able to carry semi-concealed, or printing, or partially showing when exiting a car, or the wind blows, becomes a big option. It’s not that I want to show off my gun, but if it shows, I don’t want to become arrestable, and I would not neccessarily want to carry a more powerful gun, as I now use a Springfield XDs in .45acp. In response to permits, I checked no, only because anyone can steal or buy a hot gun, and fit right in with the general population. With a license, you show a photo ID of having passed NCIS, and at least had some form of safety training. Without that, any immature or in-experienced or irresponsible person could be standing in a crowd, or behind you at your car. If people around me are gonna be armed, I want them to be worthy, both legally and proficiantly. I think we owe each other that much.

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