Citadel Cerakote M-1911 in FDE from Legacy Sports International

Citadel M-1911

Citadel’s M-1911 has become a staple on the competition line as well as for the home- or self-defense gun. However, when challenged to make a 1911 better there are few options that will do it without doubling or tripling the price. One of the best though, is to make it more durable and few coatings can do that like Cerakote. Like peanut butter and jelly, cerakote just makes any gun better. That makes Legacy Sports’ announcement more than just a press release; it is news! Here is the full release from Legacy Sports International.

Citadel M-1911 Gene Lumsden, CEO of Legacy Sports International, Inc. proudly announces the New! Citadel Cerakote M-1911 in Flat Dark Earth from Legacy Sports International, Inc.

Cerakote provides an attractive, high-end finish, but more importantly, it is the most durable protection available for corrosion resistance, impact resistance and scratch-proofing in the industry today. Right out of the box, these look and feel like custom 1911’s. Cerakote coating is not only a protectant, but also smooths out the face between the slide and frame, creating much smoother slide action in both charging and cycling of the pistol.

The entire line of Citadel M-1911’s comes with many features found only on higher priced handguns. All models include slide stop with grooves, flared ejection port, skeletonized hammer and trigger, beveled mag well, grip safety with extended beavertail and extended thumb safety. Full size models have a 5-inch barrel with full guide rod, two, magazines and an ambidextrous thumb safety; compact models feature a 3.5-inch bushing-less barrel and two magazines.

Cerakote Flat Dark Earth models are available with Hogue G10 Pirana grips In 5″ government (full size) and 3.5″ Officer (compact) sizes. Calibers are .45 ACP or 9mm Parabellum. MSRP: $796.00


Government (Full size)

Caliber: 9mm, .45ACP Capacity: 9Rd (9mm), 8Rd (.45ACP) Barrel Length: 5″ Overall Length: 8.87″ Weight: 36.8 oz

Officer (compact)

Caliber: 9mm, .45ACP Capacity: 9Rd (9mm), 8Rd (.45ACP) Barrel Length: 3.5″ Overall Length: 7.5″ Weight: 33.8 oz

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  1. I have a ‘government model’ RIA 1911 A2 hi-cap .45. About the only thing that the 1911 design is lacking is a decocker for people like ‘moi’ that distrust safeties. ( I carry mine on quarter-cock). Other then the FN, I do not know of any 1911 that has this feature and it is not worth FN’s price to have it.

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