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Benelli 828 O/U shotgun

Competitive Shooting

Sporting Clays: Getting Started

Sporting clays is quite possibly the ultimate shotgun sport, but also a discipline that a complete beginner can participate in and enjoy as much as the seasoned veteran. Although you can never master sporting clays, it is the pursuit and variation that come from one target to the next or one course to the next that keeps shotgunners hungry for more rounds that is never quite satiated.

Handgun being shot with fire coming from barrel

Competitive Shooting

Training Scars — We All Should Have Them

I have yet to be all I can be. I was never the boxer my father was, the shotgun shot my grandfather was, or the climber my other grandfather was, but I learned survival skills that served me well. There are lessons to be learned from the author’s training scars and those of others.

ArmaLite M-15 3-Gun rifle with KeyMod rail and LUTH-AR stock

Competitive Shooting

ArmaLite’s M-15 3-Gun Rifles Come Out on Top

ArmaLite introduced two new models of AR-15s at SHOT Show 2015. Now in full production, the M-15 3-Gun rifles are taking competition shooters to the winners circle. Find out how these two right-out-of-the-box straight shooters are winning championships in this post.

Black, stainless with gold barrel competition pistol

Competitive Shooting

STI’s New “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas” Pistols

STI’s new DVC Limited and Open pistols are an entirely new design based off the 2011 platform and are built specifically for competitive shooting. The “DVC” acronym for the new series is derived from “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas.” If your Latin is a little rusty, read the post to find out what that means.

Competitive Shooting

AR-15 Barrel-Twist Rates

A barrel-twist rate is expressed in a chain of numbers that reflects on how far down the barrel a bullet must travel to make one full rotation. To fully understand barrel twist, read this article.