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Call to Action: National Right to Carry Needs Your Help

NRA-ILA with padlock and chain around a handgun

The clock is ticking on the 2017 legislative year. We have made a lot of progress toward National Concealed Carry Reciprocity, but have not made it across the line just yet. The NRA and like-minded Second Amendment advocate groups are doing their part, but also issuing calls to action for responsible gun owners to ensure that they protect and expand the right to keep and bear arms. The goal is to get them to cosponsor and support the passage of S.446 – the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, in the Senate and H.R.38 – the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, in the House. NRA-ILA with padlock and chain around a handgun Grab your home phone during a commercial break or your mobile phone while on the go and dial (202) 224-3121. Better yet, you are already online reading this article, so you can simply click here to Take Action. The link will take you to a form to fill out your personal information. That information will be used to populate form letters, which will then be displayed for your review, before you approve them. Once you click send, the letter will be electronically sent to your representatives based on your address.

Contact your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative TODAY!

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  1. TomC, are you a bitter cop or a closet liberal? Your anger comes thru in everything you say. Your statements are baseless about the 70’s operators friend. An ounce of weed in my home state made you a felon. And regarding the NRA. They are a strong pac for gun rights. Kind of a necessary evil to combat the anti 2nd amendment pac’s. How do you support the 2nd amendment? And if you have an effective way to deal with the blatant ignorance of the anti 2nd amendment loons. Please share it with us.

  2. You need to supply some examples about NRA fleecing of the public. There are many documented court cases and many elections where NRA support has protected the 2nd Amendment and allowed election of conservative representatives. The initial “Shooter’s Log” article was directed to encourage pro 2nd Amendment citizens to contact their elected representatives to support the national reciprocity bill. Reader’s whining about the NRA have no basis and should contact the NRA directly.

    1. If you had bothered reading the comments on this article you would have seen that the comments earliest comments were about contacting congress and whether or not any of the pro-gun bills stood any chance in a congress where the Republican’s simply cannot comprehend that they have a majority in both houses. Comments about the NRA came only after another NRA shill suggested that the way to “help the cause” was to throw more money down that rat hole called the NRA.

      No one has said that the NRA fleeces the public (although they certainly do fleece gun rights supporters by pretending to support our rights). Yes, the NRA has shoveled a few dollars to support some favored candidates in some elections, and (although you didn’t mention it) yes, the NRA still has some decent training programs limping along but those programs are in big trouble now that the NRA has discovered another cash cow in the form of competing with the established self-defense insurance programs and is undercutting the reputations of their own long-time instructors and courses in favor of the new programs tied to their half-assed insurance. But lets face facts, not one single anti-gun bill has passed congress in the last 50 years without the blessing of the NRA. Every right that we have seen infringed has been done with the blessing of the NRA. And, of course, most recently they didn’t even wait for some anti-gun strawman bill before they jumped out to get ahead of the news cycle by pushing for yet another infringement in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.

    2. Hey Tom C, I did read the entire article. And again you provide zero facts to back up your NRA bashing. I do agree that the NRA ccw insurance plan falls far short of USCCA but it is a free market or are you against that also. I’m also unhappy with the GOP majority and their lack of progress in every area but the upcoming elections will change the landscape one way or the other. My advice to you; don’t give money to the NRA. That will save us all from your whining. This is a free country or are you going to whine about that too?

    3. TomC, Boy some people really get bent out of shape on some things. First of all I’m not some NRA shill. I can see through the BS on both sides of the gun control argument. Bloomburg’s ban everything and punish everybody standpoint and the NRA’s scare everyone so they send more money view point. If you don’t want to contribute – don’t contribute but that doesn’t give you the right to throw a hissy fit about people you obviously don’t even know. Overall i think the NRA protects our rights and if they didn’t exist we’d be Australia by now. If you don’t believe that – that’s fine too – just don’t come crying to me when the police are knocking on your front door to confiscate your guns. Cumo is thinking running for president next election, if he wins take a look a NY laws and you can guess what’s coming.

  3. i never knew that we had so many Democrats that read and followed “The Shooter’s Log”. Quit your whining and try following the laws as passed or move to Europe.The NRA is the best bet to retain our 2nd Amendment rights.

    1. If the NRA is the best bet to retain our 2nd Amendment rights, then we are in BIG trouble. The NRA has not done one damn thing in support of our rights in over 50 years. They talk a good game but the only things they are interested in in raising more money to keep the battle going so they can continue to raise more money — all to keep themselves employed.

  4. If I can drive my car across state lines and not be arrested for failing to have a local license, it should be the same for my CCW permit which requires more training and background checks than a standard IL Drives license.

    Having a Hazmat certified CDL, I am also required to be TSA certified and have a unique view of the higher level of certifications.

  5. It seems to me that the NRA is most interested in keeping their cushy jobs more than anything else. I am a life member and I very seldom donate to them, maybe the round up on Midway when I buy something there. I too donate to the GOA, they are what the NRA used to be years ago.

  6. I can assure you that the possibility of ANY pro-2nd Amendment bill being passed by this congress is almost zero to none. We have been scammed by the Republicans who promised to uphold the right to bear arms. Just look at what they have not brought to the floor in Trumps first year in office. The Hearing Protection Act, SHARE Act, rescinding the U.N. Arms agreement, Constitutional Carry, and the list goes on. Like I said, we have been deceived.

    1. That’s Mitch McConnell, he’s the stumbling block in the senate. We need to get enough Conservatives in there to marginalize him and take him out of the leadership.

  7. I guess maybe I’m lucky. I’ve been actively carrying, both open and concealed since my ETS from the Army in ’77. I’ve never been challenged by a LEO, nor have I ever had to draw my weapon for defense purposes.
    I understand the need for reciprocity, but I do however believe there are other issues that deserve higher priority. For instance, my best friend caught a felony weed charge back in ’81. He since has been a law abiding citizen with a military background. Meaning he is “trained” with weapons. 36 years later, and he STILL can’t possess a firearm to protect his family. THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE. Criminals dont care about the law, they’re going to get and carry guns regardless. It seems to me that a non-violent, victimless conviction, should have perhaps a penalty period of 10 or so years in which your 2nd amendment rights are SUSPENDED, not irreversibly revoked. He’s been clean twice as long as some criminals are old. That should count for something.

    1. Agreed. And a couple of years ago I was delinquent on my child support. I was charged with a felony. What on Earth does being a couple bucks behind on my child support have to do with my conscientious ability to morally and ethically protect myself and others around me? I fail to see that or in the case of your friend with the ancient conviction.

    2. @Jim – come on, don’t try to kid a bunch of old timers. You weren’t “a couple bucks behind” — more like “a couple YEARS behind” weren’t you? And you were repeatedly notified and summoned to court – where each time you gave some BS excuses about being “broke” and promised you would get caught back up, but of course you never did.

      I’d be a lot more willing to support 70’s Operator’s weed pushing friend than a low life deadbeat dad who refuses to take care of his kids.

    3. Well, @70’s Operator, I’ll bet that there is more to your friend’s story than what was posted here….

      1) There already is a process for restoration of civil rights for felons with a clean record. The process varies from state to state (for state felonies) and it is a lot more common in some states than in others, but if your friend is such an upstanding citizen, he should be a good candidate for restoration – which would allow him to vote and to own a gun.

      2) Even “back in ’81” simple possession of weed was a misdemeanor almost everywhere. For your friend to have a felony conviction for weed, either he was caught trafficking or he was caught holding so large a quantity that they made a “possession with intent to sell” charge stick.

      3) Simply having been in the military does not really equate to being “trained with weapons” — Only the Army and the Marine Corps even make an attempt to train everyone on _a_ weapon, and even the Army doesn’t require everyone to successfully pass what little training they do get. Some jobs do require successful weapons training but for the vast majority of positions in the military weapons training is one of those if-we-have-time-for-it tasks that most units don’t take seriously (Google 507th Maintenance Company for one example).

  8. Fat Chance!

    The so-called Republicans in congress simply don’t have any clue how to BE the Majority Party. Just the notion of having a majority in both houses plus the presidency scares the hell out of the whole lot of them.

    Add in RINOs like McCain & Ryan and the simply isn’t any way that they are going to pass any piece of pro-gun legislation unless it includes some massive anti-gun nonsense.

    We’ve got another year of a Do Nothing congress – then in 2018 the Dumbocrats will retake at least one house of congress – that will still be a Do Nothing congress, but at least then the Republicans will have someone to blame for it and will be able to take “credit” for blocking some of the Dumbocrat’s worst bills.

  9. I think a great way to help the cause would be to send in a donation to the NRA-LA in the name of our Texas Hero Stephen Willeford. You might not see it in the news because the antigun crowd is choking on it but the hero who took out the Texas Shooter was an NRA Instructor. He took action, hit what he aimed at, and saved lives.

    1. That would be a great way to “help the cause” IF your cause is banning bump stocks or instituting some other sort of ridiculous “gun control” nonsense.

      The NRA is somewhat less anti-gun than Bloomberg et al, but only slightly. Let’s not forget that EVERY piece of anti-gun legislation that has passed in Congress in the last 50 years did so with the support of the NRA. They are much more interested in fund raising and preserving their role as the best-funded “gun rights” organization than they are in actually protecting or advancing our rights.

    2. I think your reply nailed the truth about the NRA. I still donate to them occasionally but most of my cash goes to the GOA these days.

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