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During the week of October 30th, 2017, the House of Representatives will vote on a bill: (1) Giving the Forest Service the tools to improve forest habitat for big game, game birds, and other wildlife, and (2) Fixing the funding for fighting wildfires. Boone-Crockett Logo Please click here to send your U.S. Representative an email urging them to vote ‘Yes’ on the legislation. In consideration of your time, we have pre-drafted an email you can send, though you can customize it to your liking.

H.R.2936, the “Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017,” sponsored by Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR), and supported by 25 national hunting and sportsmen’s organizations, contains many of the best ideas for forest management considered by Congress over the last several years.

  • Enable the Forest Service to carry out multiple forest health projects of the same kind based on a single environmental analysis instead of having to repeat the analysis each time.
  • The Forest Service would be able to rely more heavily on collaboration in developing projects with less legal controversy after each decision.
  • The highly-regarded “Good Neighbor Authority” would be expanded to allow states to partner with USFS on even more work.
  • Finally, the bill would allow the Forest Service to tap disaster funds during bad wildfire years when the costs exceed what Congress has appropriated, thereby protecting other accounts that fund recreation and thinning projects from being depleted.

Get Involved

Click here to send a pre-drafted email to your Representative, or call your member of Congress and ask to speak with staff who handles forestry issues, and urge them to vote Yes on H.R. 2936 during the week of October 31st on the House floor: Find your member of Congress at the following link:

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Comments (2)

  1. Courtesy of the Library of Congress on H.R. 2936 – Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017:

    06/20/2017: Introduced in House of Representatives.
    06/20/2017: Referred to the Committee on Agriculture, and in addition to Committees on Natural Resources, Education and the Workforce, and Transportation and Infrastructure, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within jurisdiction of the committee concerned.
    06/27/2017: Committee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
    06/27/2017: Ordered to be Reported (Amended) by the Yeas and Nays: 23 – 12.
    10/04/2017: Committee Consideration and Mark-up Sessions Held. Action By: Committee of Agriculture.
    10/04/2017: Order to be Reported (Amended) by Voice Vote. Action By Committee of Agriculture.
    10/25/2017: Reported (Amended) by the Committee on Agriculture. House of Representatives 115-370, Part I. Action By Committee on Agriculture.
    10/25/2017: Reported (Amended) by the Committee on Natural Resources. H. Rept. 115-370, Part II. Action By Committee of Natural Resources.
    10/25/2017: Committee on Education and the Workforce discharged.
    10/25/2017: Committee on Transportation discharged.
    10/25/2017: Placed on the Union Calendar, Calendar No. 271. Action By House of Representatives…

  2. HR2936 is more big government, period. B&C have lost all credibility in my opinion. There are major problems facing wildlife in this nation. The greed by sporting goods manufacturers. The profiteering from government. The glutinous mentality from the hunting community. Deer cocaine being one of the most insane examples. The release of genetically engineered whitetail deer and other species being released into the free range wildlife populations. How can B&C allow entries into there record books from state’s like Michigan. When they have irrefutable proof that GMO stock has been released into the free range population? There is a complete lack of integrity. The individual entities and the powers to be are insipid, vulgar and destructive in there behavior. And the quality of the hunting community has reached historical lows. Electronic decoys, carbon suits, deer cocaine, drones and the list goes on and on. When my dad taught me to hunt he said the following. You must understand the terrain you hunt, the effect of the wind on species your pursuing and assume you have only one shot at your quarry. And above all else. Understand that you are pursuing a living creature and treat it with the reverence it deserves. If it is your food supply, you dam well better care for it. With the same zeal that you pursue it. Those values no longer are promoted by anyone in the quote, unquote conservation or hunting industries. This house bill just takes more tax dollars and places them in the hands of another special interest. When is enough, enough? I already work until June each year to give the government there share of my earnings. Wake up!

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