Biden Administration Bans Further Import of Russian Ammo and Guns

multplie stacked boxes of Wolf ammunition

The Biden Administration just placed new sanctions on imports from Russia. Ammunition and firearms were included in the new action. In fact, it seems banning ammunition and firearms manufactured in Russia was the only punishment meted out by the U.S. Department of State, and the Treasury, Justice, and Commerce department in concert with the United Kingdom.


Article Update 8.23

There has been a bit of blurring the lines as to exactly what is happening. If a Form 6 is approved and valid, the ammo can still come in. However, as of September 2021, we do not expect any approvals of new Form 6s or extensions of current Form 6s. In the case of Tula and Wolf, their Form 6s are valid through August and November 2023, so this embargo does not impact them — yet.


Who will be affected? American gun owners first and foremost — of course, but also some of our favorite brands such as Wolf AmmunitionTulammo, Barnaul, and Red Army Standard by Century Arms.

Tula Ammunition is one of several brands of steel cased cartridges from Russia
Tula Ammunition is one of several brands of steel-cased cartridges from Russia that be banned from importation.

So, here’s how this went down. Well, first, we must have a little understanding of the backstory. One year ago, a Russian lawyer by the name of Alexei Navalny (a.k.a. Aleksey Navalny) was poisoned. However, Navalny was no ordinary lawyer. He has a storied past as a convicted criminal, and anti-corruption activist. He came to international prominence by organizing anti-government demonstrations and running for office to advocate reforms against corruption in Russia, and against President Vladimir Putin and his government. Navalny has been described as “the man Vladimir Putin fears most” by The Wall Street Journal.

The fact that Navalny was hated and considered a threat by Putin and other Russian Government officials is public knowledge. So, it was not a major leap after his poisoning to blame the Russian Government. In August 2020, Navalny was hospitalized in serious condition after he was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent, and Navalny immediately accused Putin of being responsible for his poisoning. Shortly thereafter, an investigation implicated agents from the Federal Security Service (FSB). The EU, UK, and U.S. responded by imposing sanctions on senior Russian officials.

Fast forward to the anniversary of Navalny’s poisoning and you have new gun controls (a.k.a. sanctions against Russia) that go into effect September 7, 2021.

Supposedly, the ban is only set to last for 12 months at which time it will be reconsidered. However, to my knowledge, I do not believe a sanction that included a ban on any firearm has ever been reversed. That means it is very unlikely we will ever see the guns again.

Duration and Conditions for Removal

These latest sanctions on Russia pursuant to the CBW Act will take effect upon the publication of a Federal Register notice expected on September 7, 2021, and they will remain in place for a minimum of 12 months. The sanctions can only be lifted after a 12-month period if the Executive Branch determines and certifies to Congress that Russia has met several conditions described in the CBW Act, 22 U.S.C. 5605(c), including:

  1. Providing reliable assurances that it will not use chemical weapons in violation of international law
  2. It is not making preparations to use chemical weapons in the future
  3. It is willing to allow international inspectors to verify those assurances
  4. It is making restitution to Mr. Navalny

Here is the statement from the U.S. Department of State:

The United States, in concert with the United Kingdom, is imposing additional costs on the Russian Federation on the one-year anniversary of the poisoning of Russian opposition figure Aleksey Navalny with a Novichok nerve agent.

As the United Kingdom and the United States reaffirmed  [], we condemn the August 2020 assassination attempt on Mr. Navalny and subsequent actions intended to stop his efforts to criticize the Russian government, including his imprisonment in January 2021.

Our actions today – exercised by the U.S. Departments of State, the Treasury, Justice and Commerce – send a clear signal that there will be no impunity for the use of chemical weapons, including for the individuals and organizations involved. Any use of chemical weapons is unacceptable and contravenes international norms. The United States calls upon Russia to comply with its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

As part of today’s actions, the Department of State is imposing a second round of sanctions on Russia under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act (CBW Act). These include a restriction on the permanent importation of firearms or ammunition manufactured or located in Russia pursuant to new or pending permit applications as well as further restrictions on nuclear and missile-related technology exports to Russia.


The Departments of State and the Treasury will also designate nine Russian individuals and four entities, including operatives involved in poisoning Mr. Navalny and entities that have developed Russia’s chemical weapons capabilities.

Not being able to sell firearms or ammunition to the U.S. is not likely to convince Putin to make an about-face and somehow jump through hoops to appease the U.S. and UK. So, the gun owners in the United States will suffer from the new sanctions more than Putin ever will.

Do you believe the Biden Adminstration sanction were aimed at punishing Russia or just a backdoor run at gun control? Share your answer in the comment section.

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  1. Buy American! Why boost the Russian economy? The American manufactures might invest more in their companies if you weren’t buying everything from Russia and Hungarian manufactures, DUH. It’s basic economics .Who gives a shit? Who’s going to profit if you buy Russian ammo, the Russians!!!! Buy American!!!

  2. I hope my barrel is hot enough so I can weld it to my hand with my last breath. They can have my ammo as well: The components will be separated,the powder will be burned,and they can slip and break their frickin necks on the empty brass surrounding my carcass.

  3. @ Brian Goldman…. well… I don’t “need a pallet”, however I’d like to actually find at least SOME ammo. American made or otherwise but I damn sure ain’t paying out the nose for it.
    Screw it…. reckon I’m stuck to to using my bow and other weapons. One thing I can’t quite understand is… Just exactly how does Wile E. Coyote get the Road Runner?
    Sounds like I need to mail order some anvils from the ACME Corporation.

  4. Who cares about Russian ammo. If people would stop buying ammo by the freak’in pallet, there would be ammo available and at reasonable prices. It amazes me that folks actually think they need 10,000 – 20,000 rounds of any caliber. And to do what ? Who are you going to out gun ? The Military, the National Guard, a swat team ? WRONG !!!

  5. Mandating vaccines (gene therapy) with CRISPR cas 9 and nanotechnology.
    The push for 5G.
    Bill Gates buying up acres and acres of farmland.
    Bill Gates advocating for population control through vaccines.
    Both fathers of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci were eugenists.
    Farmers being paid and threatened to destroy their crops or lose subsidies.
    The CDC is now one of the biggest residential property owners.
    Truckers being told to dump their fuel.
    The CDC director appearing on CNN claiming she wants to do something about gun violence (referring to it as a “health issue”).
    Talk of vaccine passports and “social currency “ (now being done in China).

    If you want to control a population, you must disarm them.
    This is not about left vs right. Republican vs Democrat. Biden vs Trump.
    To pull off what they’re trying to do takes the WHOLE of government and private sector. This didn’t start with Biden. It was planned years ago by BOTH sides…

  6. Backdoor gun and ammo grab. Biden doesn’t give a spit about Navalany. He leaves hundreds of Americans behind in Kabul but he’s shaken up about a Russian dissident, c’mon man

  7. According to a recently retired Lt. Col. who is also in the ammunition industry, factories are shutting down production due to an industry-wide shortage of primers and the materials to make them. No primers, no pew. Cutting off a trusted alternate to U.S. made ammunition is the equivalent to unplugging the refrigerator during a food shortage. Jo-jo is no friend to America. And lets face it. He’s not making policy. Likely this is really Obama’s third term. This is the kind of move he likes to make. Poke America in the eye and then lecture us. What’s next, ATF outlawing green-tip 5.56 again?

  8. So just how exactly is this move by Sleepy Joe supposed to effect Russia? Sure, we import a fair amount of steel cased range fodder but not nearly enough to be of any real consequnce to them. It makes no sense to essentially punish Americans during this shortage unless… gee, unless there’s an ulterior motive? Nah, our gov’t would never do that… 🙄 How about if they really want to hurt the Russian economy try stopping their d*** pipeline. Money talks and interrupting their oil supply would speak volumes.

  9. I consider myself politically conservative… and most definitely not a “head up the butt” liberal.
    That being said… I fail to understand how anyone can be supportive of Putin or China’s Xi. Both are putting their countries on an ever increasing collision course with the U.S. ….. and in the end the likely cost will ultimately be war at some level and many, many U.S. military deaths.
    Buying Russian or Chinese armament and ammo provides monetary support to the same factories that will likely be producing freighter loads of ammo and arms for use against our troops at some point in the future. I can easily live without Russian ammo… especially when there are alternatives available that won’t subsidize factories, that will at some point “be turned against us”!!!
    ONLY A FOOL SUPPORTS THE ECONOMIES OF THEIR ENEMIES…Russia and China certainly ARE NOT our friends!!! And with China… our Government has allowed mind boggling trade deficits to exist for YEARS… costing millions of U.S. jobs, critically gutting our industrial capability in vast areas of expertise, and ultimately helping fund the modernization and expansion of the same military that we will like have to fight some day. Russian ammo??? I definitely don’t need it and furthermore…I DEFINITELY WON’T HAVE IT! The profit from the bullets you buy today may well finance the bullets used against our troops tomorrow…used by either of these two “bad actors” or their numerous terrorist proxies worldwide. Wake up!

  10. This has absolutely nothing to do with Russian sanctions. As one commenter noted, Biden quickly approved the restart of the Russian pipeline that Trump had essentially killed. THAT had a financial impact on Russia! This, not so much. But it will harm American interests in acquiring ammunition especially in light of what appears to be a shortage currently.

  11. If any of you bloviating pro gun conservatives act like buying Russian ammo is a sin because he’s a “brutal dictator” you’re so blind and unhelpful for the future of this nation that your boomer die off will be a day of celebration.

  12. Makes perfect Biden sense. Punish the Russians by not importing guns and ammo, but let them build their pipeline. That out to learn ’em.

  13. Bo feels the need to deny Americans the choice to buy Russian not buy Russian, but at the same time feels just fine arming the Taliban with American guns, ammunition and our state-of-the-art technology which I guarantee Russia along with China and Iran now have. We no longer won the night.
    When it comes to our grand decline, understand that the media has gone all-in against us. I haven’t seen an honest network news report in five years, being generous at that. We’re always on the losing side of things even when we win elections because they own the message. Having alternate sources is great, but it doesn’t fix the problem of a misled population.

  14. I read and agree with all the laments stated above but I have to wonder, how many of the people disagreeing with this action bother to even make a simple phone call or email to their Congressman and this or any other 2A subject. It does help! Also consider joining any of the several 2a rights organizations that are actively trying to preserve our rights.

    One I can recommend it The Second Amendment Foundation. These are the guys that file numerous lawsuits when government does something that affronts our 2A rights. They have been quite successful with this activity. And to support them can be EASY and cost you nothing if you use Amazon.

    Amazon has a different portal called “Amazon Smile” using that link allows you to select a cause of your choice. The 2A Foundation is one of causes you can select to support. A small portion of your purchase will be directed to the Foundation and there is NO COST to you!

  15. Blah, blah, blah. All the hand wringing by 2nd Amendment crowd makes me sick.
    No one should be supporting the country that has been cyber attacking us for the last five years. Can’t get crappy steel cased ammo for your POS AK? Who cares?
    This is America and the ammo factories are running 7 days a week. Buy American and stop complaining about shortages. There are no shortages, what there is is panic buying by hysterical basement dwelling right wing morons who are buying ammo at any price and are willing to pay four times what it is worth just to see their basements filled with ammo cans. Good luck trying to sell that ammo when you run out food because no one in their right mind will pay what you paid for it.

  16. This punishment is a ridiculous “punishment” for Russia. It is actually a punishment for Americans. Nonetheless, whether you buy Russian ammo or not, this import ban will simply drive ammo prices up for Americans. Bottom line – more gun control for Americans. Nice work folks.

  17. The sanctions will ultimately affect gun owners here in the United States in so many different ways( part one of the plan ) Now the American gun manufacturers will benefit from it by taking advantage of the situation and rising ridiculous prices on guns as well as American made ammo therefore increasing taxes revenue (which will benefit our government… part two and almost the perfect plan) instead of taking different approach to work together with gun enthusiasts and find a solution that will benefit all Americans that love their guns and the sport and reassure that we ultimately as Americans should only buy Made in America products.

  18. Absolutely it is a progression by the Left to infringe on our Second Amendment right conveniently using this poisoning as an excuse. I read 800,000,000 rounds of ammunition – roughly 40% of the use in the U.S., at least the more affordable ammo – comes from Russia. It also keeps a check on ammo prices in general here in the US, so likely expect someone else to step-in to fill the void and/or prices to remain high. Although I hear no sanction on firearms has ever been lifted, this Administration is fraudulent and it is my hope that once Trump and/or DeSantis or whoever returns to the WH that this one will indeed be reversed. Otherwise, sooner or later, American’s are going to have to take a more aggressive stand against these never-ending efforts to erode our freedoms.

  19. Since the Russians have been violating those treaties for years, I question that the treaty is the reason; just an excuse.

  20. I tend to agree w Mr Hall. And I have no use for steel cased ammo. Its only a matter of time untill were all told to hand over our firearms. 2nd amendment means nothing, it only has to be reinterpreted by whoever is sitting in the right seat. Anything you got legally is already on a list somewhere in a file.

  21. I understand that this is just a political posturing to screw the American citizen out of more rights by doing the end around to a ban on our rights as law abiding citizens. But that being said if the American ammunition companies would bring their prices down to the realm of what the overseas companies are charging that would eliminate the need to buy non American ammo. If I just want to go to the range and make noise for the day I see no need to spend twice the amount of money just to buy American. It has been long known that American corporations are extensively greedy and are concerned more for profit than providing competitive cost to allow the average consumer to buy American. And I am just curious how much of the ammo producing supplies actually are American that the American suppliers are using?? For example, Harley Davidson is supposedly American, but many parts you purchase at their shops say MADE IN CHINA, So simply saying buy American does not always mean that the actual product is American. There are many ways The USA could sanction Russia that would do more harm than taking our ammo. But our leaders have become lame and testicle free and only look for votes not actual correct actions. our country has taken a sad turn for the worse. GOD BLESS ALL VETERANS and THOSE THAT HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES FOR THIS COUNTRY.

  22. Assuming the actual text of the ban is accurately quoted above, the intent to deny access to the Russian arms and ammunition is obvious.

    “As part of today’s actions, the Department of State is imposing a second round of sanctions on Russia under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act (CBW Act). These include a restriction on the permanent importation of firearms or ammunition manufactured or located in Russia pursuant to new or pending permit applications as well as further restrictions on nuclear and missile-related technology exports to Russia.”

    The words “permanent importation” are the key. A “permanent importation” is one where the imported items are intended to remain in the USA. The act does not ban “temporary importation”, where the intent is to import the items and then export them for sale to another country. Obviously, the intent is not to prevent American companies from importing Russian arms and ammo, only to prevent those arms and ammo from being sold to Americans.

  23. Could it be a plot by AK collectors to drive up prices? And, we would not want 3rd world war-lords to pay up for ammo, would we?

  24. No American should ever be buying or using Russian weapons or ammo. You are supporting a brutal dictator’s economy with such purchases. BUY AMERICAN. spend your money on AMERICAN businesses.

  25. These “sanctions” are directed ultimately against U.S. firearms owners and companies. Either that or our “administration” is really stupid, because even I know Putin will never admit actions against Navalny nor apologize to him.

  26. Anyone who is involved in the shooting sports knows this is a complete and utter farce being perpetuated upon us. This is yet another example of the Bidenista Regime using the attempted killing of a Russian dissident, to make acquiring ammunition even more difficult when it’s already so scarce. This should be considered an absolute warning to us all. They are not going to stop here. They are going to come after the modern sporting rifles, then the handguns and finally whatever there is left in your gun safe. Hopefully someone or some organization will file a lawsuit to stop this or at least bring the lie to the light of day for the public to see. ( when only outlaws have guns ,I’ll be an outlaw)

  27. It’s the same BS that BO pulled when he banned Baikal firearms from the US – a convenient way to attack American gun owners by appearing to harm Russian financial interests.

  28. We are now the worst governed free nation on the planet. This is only the beginning for gun owning, law abiding citizens. But on another note, the liberals are the best firearm salesmen this country has ever seen. My father was tail gunner in a B17 squadron during WWII, the Lord took him home and is being spared from witnessing what this country has become.

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