A Beast of Steel—the Sarsilmaz K2-45 Pistol

Don’t be scared off when you read who makes the K2-45 .45 ACP pistol. Just because you are unfamiliar with the name, Sarsilmaz does not mean the company makes a poor quality pistol.

The only reason why you are unfamiliar with the name is that the Turkish manufacturer’s handguns have not been widely available in the United States for long—well, under the name Sarsilmaz anyway. Sarsilmaz has been producing ArmaLite’s AR-24 for over five years.

Imported by EAA, another “new” CZ-clone is Sarsilmaz’s K2-45. Based on one of the most reliable and copied actions in the world, the K2-45 is a short-recoil, locked-breech with modified Browning locking system and tilting barrel semi-automatic handgun. Building the gun around this action design naturally means you have a trusty gun that is dependable and operates reliably. After all, there is a reason why the CZ is one of the most copied designs ever. It just works.

Based on CZ-75’s .45 ACP cousin, the CZ-97B, the K2-45 resembles a mix-match of the CZ with a SIG P220 slide. The alloy forged steel frame, slide and barrel make the K2-45 one helluva hefty beast. The K2-45 weighs in at 40 ounces—2.5 pounds. The heavier weight, 4.5-inch barrel, comfortable 1.33-inch wide grip, and its low barrel axis make this one .45 ACP that is pistol pleasant to shoot. It fires both single- or double-action and according to many, smoother than the CZs.

The extended, high Beavertail keeps the pistol in the sweet spot (high in your palm) for a more controlled grip, giving you quick and accurate follow-up shots. For a gun that holds 14 rounds of .45 ACP, the plastic grips feel surprisingly thin. Additions such as an enlarged textured trigger guard and textured grip enhance your hold on the gun, even when wearing gloves.

The double-stacked magazine fits flush into the mag well. It has bright 3-dot white sights, which make aiming quick and easy. The rear sight is adjustable. Further, the sights are slightly angled for snag-free drawing. The K2-45’s point of aim is spot on and it shoots extremely accurately.

For safe handling, the K2 has a manual thumb safety and an auto firing pin block to prevent accidental discharge. For Jeff Cooper fans, even though the gun fires in double-action, it is also well suited for carry like a 1911, “cocked, locked and ready to rock.” For enhanced reliability, Sarsilmaz designed the K2-45’s barrel with a square-shaped block in the rear that improves the barrel lock up.

Though EAA warns against the use of +P and high-velocity, high-pressure ammunition, it isn’t picky about other ammo. The warning is likely due to the short recoil spring on the K2. +P and high-velocity ammunition could cause malfunctions and premature wear to the spring.

Fans of lights and lasers will appreciate the K2’s integrated accessory rail, but we can all rest at ease thanks to the one-year warranty.

Sarsilmaz has been making firearms for over 130 years and is one of the largest firearms manufacturers in Europe. The large 400,000 square foot factory uses the most advanced technology and solid CAD/CAM CNC machining to produce its firearms. The K2 is the Turkish military’s handgun of choice.

Last year, Cheaper Than Dirt! predicted that once word caught on, the demand for Sarsilmaz handguns would increase. As more shooters recognize how comfortable and well these guns work, there is no doubt in my mind that Sarsilmaz will start becoming a name that we’ll all know how to pronounce.

Specifications and Features

  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Capacity: 14 +1
  • Barrel: 4.5”
  • Safety: Manual thumb and auto firing pin block
  • Construction: Steel frame and slide
  • Finish: Blue
  • Sights: Adjustable rear, fixed front
  • Overall length: 8.25”
  • Width: 1.3”
  • Height: 5.7”
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds (40 ounces)

Do you own a Sarsilmaz? Let’s spread the word and sing its praises in the comment section.

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Comments (36)

  1. Nice feel and very comfortable. Always wanted a high-capacity .45 wigh a hammer. The K2 doesn’t cycle target ammo like magtech which will jam up, Winchester ammo fails to feed and another brand which I can’t remember fails to feed also. Only fired about 120 rounds but I wouldn’t trust it as an EDC until it’s fully broken in without any issues.

    1. Love mine as well. Mine locks open on the last round about every few mags. Not sure why, but may just need breaking in. Have 100-150 rounds through it of Magtech.

  2. I “accidently” stumbled upon the K2 at a local dealer. He had a decent price on it (WELL under 400), as it was “used”. Someone had purchased it, then traded it back for something else about a week later. No issue with the gun the dealer said, but this particular customer did that all the time.
    Anyway… I liked the all-around “feel”, the mag capacity, the double action, and was definitely not put off by its look.
    Not being a “gun guru”, but knowing what I liked, I googled it (I couldn’t even begin to pronounce the name). Most of what I read was positive, so I impulse bought on the spot.
    Took it to the combat range within a few days, and LOVED it!!! Spot on accurate out of the box, no feed issues whatsoever (200 rounds), and low impact recoil!
    I was actually shocked at how well this thing that I had never heard of performed!
    I had to know more, so I did some further research and found all the facts on this unknown. Licensed CZ copy, military grade etc etc…
    What it comes down to is this is now one of my FAVORITE handguns, and would recommend it in a heartbeat.
    A+”s all around.

  3. I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks now and truly the only complaint I have is finding a holster for it. I’ve only put 50 rounds through it due to ammo availability right now but in those 50 rounds I was greatly impressed with it. It worked flawlessly and was extremely comfortable to shoot, grouping was pretty tight. I highly recommend this affordable pistol if you can find one in stock, you won’t regret buying it.

  4. Had my K2 about a mont with about 300 rounds of Magtech through it. It has a tendency every few magazines to lock open just before the last round. I can hit the slide release and clear the round fine. Any idea what might be causing this?

  5. To the previous poster’s comment on holsters – I carry with a Safariland 568-83 Glock17/22 paddle holster and it works great.

  6. I’ve had mine over a year and have run several hundred rounds through it. It’s a Cadillac to shoot, super smooth, good trigger and sights. At $379 it’s the best value proposition I’ve found.

    Only issue was the grip screws loosened. Loctite blue fixed that.

  7. Ive had this gun for a few months and and shot mostly Federal ball ammo and some Monarch hollow points. Had some FTF issues on and off but I think the gun may need to be broken in (have abour 150 round in it so far). I love shooting it and is my primary home defense weapon with good quality ammo.

  8. Love it but..
    First, this is a spot on review.
    two things grips and barrel

    I bought the walnut grips as well on eBay, some guy who makes them, YES the screws on the K2 are too long , if you tighten them down they scratch the mags if you loosen them then they wiggle in your hand.

    Solution, get some plastic washers from Home Depot, and use those on the screw or (not reccomending this ) shave down the screws with a file.

    Second, I had a federal round squib in the barrel, the shooter did not recognize this and fire a second round.
    I am dam grateful that the chrome lined barrel bulged and the rest of the gun was fine. A glock would’ve blown up her hand! Eaa made me pay 175 for a barrel after I shipped it to them. Honestly I wish they could’ve just sent me one but they had to put the serial number on the new barrel. Whatever.

    I love this gun, daily carry and yes, paid that dam 175 because it was worth it.
    Good luck finding a good holster though!

    1. BTW I’m using an old blackhawk cqc size 03 glock 26/27 holster.
      Only holster I find comfortable to use, let alone fit the gun.

    2. Holster: use a “Houston ecoleather 57 B holster for a glock. 21”
      Walked 8 miles carrying on my appendix no issue.
      Good cheap holster.

      Edit: I mentioned in an earlier post (chrome lined barrel) I meant cold hammered forged.

  9. Has anyone had issues with light primer strikes? First, let me say that I LOVE the way this gun shoots. Double taps are quick and very close together. It is very accurate and shootable (not always the same thing).

    That said, I’ve had four instances of FTFire due to light primer strikes, two with WWB ammo, and 2 with reloads. This is in about 230 rounds total. Had no issues with 100 rounds of federal bulk (included in the 230 round count).

    Wondering if I should contact SAR or if this is ammo related. Not inspiring confidence though, since my other 2 .45s (both 1911s) have had no issues with any ammo whatsoever.

    1. Kimber CDP,

      Must have more than 1,000 rds through the gun and no malfunctions of any kind whatsoever. It just seems to be getting better, if anything. The other day, at a local indoor range I cut one ragged hole at 10 yards with 30 rounds. I was having a very good day but a good deal of that had to be due to the pistol. It was the best group I have shot with that pistol.
      I have another pistol and was having the same problem. I took it to a local gunsmith I trust and he asked two questions: 1) was I shooting Federal ammo? (Answer “no”); and, 2) was I shooting Remington ammo? (Answer “yes”). He told me to get some Federal and try that.
      He told me that he had received several complaints about Remington ammo, particularly in the .40 S&W round. He thought that Remington had loaded a batch of ammo with hard primers.
      I shot the pistol with federal and no malfunctions. It was not a SAR but was a Sig 2022 in 40 S&W.
      Maybe same primers as Remington used?? Allegedly, the problem was short lived and limited to a specific batch of ammo.

  10. This gun is fantastic. I have always been a fan of CZ and Sigs, this gun is like the off spring of both. Looks like a Sig built like a CZ and accurate as hell. And for those of you looking at a CZ 97B this gun is much better. More comfortable and better looking. The only knock against this gun is the fact isn’t quite as short as I would like (like an SRT trigger in the Sig) but it ain’t bad at all. The P220 in the safe better consider itself real lucky I didn’t find this gun before I found it. The Sig never would have been purchased. Its a better gun then a whole bunch of much more expensive .45’s I’ve handled. My advice, get one and get it quick before the word gets out on them.

  11. Hello all,
    I have owned the k2 45 for about six months now and love its accuracy and low recoil. It is the perfect firearm in my opinion, well made, heavy, made of steel, and very very accurate. I am looking for two improvements to the pistol, New grips and grip screws. I have found new grips made of walnut with nice sar engravings on them from eBay, but need new grip screws. That’s where I need help. I would love new stainless grip screws if possible. Does anybody know what kind, length, size screws it uses? I don’t want to remove the old ones until I have secured new ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


    1. Grant,
      I concur with Suzanne about contacting EAA or Sarsilmaz about screw size. Did you ever solve your front sight issue? Did the P-14 mags work for you? Good luck. Like you, I very much like the K-2 and agree with all your comments.

  12. Hi, new owner here with a question.
    Looks like the rear sight is not centered on the slide; it sits left to the center.
    My first few shots were all to the left. Had to adjust sight to right to compensate for it. Now it shoots fine but looks not quite good.
    I want to get the sight pushed to the center.
    Do you know if any screws or pins should be removed before pushing it?
    There are two holes on the top of the sight, right by the screw to adjust for elevation. Any idea what are those?
    Also the little allen wrench looking tool came in the box together with sight adjuster tool, do we know what it is used for?


  13. I commend you for doing so much work on this. It seems to be a great platform if there we could invent and scrap up enough support. I just ordered some mecgar p14 mags. Have you had any luck with those? What have you done with sights? I heard that Novak 1911 sights work..? but all of the novaks I see attach with grooves and the front on this seems to be a post. Any ideas? what are the best forums to get all of the collective thought on this issue? any sites that deal with the k2-45 as a major focus?

    1. Brant,

      I have not tried Mecgar P-14 mags in the K-2, although in the past, I have generally found Mecgar mags to be excellent in other platforms. I was lucky enough to get 3 more K-2 mags and they are what I have used.
      I have not settled on after market sights just yet. I generally like Novaks and have them on several other pistols. But, like you, the ones I have on other guns would not work in the mount area. I am also considering Team XS large dot and shallow rear notch, if they can be made to fit. I have them on 3 guns now and find I can shoot every bit as good as with my Novaks. Also, much faster to pick up. I mounted XS Sight System sights on my Ruger SR.45 and it picked up my score a bit on timed shoots. As my eyes have aged, the XS sights seem to work better.
      Thus far, attempt to develop a stiffer recoil spring are not entirely successful. Some function problems with the first attempt but I intend to keep trying.
      I cannot say much about forums because I have not found many, other than the Cheaper Than Dirt who I like as well. Sorry about that. If you find some you like, please pass them on.

  14. I have a Sar K2 in .45 ACP and it is rapidly becoming my favorite gun after my beloved 1911’s. It is heavy and that makes it a pleasure to shoot. I have over 500 rounds, all 230 gr FMJ and zero malfunctions. It is very accurate but I was not particularly fond of the trigger at first. Like quite a few of the plastic guns, like Glock, Springfield, Sig 2022 and similar. I find the triggers personally inferior to my 1911’s. I describe them as mushy or spongy, often with an overly long take up in my limited experience. The K2 trigger is not great like my 1911’s but is not really that bad. It is not stiff or hard just slightly indefinite until the sear breaks. However, it is possible to learn the trigger and now that I have done so, my groups are pretty good. Certainly very acceptable accuracy for a combat gun and better than my XD, which surprised me.
    Bottom line, I really like the pistol and it is, after my 1911s, my favorite gun. Further, it cost $450 brand new.
    I have only two complaints. First, it is obviously intended to carry with a loaded chamber since it has a double action trigger option built in. However, I am searching for a completely safe means of lowering the hammer on a live round. A decocker would have been nice and apreciated.
    Second, it only comes with one magazine and a couple of spares would have been also appreciated. But, with an initial cost of $450 brand new, I guess I can afford a couple of extra mags.
    I read that the ParaOrdinance P-14 mags fit and that is true. But, I also read that the pistol will not lock open after the last round is fired. I have not tested that but the empty mag does hold the slide open when manually cycling the pistol. When I find time, I will shoot it with theP-14 mag and see how it works. It locks up well and looks like it fits,

  15. I, Have the Sar K-2 45 acp and can tell you it is a beast. Mine is on night stand duty and truck duty as well. Great pistol at a great price.

    1. Brant,

      I have owned a custom P-13 for years and use P14 (stick out the butt) and P13 (fits flush) mags. My collection of P-14 mags is a mixed bag but are all branded with the custom P for Para. I have tried a variety of P14 mags in the K-2. Oddly enough, they all work in my custom P13 but only some of the will fit and latch in the K-2. Some of steel P14 mags are too thick to fit in the K-2 mag well with application of excessive force and then extracting them required disassembly of the gun to push out. So, I have given up on P14 mags, at least the ones I own. Maybe others have had different experiences but that was my experience.
      Still love the K-2 pistol and must have about 1,500 rounds through it now. But, all in the K-2 mags and none in the P14 mags that do fit. Still no malfunctions of any kind at all.
      Next, I plan to cut to fit a 1911 22# spring and try that with +p ammo. I will “mike” everything I can before shooting and will try to dye stain parts I think might be impacted by heavier recoil impulse of the +p to see if I can detect any damage. Heck the gun only cost me $450.00 brand new so I can afford to experiment a little with it.

  16. I purchased a Sar K2 .45 ACP new for $450. I owned an H&K USP and an FNP45. I did not really like either as they did not fit my hand and I had to change my grip to shoot double action. Same with the Glock 21. Grips were just too thick for my right grip on double action. Handled the K2 and it seemed to fit my grip better than any of the other three. I bought the K2 and now have over 500 rds through it. No malfunctions and I am more accurate since I do not have to change my grip on the pistol. The grip fits my hands much better and my accuracy is approaching my beloved Wilson 1911 or my Smith & Wesson 1911 SCe. The more I shoot the pistol, the better I like it.
    I have no idea how anyone can say one or another .45 is the best there is. I own 9 now and like features about each of them but none of them is completely perfect. My Smith & Wesson 1911 SCe would hold that personal title for me but it is a single stack and I just want more rounds available. I have a Para P-13 built up with a Caspian Arms upper and it is extremely accurate, but no double action and I just do not feel entirely comfortable carrying cocked and locked for a long time. The Sar K2 is heavier than the others but has a double action first round, a manual safety and can be carried cocked and locked like the 1911’s. It shoots wonderfully gently and is quite accurate as I said. It is already my side of the bed gun and may become my general carry gun once I have more experience. If you have not guessed, I really like the gun and the longer I own it, the more I shoot it, the better I like it. Yes, the trigger is no where near as good as my best 1911s but is far better than the plastic guns, like the Glock 21 or the FNP45. The trigger is a bit spongy but still better than the guns mentioned above. So is the accuracy in my hands. One post mentioned Trijacon sights and I intend to investigate that. Other than that, I expect to shoot it more and see if I still like it as much. Maybe buy a second one and consider making my own recoil springs to handle +P Buffalo Bore?

    1. Greg, I think Pete’s post has a typo throughout. He probably meant “ACP,” which stands for Automatic Colt Pistol (a reference to John M. Browning’s 1911 design .45-cal. semiautomatic pistol).

  17. I would argue that the K2 is “the best hi-cap .45 on the market”, that seems pretty a fairly arrogant position to take. It is certainly one of the top all-steel production .45 APC’s on the market I think and this category gets even smaller as its a high capacity platform too. But the best on the market??? I’m not so sure. Certainly given the asking price it could be considered very high up in the category of all-steel platforms as well that its used by several Military organizations is to its credit. As I said earlier I was impressed with its operation for the few rounds I was able to cycle thru it. But if your going to just lump it into the general category of ” best hi-cap .45 APC on the market” I’d have to say, NO it isn’t.. Its going to need a lot more info, testing, even sustained operational use to justify such a pronouncement given the many other excellent platforms that populate this caliber specific group of firearms today. Of those others that could via for this position, if that is even possible, would be Beretta’s Px4 Storm, certainly the XD series, Colt, Kimberly, H&K just to mention a few. No, I believe that the K2 will have a long term place in the pantheon of .45 APC platforms as its popularity and access grow. It has very far to go before it may be declared “best of”. Just saying…… Pete sends…

  18. Arguably the single best hi-cap .45acp on the market. The Glock 21 is nice and the FN offering is great (if you can afford it ;)). As the article states quite well, the K2 is a beast!

  19. With the ease of being able to make ones own holster and the proliferation of manufactures and custom makers of such furniture I’m thinking that a holster would be not to hard to procure. As the K2 has a very close profile to both the 1911 and the larger frame Sig Sauer’s here may well be something already out there that will work quite nicely. Have had my hands on one of these and taking in the 10mm comments I’d bet that the mod required to make the K2 into the ….K3 ??….. Would be restively straight forward. The platform is without question capable of handling this cartridge. Sarsilmaz, the manufacture of the K2 is certainly quite capable of a 10mm production. I’m a proponent of the 10mm and have three, Delta Elite, Wilson Combat, and another platform.

    If wishes were horse and I could have a new choice, I’d like to see a Springfield XDm Tactical in a 10mm! Lets see …. That would retire the Browning Hi Power from reserve backup position lower mid back move the XD .40 compact to that position, and put the XDm .45 Tac in the left hand hip position, stow the XD .40 Tac in a car seat holster which would leave the right hand shoulder holster or chest holster position for the . . . .future offering??. . . Of an XDm 10mmTac. Yup that would work just fine. Like the Mexican beer guy says ” I don’t often arm myself this heavily . . . But when I do there’s a reason, stay healthy my friends”. Sorry, a little of track day dreaming! Pete sends . . .

  20. I like what Pete has to say and have to agree with Neil. This looks and sounds like a great reliable “old style” weapon. It isn’t made for conceal carry for sure. It’s something you want seen when you have to “make my day punk”! A Lot of us traditional types still love the steel guns. 10 mm would be awesome. Your right on Suzanne, haven’t seen one and wouldn’t mind owning it.


  21. Sounds like a good choice for a shoot-off on some remote road. 15 rounds should be more than enough to fight off some yahoo hell-bent on ruining or taking one’s life. Ear protection definitely required.

  22. Although I don’t own one of the K2’s I did have the opportunity to fire several magazines thru one late last year while in the Mid East. An accociate of mine who is a serving officer in one of the National Militaries there was interested in comparing his K2 to my XD Tactical .45.. Although the K2 is a heavy pistol it I comfortable to handel, and feels very solid in the ones hand. Operation is extremely similar to our 1911 and I did not find the somwhat wider mag well and corrisponding grip to be or feel massive. Recoil was absorbed well and muzzel rise is small allowing for very quick and accurate second shot aquision (double tap). I felt that the accuracy was very acceptable for a mil grade sidearm. I would feel quite comfortable and confident if this was my sidearm. Sights are three dot just like the XD out of he box and the target picture was above average. My friend was very impressed with my XD as well I have Trigcon sights on it now which he liked very much. I suspect that his K2 now sports them as well. The K2 is easy to disassemble and clean , functions are solid and reliable. Other than the weight that has to be carried, and this is a minor issue for the most part, I found it to be an excellent pistol. The one I handled had an extended and threaded barrel for the use of a suppressor. I do not know if that is an after market mod. or something provided by the factory. But looked to be standard threading . By all accounts it eats what its feed very well. I had no malfunctions for the several magazines I put thru it. I don’t know that I will ever own one but I would not be in the least concerned if issued one or had to aquire something on short notice. Suzanne, did you aquire one for your collection? Pete send …

    1. I have an XD 45 AND THE SAR K2 45 AND i HAVE TO SAY THEY ARE BOTH FUN TO SHOOT BUT THE sar k2 IS NOW MY #1 IN MY 45 COLLECTION which now stands at 8 the XD has night stand duty in my home but the SAR K2 is my fun gun and my car gun and am very happy with the sar k2 I will be buying another one to put in my safe.

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