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The BATFE Wants to Hear From You — “Bump Fire” Stocks

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) anticipates issuing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that would interpret the statutory definition of “machinegun” in the National Firearms Act of 1934 and Gun Control Act of 1968 to clarify whether certain devices, commonly known as “bump fire” stocks, fall within that definition. Before doing so, the DOJ and ATF need to gather information and comments from the public and industry regarding the nature and scope of the market for these devices. Bump Fire stock


Written comments must be postmarked and electronic comments must be submitted on or before January 25, 2018. Commenters should be aware that the electronic Federal Docket Management System will not accept comments after Midnight Eastern Standard Time on the last day of the comment period.


You may submit comments, identified by docket number (2017R-22), by any of the following methods: Federal eRulemaking Portal: Click Here Fax: (202) 648-9741 Mail: Vivian Chu, Mailstop 6N-518, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Enforcement Programs and Services, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, 99 New York Ave. NE, Washington DC 20226. ATTN: 2017R-22 ATF Logo


All submissions received must include the agency name and docket number for this advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANRPM). All comments received will be posted without change to the Federal eRulemaking portal,, including any personal information provided. For detailed instructions on submitting comments and additional information on the rulemaking process, see the Public Participation section of the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section of this document.

What are your views regarding bump fire stocks? Do you think they need to be regulated? Share your answers in the comment section.


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  1. .The guns and there devices dont kill people, people kill people. Bump stock should be not be outlawed 2nd amendment rights. I live in California where communist dictatorship of the Democratics, have made gun fun impossible. I think Psychiatric Evaluation should be done prior to gun ownership. If you cant pass, you cant own. When a human desides that he or she wants to kill innocent people, they will use any method. Car, bombs, poison, etc. Police guns kill more people than all these mass shooting combined times 1000. So lets take there guns rights away. Lets see how that works out. People have right to defend their familys.

  2. Taking anything involving our #2A is unconstitutional and must not happen, The issue with bumpfire stocks is similar to bumpfire triggers and as far as I’m concerned they will be banned just the same, the difference this time is Liberals will add provisions before walking in the room and slip under our radar terms that cause tyrannical over site and Governmental over reach. These UN-American tyrannical politicians deserve to be ran out of Washington, and to just PUSH back we need to ban political contributions and stop the bribery of politicians and lobbyists

  3. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence 2nd paragraph. Following the 2nd paragraph are examples of when the people need to take back control.

    All guns available to the public were once guns used by the military before they were made available to the citizens. If guns are regulated to the point of upsetting the balance of control we will be on our way to Tyranny.

    While what is going on with people using guns to commit crimes is bad, it does not constitute such control of guns, it is the control of the people committing the crimes that need to be addressed not what they choose to use during the crime they commit.

    Maybe we should apply the same thought of regulation to automobiles; can’t own one till you are 21, can’t have a capacity of more than 2 people, can’t exceed 55 mph, can’t have more than a 1.5 liter engine, because drunk people driving cars kills innocent people.

    It’s time you millenial spoiled brats raised that everyone is equal and gets a recognition award for participation; your parents wanting to sue the schools because you got knocked down during a kickball game in PE class and broke your arm; or that the job of government is to protect stupid people from their own ignorance. Oh, yeah you have that disease “AFLUENZA”; the hell you say. How about starting to stand on your own two feet and let the rest of us take a break from carrying you on our backs.

  4. The biggest travesty of all times and infringement on our rights was the 1986 Hughes amendment that ultimately led to creation of BUMP STOCKS. Perhaps we should repeal that. Bump stock ban is just a “feel good” legislation that will lead to nowhere. You should concentrate on much bigger problems than a fairly inaccurate “toy” that pleases a firearms enthusiast at the range…..

  5. An unnecessary ad on thats just that. Something to keep interest up in the off season . Every one needs to have fun and keep skills sharp . The gov. needs to be more proactive on regulating phycological problems than playing with the second amendment.

  6. We don’t even know if these were used in Las Vegas. Just because these rifles were outfitted with these accessories, don’t mean they were actually used. Most folks never even heard of a bump stock before Oct 1 of last year. Banning these will do nothing. Criminals don’t care. Why don’t libs and dems understand this? First of all, very few people have them, or want them, they make your gun inaccurate, aren’t cheap, and waste lots of ammo. Banning them will create a black market for them. We should be able to see some of the results of the Vegas investigation, it’s been 6 months. We need a pro gun news reporter to find out in what state these weapons were found in, and if any of the guns Steven paddock used, had the bump fire action switch” in the “on” position. I’ll bet they were all in the off, semi auto mode…

    1. That’s reaching for straws my friend. Who cares if they actually were or weren’t used? I’m sure they were.

      There are bigger factors about the LV shooting which point to conspiracy that you should notice…

      Anyone ever bother pointing out that the LV shooting occurred 3 days before the SHARE act was up for a vote? (Which had legislature in it to remove suppressors from NFA regs).

      Furthermore, Hillary posted to Twitter “Imagine how many more people would’ve been killed if this person had a silencer.” within an hour of the shooting…BEFORE ANY reports were out about what weapons were used.

      It’s odd that there’s always a mass shooting preceding any big gun rights vote that looks to have a chance of passing…if someone dug deep enough, they might find that members of the left are staging shootings for the purpose of the anti-gun agenda. I don’t know this for fact, but I learned a long time ago that true coincidences are rare.

  7. I dont own one, but I’ve PLAYED with one before. I say played because that’s what I think of them. They ARE fun!!! They bring back military memories, but uncle Sam was paying fo the ammo. I really don’t think we need MORE LEGISLATION on anything weapon related. They are a novelty. Criminals that want “full auto”, buy full auto. Its like anything else. You ban bumpstocks and the only ones that WON’T have them, are responsible gun owners.
    Isn’t anyone else sick and tired of the “one person screws up and EVERYONE has to pay” attitude. I personally think EVERYTHING should be legal. It would bring back a little natural selection to the world. Soon enough all the stupid people would begin dying, leaving a much stronger gene pool for the human race to pull from. Lifting us all, instead of watering down our human race. Warning labels, as well as banning products, protect the stupid. They’ll live long enough to propagate and perpetuate the stupidity. BRING BACK NATURAL SELECTION. Sorry rant complete.

    As always
    Carry on

  8. There is no proof that a bumpstock rifle was used in Vegas. People on the scene stated the shots sounded like a belt fed machine gun.

    Just because ‘official’ photos show up with a bumpstock rifle in them does not mean anything. Smoke and mirrors people. The whole Vegas shooting was another false flag to scare people into allowing the government to push us on gun rights.

    Inch by inch. They continue to push.

    1. You could not more correct!!! It’s awfully strange that NO REAL EVIDENCE has been displayed in any shape or form!!! STINKS to high Heaven!! The whole thing!!!

  9. As has been stated several times here, it’s not going to prevent someone obtaining one for illegal purposes, should they desire it. Locks don’t keep criminals out. They’re only to keep honest people honest. I’ve never fired a weapon with a bump stock installed. Have no need for one. Doesn’t mean they should be regulated. That only opens the door for more regulations, and we’ve all seen how well the ones we already have work. Honest gun owners are NOT the problem. People who use guns to commit crimes are the problem. It’s no more the gun’s fault than it is the moon’s. Deal with the criminals SWIFTLY AND HARSHLY. Give other criminals a reason to reconsider their choices. If you know you’re more likely to get caught, and that the consequences will be severe, it will deter more crime than you might imagine.

  10. I purchased one of these stocks about a year and a half ago. I remember people saying in a blog that one day someone would kill a bunch of people with it and then it would be banned. Guess they may be right. I find my bump stock fun to shoot but it has many flaws. It is not fully reliable, have to practice and waste quite a bit of ammo to get the hang of it. If you drop it the slide function will most likely break making it inoperable. The big one is all you have is a empty gun faster. Still I would not ban it. The truth is that I believe more people would have been killed in the Las Vegas shooting if the nut job had have taken his time and aimed at individuals one at a time instead of just spraying lead into the crowd.

  11. Meh , if you gonna do it get the real thing . Yes it’s expensive and takes time . It’s guaranteed to leave you smile with in 3rd position. Honestly I’m embarrassed for criminals that use them . Think about it ? Why would they ? Thus they should be left alone for weekend fun .

  12. I had to laugh a little, that was my first thought, who could afford to waste 100 rounds of expensive ass ammo regularly?

  13. Bump stocks should not be regulated. Thay are nothing more than another accessory like a scope or attaching different sites. Banning bump stocks will do nothing to stop mass or single shootings. I personally dont want or need one but I do not think there should be unnecessary regulation because someone killed people while using one.

  14. Doesn’t seem any faster than pulling a trigger. I prefer to aim when I shoot. Not spray bullets. I think this is a knee-jerk reaction to a very sad situation by a mentally ill person. Keep laws as they are.

  15. No doubt this pending ruling is because of the horrible massacre in Las Vegas last year. But has ATF paused to consider how much more carnage would have resulted if the maniac had used a conventional setup and deliberately aimed each shot?

  16. I steadfastly agree with the previous comments!! We don’t need anymore nuisance regulations even though the bump fire stocks are a waste of time and definitely money in both the unit and wasted ammo.

  17. Bump Stocks are novelty and completely kill the accuracy of the firearm. However, regardless of weather on not I personally like the item is irrelevant. As an American I believe the second amendment applies to bump stocks and if responsible gun owners want them it is their right. A criminal will find a means to do evil things no matter what regulations are in place. Keep the Bump Stock.

  18. To ad anymore restrictions to an already restricted industry does not help this country, as long as we have “BAD GUY’s” seeking to do us harm we need our 2nd amendment right’s protected. We rely on our ex-military to form our well trained militia and they have the right to bump fire stocks and silencer’s if they deem necessary………..God Bless our Military !

  19. I have no use for a bump stock, but anyone who wants to own one should be able to. Enough with the laws restricting our 2nd amendment rights. We need less not more.

  20. No matter what the government does it’s a joke! Do the laws really affect the one bad person in the crowd? NO! Never had! If somebody wants to install this to their rifle they will. Weather they make it, buy it, or whatever, they will find a way to obtain one. Its just the same as prohibition of alcohol, it didn’t stop people from drinking now did it?! There are toooo many laws on gun control in my opinion and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way. This would kinda be like the government saying I have to cut off my trigger finger because I can empty the 18 round clip in my handgun, reload and empty that one as well, with all 36 rounds hitting my target in under 30 seconds. There is always going to be somebody that wants to mass things up for the rest of us weather you want one or not. It should be left to the individual gun owner to decide if they want one not the government that year after year tries to take our rights from us!!! Happy shooting!

  21. I’m a NRA life member and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.
    That said, we have been comfortable for 80 years with the laws on “machineguns”, modifying sears, etc.
    I find the bumpstocks to be nothing more than a backroom approach to circumventing the current laws on full auto weapons and making a hugely negative impression of all gun owners. All these yahoo videos on the internet of folks doing mostly stupid things only serves to cast a very bad light on all of us. They are very counter productive to the everything else that we try to oppose by the gun grabbers in legislation nation wide. I for one have no issue with legislation against these toys that only serve to hurt us all.

  22. It may sound innocuous, just changing a few regulations, but once rules are changed or laws written then the government is going to want fees and taxes and background checks along with registration for a database of owners of bump-stocks and sales or transfers. Then some yayhoo will use a coat hanger and PVC to make a gun then we’ll need regulations, taxes, fees, registration and background checks on those items too. So when will it end? We could have avoided all this if we just followed the 2nd Amendment as it was written and not allow any infringements (under the guise of reasonable controls).

  23. One (1) person mis-used it so punish the whole Country???

    They should then also classify all cars as weapons of mass destruction

    1. The rule prohibiting short barrel shotguns was allowed to happen because the guy who was being sued did not know of the court date and did not attend court. The government used that to push through a law prohibiting guns that ‘weren’t in common use’. Even though short barrel shotguns were very common in WWI and WWII.

      The government is not above the law. The law states ‘…shall not be infringed.’ WE allow the government to break the law. The Bill of Rights prevent the government from doing certain things. It does not grant rights to the citizen.

  24. The only use these are for is to create more ways to burn up ammo , so the dealers make more profits. Novelty items are for morons not true shooters and sportsmen . We don’t need more restrictions , these to shall pass like the crank trigger of a few years back .

    1. Gee Silverbullet, I’m not quite sure how to respond to that. So novelties are for morons. What a dick. Pull yer head outta yer gun snob ass brother. Its fun.

  25. Our governments answer to everything is to legislate it to death. We already have more gun laws on the books than any one person keep up with. They only people all these laws affect are the law abiding folks who don’t pose a threat to anyone. The criminals don’t care how many laws get passed or what is made illegal they’re gonna do what they want. Passing a new gun law is only making things harder on the honest folks. I own two of the Bump Fire stocks and yes they’re fun to play with but are they really practical to use in an illegal manner? No. It’s fun to burn through a mag or two of ammo just for grips and grins but that’s really all they’re good for. Accuracy is nonexistent. Personally I think they should lift the ban on automatic weapons and do away with the requirement for a tax stamp on suppressors. Again if the criminals want them they’re gonna get them anyway so the only people that are really affected are the law abiding citizens. What is really the point. Colorado banned any magazines with more than a 15 round capacity so what do the folks that live there do? They go out of state to buy them and bring them home and since there is no way to prove they didn’t have them before the law was passed, they’re legal to own. What was the point inn passing the law. The politicians really know very little if anything about the things they are passing laws against.

  26. I have fired a bump stock before it was fun. This is nothing like a full auto rifle. I would have to say no to any other regulation. They do not function or make the gun full auto in any way. I believe the ATF. Ruling the first time was the right one.

  27. I bought one and thought it was cool untill I started seeing how much ammo was being wasted in a few seconds. Got tired of spending so much on ammo for this thing to be used. I’m a gun “nut” but the novelty wore off in a few weeks. I don’t think any civillian really needs this. When are you ever going to have to “spray” a crowd of bullets like this at anything or anyone? Too many nutcases out there that could get this and do alot of harm. I say…….. regulate it.

  28. Bump fire stocks or anything else that increases your rate of fire for our weapons is no different than driving a Corvette, Porsche or Lamborghini. I never heard of a gun or a car killing anyone unless it was in the hands of a human. So shouldn’t we also restrict the sale of fast cars because of the few who drive fast and reckless when behind the wheel ?

    Let’s be real, the problem is not the device, it is the person in control of the device. Engage you brain for a moment and think of why people go over the edge. Is it the way corporations treat the employee, firing employees for no reason after years of dedicated service, firing employees after an OTJ injury, the economy going down the toilet due to corporation moving off shore and laying off hundreds of hard working people for bigger profits then bringing back the foreign made product to sell to the laid off employees they left behind. WTF ?

    There is no justification to shooting anyone unless it is in defense of a threat. When everyone wore their gun on their hip it seems like people had a different respect for folks. What happened to the respect for your fellow human ? Seems to have disappeared to make room for more profits! Just my observation.

  29. More legestlation is useless. You can only educate the reposable people of this nation. The crimanals will continue to be crimanls.

  30. The ATF have been overstepping their bounds for years and it’s time we the people stand up and rise up and take back our country starting with the slime in Washington DC whoare lining their pockets and are not protesting our rights starting with the democrats and working our way up,

  31. It’s just another waste of time it’s not a material item that’s the problem it’s people someone that is fast with their finger can do as much damage

  32. Absolutely not!

    Leave the Bump Stock alone.

    I do not own one, probably never will…but I know enough to know it IS NOT an automatic weapon.

    Just like firearm length, pistol grip, bayonet, suppressor, magazine capacity or bipod…

    None of these and more, make a firearm more capable or more threatening.

    Leave it be.

  33. C’mon y’all, everybody knows that they’re fun once or twice. Break it out for an afternoon, put it away. Its to me a novelty. A fun gadget. No need for more confusing legislation. Yeah, like a suppressor is a firearm.

    1. Well Buurga, if you read the definition of novelty, it says a new or unusual item, an inexpensive item. Not like the toy in cracker jacks. Quit being so darn literal.

  34. Personally, everyone I see using these are blinger bonehead idiots. Lighting of 100 or more rounds in a couple of minutes and hitting a target maybe 3 times. You know the type, the ones that do wheel stands on crotch rockets running 70 miles an hour on public roads. They serve no useful purpose.
    That said, I will put Constitutional rights ahead of my personal feelings every time. NFA is unconstitutional at it’s very root. The 2nd says nothing about type, size, or length of any particular type or style of firearm. That’s good with me. I stay away from the boneheads who use these devices and belong to a club that prohibits them, by member vote of 1800 2nd amendment supporters.But, I will fight to protect their right to own and use ANY type of firearm they desire. I just ask that they don’t use them around me.

    1. I too do not believe America will benefit from a new gun law. But I have to ask; you say you do not support a new Federal law, but yet you belong to a gun club that prohibits their use. It’s kind of like if if you want to live in California you have to abide by their gun laws or leave; same with your gun club not allowing legal gun accessories. Deep down what is the difference? A new person to your club cannot use one no matter what his convictions. Not unlike the Feds. I prefer to not give up my rights to own a gun, no matter what configuration.

      There is no argument that you were able to vote on it at your gun club because it limits future members, again not unlike the government. And you have the right to not join or to leave the club, just like not moving to or leaving California, or the U.S. for that matter.

    2. A “bump fire” stock, just like extended magazines, is NOT a firearm, therefore the BATFE has absolutely NO jurisdiction. How many times do legal honest gun owners have to suffer because ONE insane person commits a multiple murder? I want all gun laws repealed back to the NFA act, including the 1968 gun control law.
      If you own a gun, you should be right in front of the protests against draconian and useless gun laws. “Shall not be infringed” means “no interference” in owning a firearm. We do not need more gun laws, we need a new Government that is owned and directed by the Constituents, not the Congress that “protects” (read steals) our rights under the Constitution. Enough is enough, all the Congress is interested in is controlling the people so they can steal money and power away from us, and get re-elected as easily as possible so they can continue the robbing and stealing.

    3. Hey Griz…I appreciate the fact that you aren’t real happy with bumpstocks, or the people that own them. And neither is your club. Ya have to admit though, for someone who has not been in the military, and has never had access to automatic weapons, its an awesome afternoon of fun. Mine sits in the closet. Occasionally my son will grab it for the weekend, but that’s it. It seems that full auto is quite expensive when Uncle Sam isn’t footing the bill. Even at a turtles pace of 300 rounds/minute, that’s near $80/ minute. But, if you have the money, that’s your choice, and you should HAVE that choice. Thanks for sticking up for 2A regardless of your personal feelings.

    4. So well put, when we go around and start denying others the right to practice their discipline the way they want, how long before we have to as well? I agree with you, operating a firearm and being responsible with it comes before federal legislation that muddles the original intent has undies in a bundle everywhere, this is not the road we should travel.

    5. Kind of like the gun shops that have signs saying, “No loaded weapons allowed inside.” You’re a huge hypocrite.
      If your club (which probably has NRA affiliation) has banned these, then you’ve already sent the message forth as a group that you don’t support people’s rights to own one. Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth and riding the fence.

    6. KN, do YOU own a crotch rocket?
      No hypocrisy here, no different than a golf club barring spiked shoes on their hardwood floors to prevent damage. Full auto or bumpstocks are horrible concerning accuracy. Someone spraying bullets all over the place destroy equipment and run the risk of putting rounds over the berms. WE, the members of the club are not denying anyone their rights. For those that want to be irresponsible, there are other clubs that may suit them better. BTW, there are NO public ranges that I can find anywhere close to here that allow rapid fire of any kind. When asked why, they will always express concern about inaccuracy, range equipment damage and risk of flyers getting off the property. If those so inclined want to do this, they are free to use their own property to do so.. No “rights” are violated in the process.

    7. I agree! It seems to me anyone who shoots one of those things has more money than brains & a very expensive ego that needs a boost as often as possible. They need to grow up.
      Back in the 70s I had an FFL for about 7 years and any full-auto firearm to be authorized by the AFTD of the IRS and had to apply for an expensive license just to own one. If you wanted more than one, a seperate license was required for each one. If you wanted to sell one, it was required for a person you deal with, to also have a separate license of their own. No one was allowed to own more than one for each license.
      So I conclude if someone wants to own one of these that shoot at a rate of a full automatic, they should have a special license just like they need for a full auto firearm.

  35. I feel strongly the legal gun owners all believe we are safer and well armed as to prevent our wepons from falling into the wrong hands. we are of the belief we have no need for any regulation on the bump stock .
    Any bad guy is not going thru legal means to obtain fire arms .My personal view is no one should be able to prevent legal gun owners from the right we have under our constitution .
    Please understand if you could go door and try to remove all firearms . still untold millions of armed citizens would come out to replace these ,.
    this country has allways had a vision of safe training and storage of its citizens arms . bad guys steal from folks who have no one to guide them in secure arms. most gun clubs try to solve this .
    Guns donrt kill people People kill people .
    Education is the key . if you passed a bill tomorrow to prohibit drinking smoking and as of late durgs …….. in 30 days they would reappear . Educate the ones who will help solve the issue of bad guys stealing your neighbors arms because they are to dang laszy to work ….thank you Frank

    1. Gotta kinda agree. I will say this though. While those bad guys are spraying the area willy-nilly with .223 projectiles, I will patiently wait the 6 or so seconds for them to have to re-load, then do as trained. 1 shot. Thank you very much.

  36. I bought a bumpfire stock years ago, installed it, hmned and hawed over it for a while, then removed it and threw it away, unfired. Why? I have the real thing. Should they be outlawed? Absolutely not. For me, between GCA 1968 and the Hughes Amendment, there is absolutely no room for a single piece of further gun-related legislation. It’s time to roll a lot of it back and consign it to the rubbish bin.

    1. I have fired a bump stock … sure it was fun, however for me ammo is too expensive so I won’t buy one. However I would never tell anyone else they could not have one … so I say no to any additional regulations on a bump stock. I mean really, just leave it alone. Good comment Bob.

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