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Black PTR-91 rifle


Throwback Thursday: 4 Alternatives to the AR-10

Are you suffering from AR-15 fatigue? Looking for something new? Yes, the AR-10 is awesome, but so are these four other .308-caliber rifles. Click to read more about these test-worthy rifles.

Magnum Research BFR revolver with 10-inch barrel


5 Really Stupid Guns I Still Love

It seems like some guns were designed to just be silly and serve no practical application at all. Here are five of them. Which guns would you add to this list?

Singer Mfg. Model 1911A1 Serial Number 1 Semiautomatic Pistol


5 Handguns You Should Shoot Before You Die

Out of the classic handguns, which five should be high on your priority list to shoot before you die? This particular writer’s picks probably won’t surprise you…or will they? Read on to find out what top five handguns you need to shoot before you die.


5 Shotguns You Should Shoot Before You Die

There are plenty of iconic firearms in the world. It is impossible to list all the must-shoots in one post. Here is The Shooter’s Log breakdown of five very important shotguns every shooter should try. Did your favorites make the list?

Black, 30-round AK-47 Magpul PMAG


Magpul Releasing New 5.45×39 AK-74 Magazines?

An insider (and trusted) source tells us that 5.45×39 AK-47 owners will be very happy with this leaked news from Magpul…Read to find out what we’ll see at SHOT Show 2016.


Why You Should Buy a Shotgun—Today!

From home defense to hunting—nothing beats the versatility and reliability of a shotgun. Here are five very good reasons to pull the trigger on purchasing a shotgun today. Can you think of more reasons why?

TimberSmith Red Laminate AK Rifle


5 Rifles You Should Shoot Before You Die

There are many rifles worthy of shooting at least once before you die; here is one shooter’s list. Did your favorite rifle make the list? Read this post to see if you agree about the five rifles you should shoot before you die and then add your own suggestions…

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