5 Really Stupid Guns I Still Love

Magnum Research BFR revolver with 10-inch barrel

Some firearms might not be the best choice for the job at hand, but are always up to putting a smile on your face. I wanted to talk about a few of my favorite stupid guns that I still love to shoot. I am sure that some of you are going to chastise me for calling any gun stupid, but some of these exist for no other reason than to make you grin like a fool.

NAA Single-Action Revolver

Stainless steel palm-sized mini revolver with wood grips
The NAA Mini Revolver is a true pocket pistol—it conceals perfectly anywhere.

My first choice is the NAA single-action revolver, which is basically a scaled down Colt Single Action Army chambered in .22 Short, .22 Long Rifle, or .22 Magnum. While the .22 Magnum might be a good choice for the concealed carrier that needs an ultra deep concealment piece, there are probably better choices. I don’t think any of us are going to forget that news story out of Tennessee where a woman concealed a loaded NAA revolver in her … um … Well, you get it. That said, I still love taking my little NAA revolver out to the range with the .22 Long Rifle cylinder and acting like I am in a pint-size western. The little hammer even provides the legendary four clicks when drawn back! Too cool!Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

Chiappa Triple Threat

Picture shows a wood-stocked three barreled shotgun called the Triple Threat.
This unique 12 gauge shotgun features two side-by-side barrels with a third barrel on top.

The Chiappa Triple Threat is nothing more than a drilling-style rifle that forgot it was supposed to have a rifle barrel and sprouted a shotgun barrel instead. There are several shotguns that might be a better choice, but there is just something that puts that excrement-eating grin on my face every time I break the shotgun open to reveal three spent hulls flying through the air. I have found that I really enjoy hitting the clay range with it; people always have to know what the heck I am shooting. Every time I hand them the gun for inspection, they look like an eager child on Christmas morning. I promise, it never gets old.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

Heizer Defense Pocket AK

Heizer Defense pocket pistol in 7.62x39mm
The fireball that the Pocket AK lets loose is nothing short of amazing!

The Heizer Defense Pocket AK is a gun that I can’t think of a use for in the wildest of my dreams, but I want it simply for the incredible show that it gives when you mash the trigger to the rear. The fireball that the Pocket AK lets loose is nothing short of amazing! Take this little derringer in a rifle caliber to your indoor range and you are bound to shake a few ceiling tiles and induce some hearty belly laughs with your shooting partners. For the paltry sum of right about $450, you too can enjoy in the ridiculousness of shooting a rifle caliber out of a pocket pistol. A bargain if you ask me!Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

Rossi Circuit Judge

Rossi Curcuit Judge
Rossi Circuit Judge Convertible Revolver Rifle .22 LR/.22 Magnum

While I am sure that there is one of you out there that is going to come up with some niche use for the revolver-based .410 shotgun that can also accept .45 Colt, I can’t come up with one. That isn’t to say that it won’t serve as a means of entertainment at the range. I think that it would be really fun to take the Circuit Judge and a Taurus Judge out dove hunting in North Texas. The looks that my hunting partners will give me will be well worth not hitting a darn thing for the duration of the trip. I mean it is a rifle, a shotgun, and a revolver all in one! Say whaaaaaaat?Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

Magnum Research BFR in .45-70 Government

Magnum Research BFR revolver with 10-inch barrel
Why yes, it is a cannon.

Lastly, we have the jumbo-sized Magnum Research BFR chambered in .45-70 Government. A .44 Mag would be a better choice when handgun hunting, or even a .460 S&W Magnum for that matter. This gun exists for no other reason than to be the gat men’s gun of choice in the movie Looper and to make other shooters on the handgun line ask, “What the hell is that, a cannon?” Why yes, it is a cannon. In fact, it is a big freaking revolver as the name suggests. The only thing I like better than shooting it, is looking at it’s cartoonish profile. For some reason, every time my eyes pass over a BFR it makes me think of how well it would fit into the Loony Toons universe.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

I seem to have a soft spot for guns that when my friends see in my safe, they ask me what the hell I was thinking when I handed my credit card over.

If you can think of a gun that should have made the list, please let me know in the comments.


About the Author:

Patrick Roberts

Since founding Firearm Rack in 2014 which evolved into Primer Peak in 2020, Patrick has been published by RECOIL, Ammoland, Gun Digest, The Firearm Blog, The Truth About Guns, Breach Bang Clear, Brownells, The Shooter's Log, and All Outdoor. When he isn't writing you can find him instructing handgun and AR-15 courses, training his dog Bear, or spending time with his son Liam. See what he is up to on his YouTube Channel, on Facebook, or on Instagram at @thepatrickroberts.
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Comments (19)

  1. The Chiappa Triple Threat has an extractor, not an ejector. When you open it you won’t see “three shells flying through the air”.
    Almost like you’ve never shot any of these guns…

  2. S & W XVR 460, and the S & W Governor come to mind. The concussion of the 460 when fired in an indoor range (even outdoors) often brings questions of “what the hell was that?” The Governor is Judge-like, especially with .410 000 buck. Both are very exhillerating LOL

  3. Don’t knock the NAA 22 – my brother-in-law killed a man with one shot from his to the heart – it’s all about bullet placement and knowing how to use your weapon

    1. Knew a man, sometime ago, carried a .44 Mag. derringer. You could touch the bullet with your finger from the muzzle. Less than 1/2 in. of bore. Now that was truly a ‘stupid’ gun. And the recoil!! It would nearly sprain your wrist when you fired it. The only reason for such a weapon was shear ‘Mine is bigger than your’s” mentality.

  4. That little NAA revolver is cute, well made and even useful, but I would never buy one with the small birds head grip as in the picture. My friend had one in .22 magnum at the range, and asked if I wanted to try it. I said “sure”, and confidently stepped up to the firing line. I couldn’t get a very good hold on it, but cocked it and started to take aim. Just before I pulled the trigger, I shifted my grip a bit to get a better hold, and…..dropped the damn thing! I just knew, with no trigger guard, that it was going to hit something on the way down and put a hole in me or someone else!
    After what seemed like a five-minute fall, I caught it on my foot and nothing happened. Makes me sweat just thinking about it again!
    I promptly let the hammer down and gave it back to my friend, never to touch another!
    They do make them with larger grips and I might try one of those someday.

  5. Have and carry, the N.A.A in .22. Fun to shoot, enjoyable to carry. The real treat being, when forced to pull it on some dirt bag, and they realize, YES, they are looking down the bore of a diminutive pistol that can actually kill them. The list of ‘oddball’ weapons is impressive. But the .45-70 revolver isn’t a new concept. Saw one years ago at a gunsmith’s shop, much more massive than Magnum Research’s weapon, 15 pounds loaded. For you list of ‘Really Stupid Guns’, go back about 40 years, when the U.S. Army developed a rifle that would shoot around corners. Don’t remember the designation, but saw one. Rifle with a curved barrel, frightened, more than it impressed.

  6. But I NEED the BFR in .45-70 GOVT as a companion handgun for my Marlin 1895 LTD III IN .45-70.

    Makes sense, doesn’t it?

  7. A couple of years ago, I was at a Gun Show. Where they had a Turkish Shotgun, that was BOTH “Pump Action” and “Lever Action”. Is this a DUAL Redundancy Safety System, OR WHAT? Will “Somebody” EXPLAIN the Logic of the Concept. My Medical Prescription’s prevent me from getting THAT STONED, to see the LOGIC IN IT…

  8. Remington Model 7615 Police .223 Rem pump action rifle — absolutely useless in real life, but fun to shoot 🙂

    1. Victor S., the pump .223 must have been in California. Saw adds, sometime back, advertising, even pump action AKs that were California legal. Hype, in the adds implied that it was more ‘fun’ to shoot than regular AKs.

    2. Yep, I saw those pump-action AKs, too. If I remember correctly, they were made in Romania. However, the Rem 7615 I mentioned in my first post was not California-only. It was a standard firearm designed and build for hunting, self-defense and, according to the Remington website, for those police/sheriff departments that could not afford AR-15/M-16. Seriously. I guess the model is still listed in their website, although it was discontinued a few years ago.

  9. Your definition of “paltry sum” differs from mine………. toys to me are usually $3 or $4, not in the multiple hundreds. 😉

    The stuff you picked out is cool, tho. I have wanted one of those tiny revolvers for a long time.

  10. Fun, and I can relate to it. I still have a Cobray 5 shot pepper pot pistol in .410/.45. It’s built like the NAA in terms of being a derringer stule, but in place of the usual cylinder and barrel assy, it has a 5 round cylinder in which each chamber is also the barrel, A standard .410 shell fits in with about a half an inch left at the end of the barrel. It is 100 SA in that you not only have to cock it manually, but you also have to rotate the cylinder by hand.

    Strange gun, but because it is quite heavy with eh 5 barrel cylinder, it is also quite comfortable to shoot, even with the abbreviated grip. I’ve actually used it quite a bit when hiking in rattlesnake country. It’s always been 100% reliable, but I’ve never seen anything else like it.

    If I knew how to upload a picture on here, I would.

  11. Actually, I “Really” like the Rossi Model SC4510 Circuit Judge in .410-Gauge (10.414×76.2)/.45LC (.452/11.48x35R). It show’s some “Modification” Potential…

  12. The NAA derringer is NOT a stupid gun…it IS a good hideout (last-ditch, face gun) weapon when you can’t carry a real gun…one well placed shot in the eyeball or behind the ear will ruin any thug’s day…I have one as backup for my normal EDC gun…

    1. Actually, Chris Brosnahan, the N.A.A. .22 is classed as a mini-revolver, derringers being 1 shot, or more fixed barrel, not a revolver. This included the Remington 4 barrel derringer with a rotating firing pin. As for ‘last ditch’ weapon, a .22 cal. LR, even at extended ranges will penetrate the human skull, the skull being only about 1/4 inch thick. At close range, even in a tiny revolver, it would be devastating.

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