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At the Range with the Curious AR-57

What does the AR-57 have going for it? Quite a lot. With the top-mounted magazine, it ejects spent rounds down through the magwell allowing left- and right-handed shooters to shoot it comfortably. The muzzle rise and recoil are non-existent, the muzzle blast is mild and relatively small and light. You can use 5.7/.22 Mag-rated sound suppressors instead of the larger 5.56 cans. For firing prone or benched, the top-mounted magazine is also more comfortable than even the shortest box magazine protruding from below. Read to learn if this niche rifle is for you.

STG 44 scoped livefire


GSG Sturmgewehr 44 in .22LR: World War Classic Reborn as Fun Plinker

Grab this rifle and a surplus uniform, and you too can pretend to be a dashing Fatherland Security enforcer or an Eastern front Army hero. If playing a 1940s German is not to your taste, there’s always the option of playing the other side. Read this update on the prototype of STG-44 rifle in .22LR.


Smoothbore Surprises

Conventional wisdom of defensive shotgunning says that larger projectiles penetrate more. So loading birdshot guarantees absence of overpentration, while slugs…Read More >