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6 Best Pistol Braces

collapsible Pistol Stabilizing Brace

Pistol braces have become incredibly popular in the past few years. 

Why? They help improve the accuracy and handling of the firearm by giving the shooter a third point of contact. 

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has approved both the installation and shouldering of pistol braces.

Many braces are listed for AR pistols, but there are adaptors available for AK pistols to use AR-compatible braces.

Let’s take a look at the best pistol braces on the market today.

1. SB Tactical SBA3 

The SBA3 brace from SB Tactical is one of the most popular pistol braces on the market. 

It offers simple and fast adjustment with a traditional latch, while remaining fairly low-profile. 

The brace includes a QD socket for the attachment of a sling and offers great surface for a cheek weld. 

Additionally, the SBA3 retains the streamlined looks of a conventional AR-15 stock for that classic style.

  • Fits: AR Pistols
  • MSRP: $169.99
SB Tactical SBA3 brace

2. SB Tactical SBM4

Another popular entry from SB Tactical, the SBM4 features an adjustable nylon stabilizing strap and a standard profile.

It fits all platforms with an AR-style pistol buffer tube, making it a versatile option for today’s shooter.

At 7.2″ and 8.4 oz., it’s also fairly compact and lightweight.

  • Fits: AR Pistols
  • MSRP: $99.99
pistol brace - SBM4

3. KAK Industry Shockwave Blade

The Shockwave Blade from KAK Industry is a great option, especially if you want a slim, low-profile option that is incredibly lightweight. 

The brace can be adjusted by loosening a bolt with a hex wrench, choosing your preferred length, and then re-torquing the bolt. 

It is not as quick as a standard adjustable GI stock, but it is fairly easy. 

The Shockwave brace provides you with a simple surrogate for a stock, at an affordable price.

  • Fits: AR Pistols
  • MSRP: $44.95
KAK Industries Shockwave blade on AR lower receiver

4. SB Tactical Side-Folding Brace

This SB Tactical Side-Folding Brace is offered for HK, CZ and B&T firearms. 

The brace securely locks into place and quickly folds up into a more compact package at the press of a button. 

It comes as a complete unit that is easy to use and ready to install. 

The brace is constructed of high-strength polymer and offers ample space for a comfortable cheek weld.

  • Fits: Models for HK, CZ and B&T Firearms
  • MSRP: $249.99
SB Tactical Folding Pistol Braces

5. Strike Industries Viper PDW

The Strike Industries Stabilizer is one of the more unique-looking pistol braces on this list. 

The angular design makes for a sleek and distinct appearance that is sure to make your AR pistol stand out. 

The buffer system has been engineered for consistent reliability with standard bolt carriers. 

Additionally, with the rapid deployment system, the brace springs to the extended position with the press of a button. 

  • Fits: AR Pistols
  • MSRP: $279.95
Strike Industries Pistol Braces

6. SB Tactical MPX PSB

The SB Tactical MPX PSB for the SIG Sauer MPX mimics the original stock incredibly well. 

It is adjustable to three positions and, when fully collapsed, makes for an extremely compact package. 

The brace comes as a complete assembly that is ready to install and drastically enhances the aesthetics. 

Additionally, SB Tactical makes their SB PDW brace, which is very similar, but is made for AR pistol buffer tubes.

  • Fits: SIG Sauer MPX
  • MSRP: $199.99
SIG MPX with pistol braces

Honorable Mention: Maxim Defense CQB Pistol PDW

This Maxim Defense CQB stabilizer is the most expensive pistol brace on the list, but it sure does have style. 

The brace is constructed of a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy and the shoulder end is covered in soft rubber.

You can adjust the length of pull using a lever and the brace locks up solid when in position. 

Furthermore, the Maxim Defense brace has a simple installation process because everything is built into a single unit. 

  • Fits: AR Pistols
  • MSRP: $359.95
Maxim Defense AR pistol brace
Image from Maxim Defense

Conclusion: Pistol Braces

Pistol braces not only add to the functional aspects of your firearms, they also add to the aesthetics. 

Some braces are lightweight and slim affairs, and some are fully-adjustable numbers that rival the best stocks.

Take a look at the pistol braces on this list and you will be sure to find one that is perfect for your firearm. 

What are your favorite pistol braces? Let us know in the comments section below!

About the Author:

Alex Cole

Alex is a younger firearms enthusiast who’s been shooting since he was a kid. He loves consuming all information related to guns and is constantly trying to enhance his knowledge, understanding, and use of firearms. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t do something firearms-related and he tries to visit the range at least a couple of times a month to maintain and improve his shooting skills.

His primary focus is on handguns, but he loves all types of firearms. He enjoys disassembling and reassembling firearms to see how they work and installs most of the upgrades to his firearms himself, taking it as a chance to learn. He’s not only interested in modern handguns and rifles, he appreciates the classics for both historical value and real-world use.
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  2. I use the SB side folding brace. It is built like a tank and easy to deploy on my CAA Glock 17 conversion kit. I could have went cheaper, but the quality and practical use won out. The unit folds easley in my backpack or be hind my pickup seat and the speed of deployment is amazing. I love the quality they put in this brace. Over all you won’t be disappointed with this unit1

  3. I’m interested in an AR pistol build, looking for best prices on pieces and parts. If this one goes well, the next one could follow right behind – my wife has developed a taste for shooting sports… and, unfortunately, is better than me.

  4. And, the winner is ——————
    Thanks for allowing us an opportunity to win something in addition to the free newsletter.

  5. I have two ar pistols both with pistols braces. Not only for legal purposes but accuracy purposes as well.

  6. Would love to be the winner of your new giveaway I had all my worldly goods stolen by a company I hired to move my from Colorado to Kansas and they auctioned off everything I owed so I am starting from scratch. It turns out that the movers were the Russian mafia and no one in the government would help us with this matter. The police wouldn’t even take a complaint they said it was a civil matter and home owners insurance said they would not pay because we freely gave our items to them. How messed up is that. Sorry but I had to vent.

  7. I am slowly getting acquainted with AR pistols, I believe these pistol braces are top of the line. Definitely to consider when you want to pack lots of heat in a small compact package.

  8. I would be extremely grateful to win this awesome piece! If I’m not fortunate enough to win, I will be buying one for sure.

  9. WOW! First of all thanks for the info this brace is something else. Please enter me in the free giveaway. Thanks

  10. Would love to win the SBM4pistol brace. My new AR pistol is being shipped and this would be a great addition. Thanks.

  11. Having a new pistol brace would be great for me. Thank you for entering me into this giveaway.

  12. My brother built a pistol grip AR and I loved it. This will be a great start for him to build me one!

  13. My brother loves to build guns. He built a pistol grip AR and I loved it. This would be a great start for him to build me one!

  14. The top pistol brace is the Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 2, which is not even mentioned on your list!!! I’ve tried 4 of the 6 on the list and the GHW is better than all of them because 1) it allows the most comfortable cheek wield 2) is fully adjustable 3) has the best shaped butt stock made with polymer (not rubber!) 4) lists for 150$ but can be found on sale for only 100$ 5) comes in different colors. Just sayin’

  15. I have the fishtail brace from Gear Head Works that came with my CZ Scorpion and it is solid. The SBA4 is a great brace too.

  16. I have an Aero Precisions build in DuraCoat Grey that would really look awesome with a new pistol brace?

  17. I have several SB Tactical braces and enjoy them all but by far and away the one for my CZ Scorpion sits head and shoulders above the others in quality, appearance, and of course price. I will be buying more of these for any potential firearms I may get before they go the way of the dodo.

  18. I’m new to the gun world and starting to build AR15 for myself. It would be awesome if I were picked my birthday day is March 7th.

  19. Act while you can. An immediate purchase is highly recommended. Politically, braces are easy targets.

  20. I have the shockwave blade brace which is ok but I think the SBM4 would be more comfortable.

  21. I have an sba4 brace on my 300blk I built. I started with the shockwave blade which is a very good and affordable choice. I switched to the sba4 for the easy adjust length. It made it easier to carry the pistol in a duffle bag or backpack. I have all the parts for 2 more builds, just gotta find the time…

  22. I appreciate the information in the article about pistol braces. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  23. I love this solution for short-barrels.
    I only have one AR upper, so I’m limited to buffer-style braces.

  24. This is a must for legality, but when Joe comes for your guns, does it really matter what is on the end of your AR?

  25. I would love have a SBA4 to try on the AR9 I am in the process of building. One on the bench for myself and a fellow Disabled Veteran, just waiting on a couple more parts before we head to the range.

  26. I have never used a brace however as I get older I have noticed my wrist strength is not what it used to be. As a disabled veteran, a brace would be a welcome addition to my shooting enjoyability.

  27. I would love to have one of these two braces listed below for my very first AR pistol (Have many handguns) that I just ordered.

    Strike Industries Viper PDW
    SB Tactical SBM4

  28. AR pistol braces are a great and convenient option,now that they are readily available..I own a Bushmaster AR pistol and having a new SBM4 on it will give it that nice finishing tactical look to it,so I’d like to be BRACE MYSELF LOL

  29. I have been hearing that I should use an SB Tactical brace for my second pistol build and I haven’t been able to buy one because of the price. I would love to win this brace for I have the KAK brace on my first build and it’s so uncomfortable. Hope I am chosen thanks.

  30. I currently have a shockwave brace on a 300 blackout pistol. Would love an SBA3 or 4 instead. I don’t see any adjustment on the SBA4.

  31. I just got my first AR-15 pistol. It has a blade brace and to change length I have to unscrew a bolt in the bottom, find the proper length then screw the bolt back. I would Really love to win this brace!


  32. Can’t wait to receive the notification that I won the brace! If not I’ll just go and buy the Magpul BTR which should be on this list.

  33. Receive the Sig Sauer M400 Tread pistol for Christmas,with so many pistol braces out there, winning one of the top 10 braces would be fantastic 😎

  34. The SB Tactical MPX PSB for the SIG Sauer MPX mimics the original stock incredibly well and would a lot better than the ‘sling’ on MY MPX!

  35. I’ve been using a Raider brace from Flux Defense (it takes the guts of an p320 full/ m17 and installs it onto its own platform). It has the functionality of a pistol, while offering an additional slot for a magazine and an extendable brace (plus rails for optics too).

  36. Interesting designs- I’m curious as to how the BATF will take another run at circumventing the Constitution on these.
    I would certainly like to have one for an AR pistol to experience it for myself.

  37. I have a KAK and hate it. SB tactical makes some nice ones. The SBA3 would be tops because it is lightweight and easily adjusted. But why isn’t the Gearhead works Tailhook in the list?

  38. I could use a pistol brace due to arthritic hands. My husband was an Army Special Forces vet & loved Chesper Than Dirt & your products. Thank you for considering me for the pistol brace.

  39. I’m working on an AR9 build and will certainly look into a brace for it. Interesting to see some of the different styles from the more traditional AR styles to folding and telescoping options.

  40. This thing would fit my new build perfectly. I’ve always been a fan of the SB Tactical braces. I have one on my AR-9 and will definitely be installing one on my 300-BO build I am currently working on. Cheaper than Dirt is awesome!!! Great products and always great prices, especially with the Full Auto Rewards. You guys Rock!

  41. I love my SBA3 pistol brace I have on my 300 blackout. Would love the opportunity to put one on one of my other AR pistols.

  42. Thanks for the reviews. I have been trying to decide what to do for my next build. This gives me more food for thought.

  43. This pistol brace would be great for my new pistol build I’m working on. It would be right on time since I’m just starting it. I really like the look of it but would love to use it and get the hands on experience with it.

  44. AR 15 pistol Braces are a very instrumental in the balance and control of the firearm. The brace allows for quicker aquisition of the target and to hold the pistol to continue placing rounds more precisely.
    I would love to win a brace for my AR pistol! If I don’t, good luck and congrats on the lucky person that wins!!

  45. Range officer wouldn’t let me shoot my AR pistol without having a blade/brace/buttstock at the range today bc some clown didn’t have one the other day and blew a hole in the headers of the range in front of him… Now I gotta win one or buy one

  46. I have a new AR15 pistol build and the last piece, which seems to be out of stock when I have the money m, is a brace. This would be perfect and a dream come true. Of course ammo would help! One step at a time.🙏

  47. On my first pistol build I used a buffer tube that was foam covered, these braces exceed that by a 1000%!!! Sure would appreciate one of your braces for my second pistol build!

  48. Well I’ve never used one and probably will buy one later to see how it will help me with a third point of contact. Winning one would be better

  49. I have a KAK gen 2. I have a SBA3. The only 2 that I have used. I like the SBA3
    better than the KAK. I would really like to try the SBM4.
    Thank you,

  50. Pistol braces are definitely in a class of there own and it nice to see some manufacturers making some with adjustability for more comfort and accuracy when use from the shoulder. Even though most braces are built for compact and lightweight when it comes to placing a accurate shot we all know going to the shoulder and having a good line of sight on the target makes all the difference.

  51. I have the complete lower and upper assembly with 10.5″ barrel. I’m going to need the brace to complete the pistol.

  52. The SB Tactical is a solid option. I have the Gear Head Works fishtail on my Scorpion Evo. This would make a good part of my 300 blk I am building piece by piece

  53. I feel that it’s a shame that ATF makes a favorable decision on an item and after hundreds are sold, changes their mind!

  54. Never actually tried one, I’ve thought about getting one before but I’m always so worries about the ATF making there next charge. I guess if I win I’ll finally have no excuse not to give one a try!

  55. Yeah would like to win one to give to my son for one of his pistols. Thank you for the chance Have a great weekend

  56. I really enjoyed the article on the 6 Best Peistol Braces.
    The description about each of the Pistol Braces along with the web addresses and price was great.
    I would love to win a Pistol Brace!

  57. Although I really like the Viper PDW and it would be my first choice, I think for a more practical use and reasonable price the SBM4 seems it would be a better overall choice for an AR platform pistol.

  58. I started getting into pistol braces once I purchased my first AR-15 pistol. Those are some nice brands. I’d be happy to win one.

  59. I am currently building an AR pistol in 300 blackout. This would save me quite a bit and be “the best” not “the best I can afford”

  60. I only have one pistol build rifle and have only ever used a SB stock. I need an actual brace to replace what currently have.

  61. I am a long-time supporter of your company I would love a free SB tactical side folding brace for my CZ scorpion thank you and take care Brian Reed

  62. My 13 yr old daughter could use that on her 556 pistola build. When she heard about the possible mag ban she spent her savings on 30rd mags. I’m so proud of this child, she makes most adults look very incompetent.

  63. Pistol braces are great, and I have a lot of fun with mine. They allow you to run a great tactical shooting run with one hand while using the other for engaging doors and obstacles, as well as being a godsend for folks with handicaps that affect their grip. But I really wish people would stop posting You Tube videos showing them using pistol braces as a stock. This only adds fuel to the ATF’s fire as they try to make them illegal.

  64. I prefer the SB Tactical SBM4. I have the stock pistol brace on my Sig Sauer M400 Tactical 5.56 10.5”. But it does not adjust for length, and is on the heavy side. This would be sweet.

  65. I would not mind having one of these pistol braces will it fit my 40 cal CZ ? My wife has a S&W 9 mm . Maybe it will fit that . Anyway we would love to win it .

  66. Timely article, as I’m liking into a 300BLK for my castle.

    I will say, it’s a shame they don’t make braces for revolvers. A nice wood/stainless steel brace on a Redhawk would be amazing for handgun hunting, with drool-worthy aesthetics as a bonus.

  67. Thank you for the thoughtful review.

    Just got a SBA brace for my first (or last thanks to JB) pistol build.

    There was a bit of a sticker shock for it, but it is cheaper than a felony!

  68. I just discovered this site and find it very informative. When I need parts for my toys I will definitely check out this site for information and reviews.

    Keep it up shooters log!!

  69. I really like the pistol brace but I can’t afford them, out of my price range, but I have tested them out an I like them.

  70. To: J. R. W.
    I will try to explain why I think??? all these regulations are about.
    NFA started in the 1930s – we weren’t alive then, so my opinion about it might not be correct.
    Government (and probably the people) were afraid of the gangsters are their very potent military weapons. Remember the Tommy Gun was used in WW2 – and was probably great as a 50 yard automatic rifle with no kick – also for trenches. The mobsters were using Tommy Guns.
    So, the government couldn’t outlaw dangerous weapons, so they taxed it to death using NFA.
    The $200 tax was way higher than the cost of a Tommy Gun.

    They also thought silencers were dangerous – so they are NFA items. I don’t think there were silencers in the 1930s, so maybe they were added to the NFA later?
    Can’t ban them – so tax them to death.

    Someone back then thought concealable and accurate was very scary.
    So they added SBRs to the NFA.
    Everyone knows a rifle is far more accurate than a handgun.
    Can ban them – so tax them to death.
    So, a short barrel on a rifle – that is easier to conceal – tax it to death.
    Adding a stock to a handgun (like Germany had in WW2) – tax it to death.
    Why? It scares someone that something accurate can be smaller than a regular rifle.

    Now – braces have been approved for years.
    Initially I read one can not rest it against the shoulder.
    A few years later I read one can legally rest it against the shoulder.
    Resting it on the shoulder – that means small and accurate at distance.
    Holding it out like a target pistol – that means small and inaccurate at distance.

    So, those wanting to add pistol braces to the NFA – there is some logic there.
    They think the brace is being used as a stock.
    They are scared to death that something rather small will be accurate out to 100 yards or more.

    Or maybe they are just caught up with rules written before they were born – treating them like the 10 commandments, and just can’t think about the reasons why they were made – and if the reasons still hold today?

    Self defense is certainly under 100 yards – probably under 50 yards – most likely 25 yards.
    A brace makes it more accurate.
    And yes, it is sort of like a stock if one shoulders the brace.

  71. Would really like to win the pistol brace. I have permanent wrist disability in my dominant wrist and could use a brace to help support my handicap.

  72. I’d love to get a pistol brace for my Kel-Tec PLR-16 .223 pistol. Especially a folding one. Is there such a thing to be found commercially, or will I have to adapt an AR or HK/Sig Sauer brace?

  73. I am happy that the pistol braces were made. It helps big-time with accuracy and it helps with the majority of us not having to pay $200 bucks of our hard earned money on some stupid tax the government decided they wanted to take from us. Personally I think all these gun rules are such b.s. . Why is it that our government throws all these laws and bans on all of us law biding citizens? I just don’t get it. Anyway it sure would be nice to win a new brace as I am half way through a new build that’s gonna need one :-). Thanks for a chance at a free one.

  74. I like the SBA3 and have them on my weapons, really wanted a 4 for the last build, brother got the last one and I could not find one in stock. If I win this thing I’ll do another build



  76. Pistol Brace is the way to go when building a PDW or truck gun. Simple is better in a high stress environment.

  77. I currently have the SBA3 brace on a 10.5″ 300blackout and love it. The SBM4 brace would make a nice addition to my spare parts inventory, or who knows, I might like it better than the SBA3 ??
    MY THOUGHTS… as a retired LEO, I still don’t understand why the ATF even cares what type stock is on a AR platform. I guess some young liberal college intern informed them of what they should do ??
    I’m guessing someone there is thinking a different type barrel or stock will make the weapon less lethal. Everyone with common sense knows that “any form of firearm” in the hands of a skillful shooter cause cause deadly results of that’s their intent. {even a slingshot with a 30cal ball}
    MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Regulations can be a good thing if written by responsible people without political influence.

  78. I am currently starting an AR pistol build. This is the brace I need for it. I would luv to win it and will postpics of the build when complete.

  79. You should give me a SBM4 pistol brace from SB Tactical! To enter, I’m leaving this comment below. You should pick me, a random winner on March 8, 2021. Thanks.

  80. I’ve been using an SB tactical on one of my pistols for years. Fantastic quality, I’d purchase (or cross my fingers WIN!) another without hesitation.

  81. Also have the Shockwave. I like it, but it was the first and only one I had any experience with. Would like to try others.

  82. I added the SBA3 brace on my wife’s Sig and it out performs the brace that came stock with it. It feels much better and cushions the tiny recoil these .556 pew pew’s do have. It’s great for her and our daughter. They can shoot many rounds without fatigue. It lightweight and easily collapsible, making it a breeze to adjust when changing shooters.

  83. ATF screwed up when they approved the first pistol brace without coming up with a clear definition, they have been playing catch up ever since.

  84. Pistol braces are for now the only way to go and make, in my opinion, a hell of lot more sense than incurring the added cost and hassle of going the route of the SBR registration process… and not to mention the added legal issues and complications of transporting an SBR across state lines. But the pistol brace also serves as another example of just how ridiculous our gun laws are when you consider that in practicality there is no difference between a weapon registered as an SBR and one that is a so called pistol with a pistol brace installed as they both operate and can be used and deployed in the same manner. To me this is another example of government over reach and control over us by forcing us to comply with a senseless rule in much the same way as we are all being forced these days to wear a face diaper in order to supposedly protect ourselves from this manufactured virus scamdemic.

    I submit to you that all firearms regulation is lacking in constitutional authority because under our system of law, once a document has been amended is is permanently altered and changed by the amendment because the amendment overrides and “supersedes” everything that came before it. And furthermore, in cases of conflict that may arise between what is in the original document and the amendment, it is always the provisions and the directives of the amendment that must and shall prevail. And so regardless of what provisions and authority is provided in the original document (such as the the supremacy clause and the commerce clause – which are both misused and misapplied ) that the government relies on for their claim of authority to regulate firearms, the fact remains that the “command directive” of “Shall NOT be Infringed” that is contained within the Second Amendment trumps all of it as the amendment overrides and supersedes everything in the original document and remains as the Supreme Law of the Land.

    Just as the 18th Amendment made Prohibition the supreme law of the land and this could not be changed until another amendment was passed to end the era of Prohibition (with that being the 21st Amendment), in like manner the command directive of the Second Amendment remains unchanged, unaltered and unchallenged by any constitutional lawful means and therefore this fact makes null and void any and all anti-gun laws written to regulate and to restrict the people’s Right to keep and bear arms. And if you take the time to look, you can easily find a dozen or more U.S. Supreme Court cases that support this notion that laws not in harmony with but instead made in conflict with the Constitution are null and void from their inception and lack authority in law.

  85. I put a SB tactical brace on my wife’s AR pistol build and it looks and functions great. That was my first pistol length build, and now I’m working on a pistol in 300 blk and I plan on using the same brace

  86. The arm brace has been one of the greatest accessories to hit the firearm market. It enables the user and provides much needed stability for shooters. Needless to say the brace game has never been stronger. The variation of models and materials out there are numerous. From collapsible to side folding, every brace I’ve owned or used has been a necessity. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings for this line of product.

  87. The pistol brace is one of the largest game changers for the typical lawful gun owner. It made a gun look better than just a stub at the end of it or in some cases nothing at all. It also brought the shooting sport and the ability of disabled persons to enjoy the sport and defend themselves and their homes. We all know that policemen have good hearts and are willing to help a citizen, but there is one factor that limits them, it is TIME. They cannnot make it there when second count because their response time is in minutes. I beg the ATF not to limit civilian ownership of braces we all know that criminals dont care. and that the ATF ruling on SBR is just about money there is no logic as far as gun safety about it. This being said the brace is a great gift from all the manufacturers that created them. To the ATF please remember tha your agency works for the people and are funded by the very tax payers that you will be hurting. Lawful gun owners buy legally, Criminals don’t! Ask the cartel how they get their guns.

  88. I like this list. It gives a pretty good spread for various price points. I would’ve liked to see a more pros/cons aspect though to help with deciding.

  89. I like the looks of the SB braces. How much shorter than a regular AR stock are pistol braces? My next build is going to be an AR pistol.

  90. I’ve been look for a stabilizing brace for my AR-9 and I could never find the SB tactical braces. I’ve used them before so I know they are legit.

  91. I have the shockwave blade and Maxim CQB brace. I really like both. The Maxim is shorter than most other braces which is nice for a compact pistol, but it is expensive. The blade is good quality and a much cheaper option.

  92. I’ve been building my pistol piece by piece for the last couple years. I had thought about running it with no brace and installed the buffer pad. I have since opted for a brace because they are so much more stable. Not to mention the look is much better. A brace and a light will complete the project!

  93. Got the KAK brace, great , sturdy and lite. Would benefit if more readily adjustable……still a top choice.

  94. Gearhead Works Tailhook mod 2?? Hands down the best brace on the market. At $150 and much more stable than anything with velcro. This is worth questioning how any testing was done and this not in the top 5.

  95. Pistol braces are a great aspect of the AR platform, another great reason to love it. Don’t like your stock or brace, change it. Make your gun unique.

  96. The SB Tactical SBM4 pistol brace is indeed a good addition to this list. Although my preference goes to a side folding brace, this one is without a doubt a contender for non folding styles.

  97. The Strike Industries AR Pistol Stabilizer is like the KAK Shockwave Blade, but with more functionality and a lower price. I use it on my Mossberg Shockwave, and find it is a great solution.

  98. The shockwave is definitely the most popular because it looks very good but mainly for it’s price range. Most people …… myself included…… are not going to spend as much or more money on the brace as they did for the entire build. Don’t get me wrong I love SIG and other big name manufacturers but sometimes you’re only paying for the name. These days anything under 100 bucks gets my attention quicker than the name on the side. “OUR RIGHTS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”

  99. Good me bless America, God bless Cheaper than Dirt! Please name a future give away “Uncle Joe’s….. give away” in honor of the the former Vice President Joe Biden’s attempts to infringe on our rights.

  100. Never knew so much about these braces. Might have to tell other people that are currently building their guns… Thanks for the info.

  101. After shooting pistols with all of these braces mentioned above, having one with adjustable length is the most important feature. It really helps fit the gun to the user making it much more functional.

  102. When I was building mine, I was debating between the SBM4 vs the SB PDW, ended up going with the SB PDW which was more expensive, but smaller footprint. Shortly after the SB A4 was released which combined the styling of the SBM4 with the adjustability of SBA3, might’ve gone that route as I have always loved the styling of the Magpul MOE stock.

  103. I’ve been looking AR pistols in 9mm. I don’t really know anything about braces but articles like this from “Shooters Log” are where I usually start looking. Thanks!

  104. The better option for the Shockwave if their new Stealth model with the revised adjustment mechanism. SBA3 is also a good option.

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    Hope I win.

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