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Two men primitive camping in the woods in winter

Throwback Thursday: Survival — It’s All in Your Head

When I am doing mundane things around the house or when stuck in the car for long periods, I imagine worst-case scenarios. For example, while stuck in traffic: “What if this traffic is backed up because an alien ship rose from underneath the highway and is now shooting deadly laser beams at everything in it’s wake? What would I do?” Or while doing dishes and I hear fireworks in the distance, I think, “If that was a dirty bomb just miles from my house, how would I react?” If the lights flicker for a second: “The storm of the century has knocked out all power and utilities. Quick, Suzanne! What is your first move?”

Para cord. Not just for making beer koozies

Life Saving Gear

We all know the very basics of survival are water, food, and shelter. Even the most skilled outdoorswoman or man may find herself or himself in a situation in which the gear they carry with them is useless.