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Emily Taylor, an attorney at the law firm of Walker & Byington and a Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney, discusses the legalities of giving chase and firing on fleeing thieves.

You Be the Judge: Does ‘LTC’ Mean License to Chase?

On the Texas Law Shield Facebook page April 24, the group’s lawyers shared a story about an individual with a License to Carry who chased after a group of thieves that had just taken large quantities of merchandise from a store in The Woodlands. The individual ended up opening fire on the thieves’ stolen van in the mall parking lot. Click here to see the KPRC-TV report on the events.

AR-15 rifle with single point sling

Using the Sling

An old saying is that precision demands lubrication. This means lots of practice. I have taught quite a few shooters in offhand rifle shooting, and in the end, the dedication of the shooter means as much as the skill of the instructor.

NRA-ILA logo

Call to Action: Stop Merrick Garland from Being Confirmed

The NRA-ILA is asking for help and now is the time to step up! President Obama’s strategists are working overtime to secure the crown jewel of his anti-gun legacy: a U.S. Supreme Court that will reverse Heller for all time. The threat is real and without making our voices heard, there is always the chance for the Republican-controlled Senate to crumble on a vote. So, speak up and let your voice be heard.

Springfield Loaded 1911 pistol and box of Hornady Critical Defense ammunition

Springfield 1911 Loaded Model

When it comes to firearms pride, ego and emotional investment seem to take precedence over calm detachment among many shooters. Cold and pragmatic aren’t in the cards. Some make statements with enough conceit to honor a Democratic caucus with enough leftover to feed a small town council room. My educated and well-trained self isn’t immune to such leanings.

Bug Out Bag Checklist

Spring Storms Bug-Out Bag Check List

While some of you may still be shoveling snow, other parts of the country are experiencing damaging and fatal floods and tornadoes. Spring has definitely sprung and with that comes not only weird, but also severe weather patterns. Long-range weather forecasters, as reported from Accuweather.com predict a worse storm season this year than we experienced in 2012 with “above-normal amount of tornadoes this season.”

Diamondback DB-15 rifle

Diamondback Introduces the DB15 Rifle Series

Diamondback burst on the scene and upturned the applecart by producing pistol with all of the functionality and none of the frills. The DB380 and DB reset the bar for micro pistols. With the introduction of the DB15, Diamondback proved there is one rifle that will fill all your needs—at a very affordable price. Hunting, tactical applications, recreational shooting, and competition—Diamondback DB15 Rifle Series.

H&R .45-70 Handi Rifle right side

H&R’s Big Bore Handi Rifle

Most of us remember the simple inexpensive break open (hinged frame) firearms used by many hunters. I saw quite a few when I first began hunting and used more than a few as well. While I could not wait to obtain my first pump-action shotgun, as time goes by I appreciate these firearms more and more.