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Walther Reign UXT .25 Pellet Gun PCP Repeater

Walther Reign UXT .25 Caliber PCP Airgun right, profile set in a river rock pebble bed

A few years back, I was blown away with my first experiences with PCP — Pre-Charged Pneumatic air guns. The insane accuracy, zero recoil, with no charging or pumping between shots and the experience of just loading pellets and shooting until the tank was low was simply mind blowing. Then in just a few minutes, I had recharged the tank and was in the backyard shooting again.

There is the hurdle of purchasing the supporting equipment which could have been as simple as a $250 PCP high-pressure hand pump… but why only go ankle-deep in the pool? I of course also purchased a scuba tank for instant refills and a compressor to charge the scuba tank or any onboard tanks. Now, I need nothing when adding another PCP gun to the stable, such as the Walther Reign UXT, a perfect .25 Caliber thumper to compliment my other air guns.

Name plate on the Walther reign airgun
Walther offers both .22 and .25 caliber Reign UXT models.

The Walther Reign UXT is a PCP .25 Caliber bolt-action-style pellet gun with a removable 9-round pellet magazine and available from Cheaper Than Dirt. Its short, light, fast-handling, and shooting with great accuracy and a glass-smooth bolt cycling feel that resets the trigger and feeds the next pellet.

A Scourge of Starlings

Dealing with a sudden scourge of starlings this year, I literally could not load pellets fast enough on my single-shot pellet guns. Despite true blissful happiness with my other single-shot pellet guns, the reload speed really killed second shot opportunities. Living outside of the city, we also get a lot of unwanted pests that need to be taken care of, including some that could need a quick second shot — AKA skunks. I wanted a compact, accurate, magazine-fed pellet gun for faster follow-up shots that delivered plenty of thump.

I also wanted quality but didn’t want to drop $1,000-$1,500 to get it. The $700 MSRP for the Walther Reign UXT would be considered a mid-priced gun for someone wanting to jump into PCP Pellet Air rifles. Considering the quality, it is an excellent value.

Size, Weight, and Power

Except for a few brands and models, air guns have become monstrously gigantic and very heavy which is fine for a bench gun, but beyond that use, they are cumbersome. As you are standing holding the screen door open with your foot to take a quick shot at a starling, the requirement is a short, fast-handling, and light gun that is pre-charged and ready to go — instead of requiring 4.5 feet of maneuvering room and a tripod to support the 10-pound+ weight. The bullpup format 34-inch length and 5.5-pound weight of the Walther Reign UXT .25 caliber pellet gun fits that requirement perfectly.

From a magazine and power perspective, the Walther Reign UXT features a removable, high-quality, 9-round magazine (extras about $30) and delivers around 42-ft/lbs. of energy on average. Walther does offer a .22 caliber option, but the .25 caliber model only reduces the overall magazine capacity by one pellet and almost doubles the downrange energy.

onboard pressure gauge for the Walther Reign airgun
A dust-covered fill port and convenient onboard pressure gauge are included.

That power range is about half what a .22 LR rimfire would deliver and about 25% more than what I expect from my .22 caliber pellet guns. For this application, this .25 Cal is the right power range with enough power to even drop raccoons with a headshot. Putting that power downrange in a 9-shot succession is fast with just a quick, butter smooth, bolt cycle between each shot. Again, the Reign UXT format fits the need perfectly and provides the fast follow-up shots and power I needed to drop more than one starling at a time as “The Scourge” flew in.

Functional Operation — Walther Reign UXT .25 Cal Pellet Gun

Functionally, the Walther Reign UXT is similar to other magazine-fed PCP pellet guns. Connect your hand pump, high-pressure tank, or compressor to the onboard Reign UXT tank and very slowly fill until the gauge needle is under the Red Overcharged Range which is about 3,300 PSI. For the first fill, I very gently fill and take a few pauses during filling to let the tank pressure equalize a bit and only charge around 60-70% of pressure — a hand pump is a great option for the first fill, but it takes some pumping.

A little quality brass nozzle adapter extension is provided that connects perfectly to my quick disconnect scuba tank hose and that slides into the gun. The pressure relief valve is closed on my scuba tank kit. I can slowly open the scuba tank valve to fill the UXT tank. Another option is to use my Umarex Ready Air high-pressure compressor which can fill the Reign UXT in about seven minutes.

Faux suppressor on an airgun barrel
Though it looks like a moderator, it is just a single empty chamber.

If you are in the mood for a workout, a high-pressure hand pump can be used, but frankly that is some work. I would rather just use the near-instant refill ability of the scuba tank, which I refill when needed with the compressor. I also use the Umarex Ready Air when my scuba tank is empty. Once pressure is achieved, the bleed-off valve is opened. The quick disconnect can then be removed. Obviously, eye protection is a must during this process.

Walther has made loading the magazines easy with a high-quality magazine that includes a thumb wheel and a ratcheting mechanism. With the bolt open, magazines can be inserted from the left or right, supporting ambidextrous shooting. Notably, the changing bolt handle is also able to be switched to left-hand operation.

Operation is simple from there. Insert a magazine, shoot, work the smooth and light cycling bolt, shoot, work the bolt…etc. The Reign UXT is a pleasure to shoot and offers fast follow-up shots. Nine shots later, you can slide in another magazine (if you purchased extras), and you are back to shooting.

The 9-shot magazine with the Walther Reign UXT favorite Diablo Exact .25 pellet
The 9-shot magazine with the Walther Reign UXT favorite Diablo Exact .25 pellets.

Given the size and format, the Reign UXT has a smallish-sized tank, which means it will deliver about 40 shots per fill in the optimal power range. I pushed that to about 80 shots, and was still connecting, but accuracy suffered a little. For the best accuracy potential, you do want to be in that optimal power range, which oddly enough is not at full charge, but around 2,400 PSI or about the cardio max for most people with a hand pump.

Even though the power was dropping off, it was still dropping birds nicely after 70-75 shots. 99.5% of people will likely never shoot 8-magazines of pellets in a row. So, from my perspective, it has more than enough power for an afternoon of fun without requiring a refill.


Walther quality has always been very high, all the way down to its airsoft guns. Walther works hard to put quality in the guts and then uses injection molding technology and modern design to save cost on the chassis. The chassis is injection molded from a similar material Walther uses on its PPQ handguns, other firearms, and air guns and is a high-quality polymer.

Cracking the chassis open to tweak the adjustable trigger pull and sear engagement, you do see the quality within, and that Walther did not build the Reign on a budget. The namesake “Reign” should speak for itself. Walther wanted to assure enthusiasts that this was a top-quality PCP and its flagship U.S. PCP rifle.

Quick fills are simple and fast with the supplied QD brass fill adapter. The integrated gauge is a nice addition that not all PCPs in this range feature. Due to import restrictions, what looks like a moderator is just an empty can that does reduce the report some.

Hawke air gun scope dials
Importantly, Hawke offers a SF-side Focus models which can adjust down to 10-yards to avoid parallax distortion and offsets impacting accuracy.

The stock is well designed and comfortable. Little design elements are nice, such as the carryover 2020 PPQ grip pattern, solid aluminum scope rail mount, and lower integrated picatinny rail for lights and bipod mounting. I mounted a centerfire spec Magpul bipod to the lower rail. The quality, design, and finish were really very high. Walther put money where it counts. The bolt assembly is all metal, as is the aluminum top rail. Of course, the barrel is solid steel, not the plastic shroud seen on lesser offering from competitors.

Optics Mounting and Shooting Impressions

With any bullpup, the scope to bore axis is high and can seem awkward. However, these days so many of us are dialing in the turrets for distance, so it makes little difference. The aluminum picatinny top rail mounts solidly into the action. I mounted a Hawke Optics Sidewinder 30 SF 6-24 SR Pro Reticle for testing which delivers outstanding clarity.

Accuracy was extremely good, with some 5-shot 50-yard groups under ½-inch. Even hastily shot ½-inch’ish 50-yard groups were the norm when inside the power curve. With that noted, accuracy is still good outside of that window. Even in the 50–80 round count range, I was still dropping starlings at 50-yards with a little more holdover, so good enough. Generally, I like the mid-weight 25.5-ish grain pellets such as the proven Diablo and Diablo Field domes. However, the 35-grain+ heavyweight pellets noticeably packed a more audible thump in the pellet trap and could be useful at longer distances.

Walther Reign UXT .25 Caliber Bullpup Air Rifle Features

  • 9-shot .25 caliber rotary magazine
  • Compact bullpup design
  • Fully ambidextrous
  • Lightweight design
  • Integrated picatinny rails
  • Quick detach sling mount
  • Tough all-weather polymer stock
  • 3,300 PSI capacity HPA tank
  • Up to 40 shots per fill
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Distinctive Walther grip texture
  • Fast action cocking lever
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • Made in Germany
  • 32.75″ overall length
  • Fixed muzzle brake
  • Solid Picatinny rail

Final Thoughts

Walther did a fantastic job with the sleek format with very well thought out ergonomics that make the Reign UXT powerful and fun to shoot across a lot of applications. A really good fun optic range for the Walther Reign would be either a low power variable optic or something in the 3×9 or 4×16 range with a low enough bottom magnification range that you can still do some fun blasting, and enough higher magnification to take advantage of its accuracy potential that I was frankly a bit surprised by.

From my perspective, shooters are not going to buy the Walther Regin UXT for insane accuracy, they are going to buy it because it’s a high-quality, short, and light maneuverable PCP form factor that is very accurate, powerful, and capable. Most importantly, the Reign UXT can put 9-pellets downrange accurately enough in around 10-seconds (my best time) all for a very fair price. All around a fantastic gun.

Airgun popularity has been on an upswing in the last few years for bird and reptile hunting as well a jaunt through tin can alley of course. How would you use the Walther Reign UXT? Share your answer in the comment section.

  • Push pin loader on an pellet gun
  • Hawke optics rear bell on a riflescope
  • bullpup stock with forward charging handle
  • Walther Reign UXT .25 Caliber PCP Airgun right, profile set in a river rock pebble bed
  • Textured grip pattern on the forearm
  • Name plate on the Walther reign airgun
  • push button or crossbolt safety
  • The 9-shot magazine with the Walther Reign UXT favorite Diablo Exact .25 pellet
  • cantilever aluminum picatinny rail with scope ounted
  • Faux suppressor on an airgun barrel
  • onboard pressure gauge for the Walther Reign airgun
  • Hawke air gun scope dials
  • Walther Reign air gun on a bipod in a rock bed
  • Several cans of premium pellets for an airgun
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  1. I bought a pellet gun, my Dad “borrowed-it” for squirrels…haven’t seen it since but he has bagged over 25 of them in his backyard…

    I fear I may have to purchase another pellet gun…as he’s enjoying it too much to return.

  2. Nice – As more and more people are moving out of big cities, the .22LR is no longer acceptable for backyard varmint control. Besides the hassle of buying a “real” firearm, and ammo shortages, a PCP like the WALTHER would be a viable alternate. Yes – It is expensive, and one would need a high pressure Pump to keep it charged, but like “real: firearms, once you have all the support equipment, it should last long enough your grandkids will still be using it. If you live in FLORIDA, think this would be a must have item. Iguana recipes anyone?

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