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Video: Colt 6933 EPR — Updated M4 Commando

I have long been a fan of the old-school Colt M4 Commando. However, as romantic as the rifle is, it simply has not kept up with the times.

I have long been a fan of the old-school Colt M4 Commando, but as romantic as the rifle is, it has not kept up with the times.

Enter the Colt 6933 EPR, Enhanced Patrol Rifle, an updated M4 Commando. Gone are the old clamshell handguards, carry handle, and A-frame front sight. The new upgrades include a Bravo B5 collapsible stock, Centurion free-float handguards, and Magpul Pro flip-up sights. The 6933 ships from Colt with an ambidextrous safety, advantageous for a few reasons, as explained in the video.

A closer look at the handguards shows the full-length Picatinny rail and plenty of M-Lok attachment points. This offers the operator more real estate for mounting optics and accessories.

The trigger broke clean at just under seven pounds with a bit of take-up and a small amount of overtravel. This just about what you would expect from a quality duty trigger.

The Magpul Pro sights are an upgrade over the standard Magpul sights. Being steel, they will hold up to abuse better while offering a smaller profile. The rear sight allows for windage adjustments, while the front sight post is the elevation adjustment.


  • Caliber: 5.56×45 NATO (. 223 Rem.)
  • Weight: 6.21 lbs. (2.81 kg)
  • Overall Length (Stock Retracted): 27.5 in. (66.9 cm)
  • Overall Length (Stock Extended): 30.75 in. (78.1 cm)
  • Barrel Length: 11.5 in. (29.21 cm)
  • Rate of Fire: Semi
  • Rifling: 1/7 RH
  • MSRP $1,499
Colt 6933 EPR .223/5.56 rifle, left profile, with a box of Double Tap ammunition
Gone are the old clamshell handguards, carry handle, and A-frame front sight.


We ran some 500 rounds through the 6933 using the supplied 30-round Magpul magazine, 30-round Hexmag, and Colt metal magazines. We also added a 20-round metal Colt magazine. About half the rounds were fired through a few different silencers.

Are you a Colt fan? How does the Colt 6933 EPR compare to the venerable M4 in your eyes. Share your review in the comment section.

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Comments (9)

    Yes, after I finally found an AL-15, after 50 years of looking, I finally saw my first one in a store, and it was a Stag. Ironically, the only thing left-handed on it was the discharge, and the bolt assist. It still had a standard, what I call a right-hand only, charging handle, and of all things, a right-hand only safety on a left-hand firearm. Then I learned the founder of Stag is, of all things, left-handed. My immediate thought was the left-handed founder of Stag, should go down to the production line a pick one up, and see if he can figure out what the issue is. To those left-handers who think firing a right-handed AR is something left-handers need to adopt to, I say; I really like the fact the brass, the blast, and any potential catastrophic issue, is going away from my face when using an AL-15. I will not go backwards.

  2. I think it’s still a bit overpriced for an AR platform, I have an original from my time in service. The newer models have the advantage of a calapsable stock and the adjustable sights are simple enough for anyone to sight their rifle in at 100yards. Your basically paying for the Colt name in my opinion but you want to keep your rifle clean and well oiled if you pay $1,500 dollars for it. SBR’s are good for home defense but the valocity at which the slug comes out of the barrel isn’t safe in an urban environment. I know because the round goes through the floor straight through to the basement. A nice 9mm with the right ammo does just fine in the inner city, I wouldn’t want a stay round to wind up in my neighbors house. I have a M1 carbine wich is very quiet even without any suppressor attached and a 30 caliber won’t penetrate the walls as much as the 5.56 round will.

  3. Is this model with the 11.5 inch barrel now considered a Short Barreled Rifle – with its nice adjustable stock? – That would up my cost a bit…

  4. Too many AR platforms are profoundly over priced. Admittedly I have worked with this platform extensively since 1979. The days of things like mismatched pin holes I’ve not seen in years. Tuning for max performance on them is certainly not rocket science. One can take a basic “on sale” receiver, for which I will spend less than $80 [sometimes far less], a quality barrel and good components and match the high end AR’s with no problem. Looks and “trade names” don’t mean crap to some of us.

  5. Big deal, Colt spent an extra $5.00 for an ambidextrous safety, and after decades, finally replaced the old delta ring handguard no one ever liked anyway, and Colt still kept the worst EVER hand grip design, the first piece of furniture everyone replaces upon purchase. To a correct handed person this is just another over priced black rifle, that I am not interested in. In todays time if a manufacture brings out any AR style rifle that does not at least have ambidextrous controls, is just a cheap company (at any price). For those who think catering to correct-handed people is to small of a market to deal with profitably, there is a company, Red X Arms, who makes Left-hand AR parts, and uppers, and they CANNOT KEEP THEM IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Another case in point is Henry. Henry brought out a fully ambidextrous semi-auto Pistol Caliber Carbine, and already the demand for it is ridiculously high. Lately there have been a number of companies introducing ambidextrous stuff, but the AR just stays an antique, as it is so overdue for an ambidextrous update design. LWRC would be a good “standard” for an ambidextrous AR.

  6. That is one ugly carbine; much prefer the classic Colt Commando.

    Though I did give my 6933 a makeover last year; turned it into a sweet XM-177 clone. Retro carry handle upper, I hate flat top uppers; modern sound moderator, aluminum CAR stock, Bakelite A1 pistol grip, 6 hole round handguards.

  7. There is a reason for the clamshell guards it keeps the gun clean try dragging the the gun posted through mud and let it harden into concrete. You think it would pass muster with Carlos Hatchcock. Yeah I don’t think so.

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