Trump’s Tweet Defends NRA

President Donal Trump speaking at the NRA convention in 2019

President Donald Trump, who likely owes much of his 2016 victory to the National Rifle Association, came to the defense of the embattled organization Tuesday with an early morning Twitter statement about NRA’s current troubles with the State of New York, where the organization is incorporated.

President Donal Trump speaking at the NRA convention in 2019
President Donald Trump sent a tweet Tuesday morning in defense of the National Rifle Association.

“People are fleeing New York like never before,” the president’s message said. “If they own a business, they are twice as likely to flee. And if they are a victim of harassment by the A.G. of the state, like what they are doing to our great NRA, which I think will move quickly to Texas, where they are loved…..”

NRA spent tens of millions of dollars to help get Trump elected. The group energized members in key states including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida to hand a surprise defeat to Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The allegation that New York Attorney General Letitia James is harassing the NRA with an investigation that began earlier this year might gain plenty of traction among faithful members whose support for NRA and LaPierre is unwavering. LaPierre has become an icon and the most visible face of the gun rights movement for nearly three decades.

People are fleeing New York like never before. If they own a business, they are twice as likely to flee. And if they are a victim of harassment by the A.G. of the state, like what they are doing to our great NRA, which I think will move quickly to Texas, where they are loved…..

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 2, 2019

However, reports of internal troubles at the NRA beginning with what has been described as an “attempted coup” to force out Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre that included the departure of retired Marine Lt. Col. Ollie North as the group’s president during the Indianapolis convention have also gotten members’ attention. Allegations of lavish spending, an ongoing legal battle between NRA and longtime PR vendor Ackerman McQueen (Ack-Mac) and the recent departure of chief lobbyist Chris Cox have created turmoil.

Add to that the apparent demise of NRA-TV, which was an Ack-Mac creation, have added to the appearance of big trouble within the 5-million-member association. There are reports of low staff morale and uncertainty about NRA’s future, but NRA President Carolyn Meadows has reportedly stated that LaPierre has the full support of the Board of Directors and that “everything is on track.”

However, in mid-May, just weeks after the annual members’ meeting and convention, Allen West, an NRA board member and former congressman urged LaPierre to step down, as noted by The Hill.

Ammoland on Monday published an anonymous analysis of the situation that appears to be the work of an insider. It has also been circulating on social media.

NRA’s internal strife is only half the story. The other half is the association’s war with the State of New York. NRA sued Gov. Andrew Cuomo last year after he allegedly tried to turn financial institutions against the rights group, while the James investigation is viewed by many to be little more than a “witch hunt.”

The president followed up on his tweet with a suggestion that NRA may “move quickly to Texas, where they are loved.”

“Texas will defend them & indemnify them against political harassment by New York State and Governor Cuomo,” President Trump wrote. “So many people are leaving New York for Texas and Florida that it is totally under siege.”

Trump has appeared at the past three NRA conventions, during the group’s annual Friday afternoon Leadership Forum that traditionally kicks off the festivities. At this year’s event, North, Cox and LaPierre all took the stage in what appeared to be a unified front to support Trump’s re-election next year and show the nation that the NRA remains an organization to be reckoned with.

Two months later, some are wondering if that’s still the case.

Will President Trump continue to support the NRA? Will the NRA continue to deliver votes for the President’s reelection bid? Share your answers in the comment section.

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Comments (17)

  1. The politics of states like NY, & Calif., are Elitist and are trying to be the nation’s conscience. Their Socialists principles have no place in America. As a life-long Texan, the NRA would be great to have a home in Texas. The people from NY and Calif. would be welcome too if they would NOT bring their politics with them. God bless the USA & NRA.

  2. I am moving from Commierado to Florida, I strongly urge the NRA to do the same. Why give the socialist state of NY any taxes associated with doing business there? Let the socialists eat their own as that is exactly what socialism is, the eating of one’s self. New York and other socialist states feed on what has already been accomplished in the past offering nothing in return save human waste on the streets (as in SanFrancisco) in return for the hard work and investments of capital and labor of their forefathers. Why in God’s name would ANY pro gun business or organization operate in a socilalist
    hell-hole where the very government that you are paying taxes to is your sworn enemy?

  3. I know that all large organizations have issues within it’s ranks but the issues will get sorted and the NRA still have my full support. I too think that WE ALL NEED TO STAND STRONG AND FIGHT OFF THE SOCIALIST MOVEMENT or we won’t be around to worry about it. KEEP THE FAITH IF YOU SUPORT THE 2nd Amendment.

  4. Both Trump and the NRA probably lost some support when he was for bump stock ban and NRA’s weak stand against it. Trump probably will lose more support if he continues to push for “Red Flag” laws and a ban on suppressors. My support will weaken a little.

  5. I’ll continue to stand with the NRA and our president. We have to stay strong and united!!

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    -Edmund Burke-

  6. Hopefully Trump will keep his promises regarding the NRA as he has tried to keep his other campaign promises. he is a populist and turning his back on 6 million NRA members is not a wsmart move.

  7. As an NRA Life Member, I support the NRA. Still, the current troubles, accusations, resignations and divisiveness is troubling and cause for concern. Transparency is a key factor in any advocacy group. Without it, it becomes even murkier when allegations of impropriety are made. In today’s very politically motivated and anti-second amendment climate, there’s even more of a need for transparency when the Huns are beating on the gate and trying to topple the walls. Too many changes and accusations in such a short period of time gives the impression, not to just the membership, but outsiders as well, that there might be some rotten apples in the barrel, regardless of the veracity of the accusations. While I appreciate Mr. LaPierre’s past service, the membership needs to question and receive answers concerning the accusations and the hard truth behind them. Longevity in a position of power, lends itself to the possibility that all is not right within the group. Cronyism and Nepotism should not occur, nor should they be encouraged. In the event there’s a degree of truth in the accusations, then that needs to be addressed and anyone involved needs to step down voluntarily and immediately. Nothing else will suffice.
    So as someone said before me, we need to clean house and get our ducks in a row. If Mr. LaPierre needs to be gone for that to occur, then so be it.

  8. The NRA has been our only gun rights supporter for decades, now we have some, Johnny-come-latelys purporting to protect our rights better. To that i say HORSES**T. I often wonder if these other “gun rights advocates” are legitimate or are they democrat/Socialist plants set up to gain a following only to knuckle under when the time comes as they are supposed to do, and were set up to do. I would be very suspicious of them.

  9. I’m not a member but will join today. I reside in TX but was born in Canada. (Don’t go there! I got to TX as fast as I could!) I also fully support the president. Has any whiner bothered to look at the state of the economy? Best ever!! I hope for a re-election. Thanks America for being the best country in the world and allowing me to be a part of it. And Yes I now own a lot of guns… along with all the luxuries this great country offers when you work hard!

  10. I let mine run out this month. It’s real simple. I paid them to do a job and they didn’t for the second time. The first was in the 90s because they supported the Brady Bill.

  11. I’ve been a life member for 50+ years but as a relatively insignificant individual from Montana, I do not expect to have the truth, the verifiable facts nor the interactive details of the goings on inside the NRA. As an ex cop I do have a realistic grasp on the existence of evil. The progressives who are creative and tenacious in their efforts to destroy this nation are, if not the stimulating cause of the NRA commotion, are at the very least salivating and celebrating at the turmoil. United we stand. WWG1WGA. Count on me to continue to support the NRA.

  12. Without question we need to stick together in a unified front if we are to win this battle with the leftist trying to overthrow our way of life. The NRA are a great bunch and they are putting their ranks in order right now. Like any other business sometimes things happen when the wrong people get some power over others. The NRA needs us members more now than before. They stood with us now it is our time to stand with them, So send donations and grab your brothers and sisters in arms and get them to join too.

  13. Nice hit piece, Mr. Workman, which other alleged pro 2A group do you belong to? I will stick with Wayne and the current BOD for the time being. There have been several attempted coups against NRA leadership since 1968, and there will no doubt be more in the coming years. It is obvious that Ollie and Chris did not want to wait until Wayne retired, and thought they could drive him out. After going all in to get President Trump elected, the launch of NRATV was a bit more expensive than anticipated, and a pullback is necessary.

  14. I will continue to support the NRA and our President. We have to stay the course and stick together now more than ever! Keep fighting

  15. The NRA needs to put its own house in order, but it is still a powerful force in fighting to prevent the Democrat Socialists from destroying our rights and our country. Anyone who quits the NRA now is just doing the work of the anti’s for them. Divide and conquer. We need to fix the NRA but we also need to present a united front to the enemies of freedom.

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