Texas: Understanding Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Laws

U.S. Law Shield vidoe cover of the Castle Doctrine

Independent Program Attorney Emily Taylor of Walker & Byington details the intricacies of Castle Doctrine and No Duty to Retreat laws and what they mean to gun owners in Texas. Click the video below to see more.

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The just-released video above is from the Florida State Attorney’s Office, supporting a judge’s ruling that a citizen who opened fire on a man attacking a Lee County deputy last year was justified in using deadly force.
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  1. So, what if the person attacking you is a Police Officer trying to pull you out of your car because he doesn’t like the fact that you are being belligerent & standing up for your rights when pulling you over for a minor traffic violation that has a fine only penalty? The Supreme court has rendered decisions basically stating that the only way to defend our rights is by being belligerent. Cops don’t like this and tend to escalate situations where people stand there ground on there rights. In fact, during my brief studies in Criminal Justice it was taught that there is a case where someone actually killed the officer during a traffic stop when the officer was violating his rights. He went to jail, stood trial, found guilty & appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court overturned the conviction. High price to pay for defending your rights. The lower court should have thrown the case out & ruled it justifiable homicide. Unfortunately, the cops & courts are in collusion with one another. So their ability to be impartial is basically nonexistent. So to stand our ground could mean we will have a very long fight ahead of us.

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