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bow sight with fiber optic housing


Tips for Choosing a Bow Sight

With the arrival of summer comes the signal to work the kinks out of my equipment. I call it my R&D phase. If a piece of equipment is going to fail, I want it to happen before I cross state lines for a premium elk hunt or when I am staring down a monster whitetail. When choosing a new bow sight, here are a few must-have features to consider for function and reliability.

Illinois Whitetail Buck on Public Land


Are Mineral Supplements Worth the Money and Effort for Whitetails?

After a through and exhaustive search, I am here to declare once and for all that hunting whitetails is hard. While that may be surprising to some—the ones lucky enough to walk out their first time with a bow or gun and a shiny new hunter education card and wallop a monster—to many it is knowledge earned after exhaustive hours in the field.

And would you really want it to be easy? If everyone went out and shot a Booner their first day, how much fun would it be? (Although after 20-plus years, I think I should have earned at least one gimme.) After all, it is the allure of harvesting something rare and unique, a trophy like no other, that keeps our blood boiling and separates the hunters from those who merely hike with weapons in the whitetail woods.

Dave Dolbee posed with trophy wild boar and Weatherby .257 Magnum rifle

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Sizing Up Deer Hunting Property

When searching for a good deer lease or hunting property, there are a number of considerations to be taken into account other than the cost of the property or lease. Check out this article for the top tips to make sure you have a successful deer hunting season.