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A harvest of ducks hanging with a shotgun and camouflage pack

Hunting and Outdoors

Waterfowl: Take the Advantage

Have ever put your heart and soul into setting up the perfect duck blind and decoy spread only to find the that the ducks had ‘flown the coop’ just before you started hunting them? Did you make a mistake or was it something more innate to the ducks? Perhaps it is time to switch to rapid-strike special-ops mode.

Red and black box of federal BlackCloud Shotgun shells.


BlackCloud Provides Lethal Performance From Any Waterfowl Choke

If you are serious about waterfowling, Black Cloud is a top contender to be your hunting partner. According to Federal Premium, you can also forget what you thought you knew about Black Cloud. It seems the Federal’s best got a makeover and is now even better. Here is the full release from Federal Premium.

Aimpoint Micro S1 mounted to a shotgun barrel


Aimpoint Announces New Micro S-1 Shotgun Sight at SHOT Show 2017

Aimpoint announced the release of the new Aimpoint Micro S-1 sight at SHOW Show 2017. Designed specifically for use on shotguns with a ventilated rib, the Micro S-1 greatly enhances hit percentage for waterfowl and upland bird hunters, on the sporting clays course, and provides a compact, low-profile optic for turkey and deer shotgun hunters.

Avian-X AXP Lesser goose decoys

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Now is the Time to Up Your Goose Game — Decoys

Most goose hunters are never truly satisfied with their decoy inventory. Thankfully, a new era of decoys is upon us. It’s never been easier to deploy astonishingly realistic decoys quicker, more affordably, and with less concern for major maintenance issues. Whether new to the game or simply upgrading, investing in some really good decoys is economically doable for just about any goose hunter. However, there are several important things to take into account when building a goose spread.

Hunter carrying an armful of duck decoys through the shallows


Waterfowl Vision: Beating the Odds

When it comes to decoys, carving detail and realistic paint schemes are critical in putting incoming ducks and geese at ease, but incorporating a variety of natural and welcoming poses like feeders, sleepers and preeners will also help your decoy spread pass the eye test.