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Red Flag Laws

Are you aware that several states have laws in place to circumvent your Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, relating to…Read More >

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The Anti-Gunners Are ‘Spending Millions’ in Midterm Elections

If you though the anti-gunners were beat with election of President Trump and one or two nominations to the Supreme Court, think again. The Washington Post has reported that anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety “plans to spend $8 to $10 million in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and New Mexico” to influence the midterm elections, via its “Action Fund.” And that is not the full extent of expenditures by the gun prohibition group’s fund, either.

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Washington State Loses 11,000 Carry Licenses in Four Months

In a remarkable reversal of a long-standing trend, the number of active concealed pistol licenses in Washington State has dropped by 11,000 over the past four months, a fact that might (should) be alarming to gun rights groups. However, it may also suggest a return of lethargy in the firearms community. However, with the barrage of assaults on Second Amendment that seems very unlikely, which begs the question of “Why?”

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SAF Hails Passage Of Suicide Prevention Bill In Olympia

Gun control advocates have blamed firearms for a number of problems—not to address the issues but to vilify firearms while pushing a political agenda. Here is a case of the organizations championing our Second Amendment rights getting a needed victory for a tragedy that happens far too often.

Students can carry at the University of Utah. Reported sexual assault is 58 percent less than the national average.

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Which Colleges Allow Guns on Campus

Despite a state’s concealed carry laws—colleges and universities may prohibit guns on campus. Only a few states allow students with permits to defend themselves while on campus. Here is a list of colleges to consider when it’s time to choose you or your kid’s education.

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Seattle Sued Over Guns and Ammo Tax Scheme

Two gun owners, two retailers, and three national gun groups have sued the City of Seattle over adoption of a retail sales tax on guns and ammunition. See why they are challenging the City of Seattle’s recently approved sales tax of $25 on each firearm sold and 5 cents for each round of ammunition.