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Browning's Buckmark


Browning Firearms — An American Success Story

One of Browning’s most notable firearms was the classic M1911, a single-action pistol. This popular pistol quickly became standard issue for the military and was issued and carried by the United States armed forces for nearly 75 years.

Camping & Survival

What Makes a Good Bug-Out Location?

I recently had the opportunity to visit a friend’s bug-out property. What started out as a dream for land outside of the city for a nice get-away to keep animals and a shooting range turned into the perfect place to start a bug-out plan in motion. My friend lucked out on their purchase. With a few additions and tweaks, this bug-out location not only provides safety and security, but comfort as well for months if need be to ride out a SHTF storm. As silly as the National Geographic show Doomsday Preppers can get, there is something to say for the ratings that they give each prepper at the end of each segment. Based on the same rating system on how well each prepper has planned for water, food, shelter, security, and X-Factor, I’ve rated my friend’s place for each category as an example for what makes a good bug-out location, as well as tips for how to improve it.


Dedicated to Helping Snipers Kill the Enemy —

Formerly known as “The Adopt A Sniper” program, the effort began as a simple request for assistance among deployed friends, whom were also peace officers serving in the National Guard and Reserve. These peace officers were employed as SWAT team snipers at home in the U.S. and were also assigned as snipers within the United States military.


Wounded Warrior Project Draws a Line in the Sand Against Guns and Knives

If WWP does not want to play with the firearms industry, and it is all about the money, well WWP picked which side of the fence it wanted to be on, not me. And let’s go a step further in seeking the truth. It is not about the money. While being interviewed Nardizzi explained that co-branding requires significant internal coordination with lawyers, PR people and others to manage it and finished by stating that we wouldn’t understand it. Really? I certainly do.

Taylor Fur Getter, a short-barreled gun used in the 1920s


The Booby Trap?

The Taylor Fur Getter—a unique contraption with brutal consequences. The ring is not for a string, it is for the bait. When pulled …well, essentially committing suicide by shooting itself in the face.