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Emily Taylor, an attorney at the law firm of Walker & Byington and a Texas Law Shield attorney


U.S. Law Shield: Can I Use Force Against Someone Burglarizing My Car?

Can you shoot someone breaking into your vehicle while it’s on your driveway? And even if you can in Texas, should you? Independent Program Attorney Emily Taylor addresses the legal choices and complexities to keep Members from making a life-altering mistake in the use of force and use of deadly force. 

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Video: As Temperatures Go Up in Texas, So Does Road Rage

Whether you are the aggressor or victim is a fine line in the eyes of the law. Likewise, there is line where you are considered safe. However, the court may draw that line in a vastly different place then you would. Watch the video to learn when and how you can legally defend yourself in a vehicle.

Texas Law Shield Attorney Edwin Walker with TSRA Legislative Director Alice Tripp.


Texas Legislative Wrap-Up: More Great News for Gun Owners

The 85th Texas Legislature adjourned May 29. In the session, legislators passed several bills that enhance gun-owners’ rights in the state. The bills include regulations involving curios, reduced LTC fees, IEDs, employment rules prohibiting staff members at schools from from having a firearm in a vehicle, the legal classification of knives, and more.

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Hunting and Outdoors

Helicopters, Hunting, Hot-Air Balloons, & Hogs

“Texas hog hunting is wide open with few restrictions. It’s more or less hunt when you want, with whatever legal weapon you want, in whatever style you want,” attorney Cooper said. “But that’s not to say you can’t run afoul of the law and Texas game wardens—arguably the most powerful law enforcement officers in the state. To stay on the good side of the game wardens and wildlife laws, you still need to be in the know and within the rules.”

U.S. Law Shield video When Criminals Stike


Criminals Strike Close to Home in Texas

Criminals can strike anywhere at any time. You should always be prepared, and carry your gun just like Luis, one of U.S. Law Shield’s members from Texas. He saw a pair of criminals trying to break into his neighbor’s car, and he knew exactly what he had to do to stop them.

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Texas: Understanding Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Laws

Independent Program Attorney Emily Taylor of Walker & Byington details the intricacies of the Castle Doctrine and No Duty to Retreat laws and what they mean to gun owners in Texas. However, the basic principles are knowledge that applies across more states and something every gun owner should be aware of.