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Taurus 738 TCP pistol left side

Concealed Carry

I Trust My Life to Taurus

“I left the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I noticed an odd sound as I walked up to the car’s door. My feet were crunching on the pavement—yet there was no snow or ice. I looked down and saw glass. Then, I saw him and knew my my life might never be the same.

Taurus TCP handgun with wings mounted to the back of the slide


SHOT 2015—New From Taurus

Taurus introduced its new handguns for 2015 at the SHOT Show. The line-up includes the innovative Curve, a TCP .380 with wings for those who struggle with racking the slide, the Non-View and Model 85 revolver with convertible hammer. Curious to find out what the specifications of these guns are? Read the Shooter’s Log coverage of SHOT Show 2015 for more details.