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Springfield Armory 1911 with a Shoot-n-See target


Training Tip: Double Taps

The double tap drill is considered by most to be two shots delivered to the target as quickly as possible—but are you doing it right? Practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. However, among the most misunderstood tactics in personal defense is the double tap. More than half of those practicing for defense shooting execute the double tap incorrectly. Worse yet, it is most often taught incorrectly.

Target's view of man firing a pistol


Maintaining Skills

You have learned to shoot a handgun well, but that does not mean you can rest on your laurels. Now you must maintain these skills. That is the hard part and requires discipline. Through diligent practice, drills, and perhaps some advanced training, you may also increase these skills. In this article, Bob Campbell has penned a few thoughts and observations learned from a career of handling a firearm as a LEO and a trainer to help you in your quest to master the handgun.

Firing a handgun from the retention position


Training is Serious Business

Training is a hard business. If you are serious concerning personal defense— and God help you if you are not—you must train to the best of your ability, use proper tactics, and seek communion with like-minded shooters. Are you taking your training seriously enough?

Diagram explaining parallax error


Understanding Parallax

Are you using the focus knob on your riflescope properly? Read “Understanding Parallax” to find out why the focus knob on your scope is much more than what most shooters think.

Picture shows Lena and Kay Miculek discussing firearms.


Proper Pistol Grip and Stance

Competitive shooters Lena and Kay Miculek teach you how to obtain the proper grip and stance while pistol shooting in this video developed by the NSSF and Babes with Bullets.

Old long barrel revolver


Add Some P For Extra Zip!

Plus P (+P) ammo comes highly recommended to load in your personal defense firearm. But there are many who find the higher pressures, larger muzzle flash and more muzzle flip a little too much for arthritic and injured hands or wrists. What is one to do if +P is just too much? Will normal self-defense ammo do the trick? Gun blogger and firearms instructor, James R. Rummel specializes in training those who have hand injuries and in this article he explains the differences in standard pressure and +P ammo….do you think it will be subtle or not?

Three pistols highlighting different grip angles


Grip Angle Doesn’t Matter: Why I Rock a (Nearly) Stock Glock

Have you spent a bunch of money on aftermarket parts and accessories for your concealed carry or home-defense gun? You might want to rethink drastically changing that factory pistol.
Are a pistol’s “enhanced” or “improved” ergonomics all a marketing sham? Do they actually make a difference in how well you shoot? One author says no. Here’s why…