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AR-15 Barrel-Twist Rates

A barrel-twist rate is expressed in a chain of numbers that reflects on how far down the barrel a bullet must travel to make one full rotation. To fully understand barrel twist, read this article.

Picture shows a steel-cased .223 Remington round.


Throwback Thursday—Shooting Steel Cased Ammo In Your AR-15

Have you ever read or been told that shooting steel-cased ammo out of your AR-15 is not good? Older, steel-cased ammo like Brown Bear is lacquer-coated and may cause issues down the road. However, there is nothing wrong with shooting steel-cased ammo from your AR. In this article, Cheaper Than Dirt debunks the myth that shooting steel-cased ammo is bad. After reading “Shooting Steel Cased Ammo in Your AR-15,” you will be saving money shooting cheap ammo without developing problems in your rifle.

M1A Rifle


All About Match Grade Ammunition

Among the best choices across the board in .223 is the Sierra 69-grain MatchKing. Why? I could state that this bullet has given excellent service in every rifle, from a 16-inch barrel carbine to a heavy-barrel bolt gun. The Sierra bullet also wins matches, and more than any other bullet in the class—at least to my knowledge. Sierra is known for high quality and precision, and precision is what match grade is all about.


SHOT 2014 — Norma-USA Expands U.S. Caliber Offerings

Norma USA created quite a buzz with the announcement regarding the expansion to its American PH and brass components. In 2012, Norma Precision expanded it high performance offerings to the United States and hunters have taken full advantage of Norma’s double-diameter expansion and deep, terminal penetration.

Picture shows a yellow, white and black box of .223 Remington ammunition made by Armscor.


On the Fourth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me, 4 Boxes of Armscor .223 Rem.

Consistent, accurate and reliable. The three most important—in fact you should demand it—traits you need your ammo to be. American-made Armscor ammunition provides you all of that in a surprisingly affordable price. This isn’t cheap, dirty or foreign ammo. Your AR-15 will love this clean, crimped properly .223 Remington ammunition. The 55-grain full metal jacket bullet reaches 3050 fps and is perfect for plinking and target practice. Every single round is new production with polished casings, uniform crimps and consistent overall length made in Stevensville, Montana.