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Predators: Offseason Action

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to could hunt all year long and not worry about time constraints? Seeing equipment sitting in the gun safe or on the garage shelves is frustrating, not to mention the pressure from short deer hunting seasons and the long period in between when skills deteriorate and time spent afield is simply lost. It has been said before, but if you have not taken up predator hunting, you are losing out.



5 Top Predator Rifles for 2017

Half of the fun in predator hunting is finding the right setup for your gun and matching it to the perfect load. Will you be hunting at night? How fast will you need to make follow-up shots if a second or third coyote runs in? Do you want to keep the pelt afterward? How long can you shoot? What if a dog runs by a close range? Will you keep a shotgun close at hand? These are just a few of the questions that demonstrate the versatility of predator hunting. While you are pondering the answers to where and how you want to hunt, here are five top choices for your next predator gun.

Hunter holding a dead coyote


Late Winter Rules for Coaxing Coyotes

Anybody who has spent time hunting coyotes knows these animals are very smart. Like other wild canids and cats, they are wary to the point of paranoia. Their craftiness is legendary, and they consistently make hunters look foolish—whether the hunters know it or not. If you want to up your success rate on song dogs, read on!

Coyote standing in front of a rock pile

Hunting and Outdoors

What the Uninitiated Need to Know About Predator Hunting

Coyotes, foxes, and bobcats are North America’s most abundant terrestrial predators. These species play key roles in the ecosystem, helping to manage rodent populations, scavenging carrion, and preying on larger animals that may be sick or weak. Predators are cunning and adaptable as well. Going head to head with another predator is also one of the most rewarding and challenging hunting experiences you’ll ever experience.

FN Five-seveN right with magazine


The 5.7 x 28mm FN Cartridge — One hot bottleneck!

It is fast and accurate, easily controllable and a ball of fun to fire and use. How practical is it? That depends upon the application, but one thing is for sure, the 5.7 x 28mm is more than just a class of its own. Read the full story to see why the 5.7 x 28mm may just be the ultimate two or four-legged predator cartridge.

hunter wearing ghillie suit with rifle and pack


Federal American Eagle Introduces Varmint & Predator Ammunition Bulk Packs

American Eagle and varmints spell on fun day any way you look at it. Well, unless you are the varmint I suppose… Varmint hunters like to shoot, but accuracy matters. Seldom will a song dog wait around to see if your accuracy improves, but a target at the range will. That’s why successful varmint hunters spend plenty of time punching paper too. Fortunately, with American Eagle’s new bulk ammunition packs, it just got a little easier to practice and sight in at the range with the same ammo you’ll be using in the field.