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Is it Time to Put Away the Pink?

Women make up half of gun owners in America. Does that mean that they only buy pink firearms? Not at all! It’s about time we stop marketing pink to women and level the playing field. Our own, Suzanne Wiley writes a plea to the firearms industry to stop trying to lure women into the shooting sports with pink pistols and revolvers.

Picture shows an aluminum 30-round pink AR-15 magazine.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Five Cheap Ways to Dress up Your AR-15

They say the AR-15 is like Legos for adults, but I say it’s like Barbie Dolls for grown women. One of the best things about the AR-15 is its adaptability, versatility and interchangeability. There are so many aftermarket accessories for the black rifle and now that the firearms industry has taken notice of how many women shooters there are and women’s buying power, we are seeing many of these AR-15 accessories come in pink. If you like a hint of color and do not want to spend a lot, check out these five colorful and cheap accessories for your AR-15.

Picture shows Ruger's LCP pistol in pink.


Pink Pistols Compared

I have never advocated buying a person protection gun because it looks good. Reliability and ease of use are so much more important. However, like many women shooters I know, whether we admit to it or not, actually want a pink gun. Fortunately, there are now plenty of reliable, accurate and affordable pink pistols to choose from. In this article, I break down the important specifications and features of 10 different pocket pistols to help you make a decision about your next concealed carry gun.

Picture shows the right side of the Beretta Nano pistol.

Concealed Carry

9mm Beretta Nano Review

The Beretta Nano is a sub-compact, striker-fired (Beretta’s first), locked-breech, recoil-operated, semi-automatic pistol. It holds six rounds of 9mm in its single-stack magazine, with one in the chamber—of which will fire regardless if a magazine is inserted or not. There is no magazine disconnect safety. Meaning if the chamber’s hot, the Nano’s gonna fire.The cool thing about the Nano is its interchangeable frame. It has the potential (on paper) to be a great carry gun for women.

Picture shows a close up of a woman with bright pink fingernails holding a pink and silver Taurus small semi-automatic handgun.


Don’t Buy a Pink Gun Before Reading This

As a woman wishing to buy her first gun for self-defense, let me ask you this—have you ever bought an expensive pair of shoes or a fancy dress online just to find that after its arrival it doesn’t fit or is extremely uncomfortable. Unlike the dress or shoes, your gun might just save your life. What use is it stuffed in the back of the closet with the tags still on? A gun isn’t an accessory. A gun is a tool that can save your life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “When picking out a gun for a girl—fit, feet, and caliber are much more important than what is typically marketed as a “woman’s gun.” When looking to buy your first gun for personal defense, make your choice on what fits best for you, not what color matches the majority of your outfits.


Pink Never Dies! Mommy and Me Girly Guns

We all know the exhausted story about people recommending revolvers over semi-autos to women. Revolvers are a good choice, however they are not the only choice. There are many advantages to a semi-auto over a revolver for self-defense and concealed carry. If you think your baby girl is ready to start shooting, why not start her—and possibly yourself—on a semi-automatic handgun. I am happy to have found two semi-autos decked out in pink. The .22 Long Rifle Walther P22 the SAR B6 9mm.

Crimson Trace’s grip is soft, smooth and comfortable.


Pink Pistols: Bersa Thunder .380 with Pink Crimson Trace Lasergrips

Before shooting a gun I have never shot before, I read reviews to get a general idea of what problems I could encounter while shooting it. Generally, this means I get a preconceived notion of what the gun is going to be like. Sometimes reviews are right and sometimes I find in my opinion reviews are really off the mark. Often, guns surprise me. Everyone raved about the S&W Shield, but I personally don’t like it. Sometimes I think I am going to hate a gun, but end up falling for it. As is the case in the Bersa Thunder .380. Reviews are mixed. Many said it was a cheap gun, malfunctioned, heavy with a bad trigger. Other reviews mentioned zero malfunctions, reliability and a great grip. However, all reviewers mentioned the accuracy of the Bersa Thunder .380 and I agree. The Bersa Thunder .380 is by far the most accurate gun I have reviewed in a long time. I achieved less than 3” groups from 20 feet consistently. As it stands, would I recommend the Bersa Thunder as your number one concealed carry gun? Probably not, but I would be more than happy to take this accurately pink number off my friend’s hands.


Size Does Matter… Guns for Girls

No longer are the shooting sports a No Girls Allowed secret club. More and more women are becoming gun owners. A Gallup Poll reports that 23% of women own a firearm. In research done by the National Sporting Goods Association shows that women involved in shooting sports has grown almost 50% from 2001. A pink-free blog post from CTD Suzanne about which guns are best for girls.

Child actress Morrigan Sanders has been shooting her pink M4 carbine since age 9.


Pink Guns

“Girly” pink firearms have become mainstream. Most major companies make them, and the reactions range from “cute!” to “ghastly!” —and