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Picture shows a group of people huddled under a canopy.

Camping & Survival

Pooling Your Resources in Preparation for Disaster

September is National Preparedness Month. FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, sponsors of the effort, use this month to encourage Americans to prepare for natural and manmade disasters. Many of us already have our plan in place and a bug-out bag stocked and ready. Others are just starting out and need a little guidance. Not only does building a local prepper community with those you trust fight off isolation, it provides help and security. If your friends and family aren’t prepared, make National Preparedness month the time you talk to them about the importance of preparing.

Houses, stores, medical facilities, law enforcement offices, and all kinds of other services will need structures.

Camping & Survival

Important Skills to Have After TEOTWAWKI

If a catastrophic world-wide event happened that wiped out a large portion of our population, infrastructure and destroyed many of our natural resources, what skills do you have that would be useful in rebuilding? What skills would you like to learn? You might have stockpiled food, water, ammunition and guns, but thinking beyond a few days of disaster can put you ahead of the game. Knowing a little bit about all those essential skills means you can not only provide for your family, but also be a good bartering tool. Any trade skill makes an excellent hobby—do you like to tinker with cars? Then you have some basic mechanic skills. Do you like to grow your own vegetables? Why don’t you expand that knowledge and raise some chickens?