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Honoring Their Sacrafice

Memorial Day is a special time for Americans to honor and remember all who have died while serving in the Armed Forces.  Join The Shooter’s Log in honoring the fallen with thanks and appreciation at in our hearts, minds, and if possible wherever the fallen rest to show our respect and gratitude. 

Oakley sunglasses on schematic drawing


New Oakley Collection to be Released Memorial Day — Honors Warfighters

Few companies ichnographically represent the American way more than Oakley. Even fewer actively participate in helping our troops protect the freedoms we enjoy to the extent that the Oakley’s Standard Issue team does. So, it’s no surprise that it has come out with a new collection of glasses that honor our men and women in uniform, past and present.


Memorial Day — Carrying the Torch

Whether you choose to remember a lost loved one, burn some meat on the grill, celebrate the day by popping a few caps at the range or something off the beaten path, please remember to take the appropriate time thank the fallen heroes, for the glory is theirs, but the duty to remember and carry the torch forward is ours.