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The CMP Starts Release of 100,000 M1 Garands!

While I wish we were reporting that the 1911s were ready for distribution, that’s not the case. However, we have something as good, if not better. The CMP received the Garands over the last month or so. Currently, the CMP is busy prepping the guns for sale. Each of the M1s will have to be cleaned, inspected, potentially repaired or rebuilt, and then test fired. Best of all, some of these rifles are already being offered for sale.

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Williamsport Area High School – Encouraging Students the Right Way

Dire circumstances require innovative solutions and the Williamsport Area High School is leading the innovation category. The shooting sports have quite simply failed to engage our youth on a significant level. Currently, in Pennsylvania, the student participation is less than one-quarter of one percent of students in public schools. While we can understand the fact that the schools are no introducing the shooting sports to our youth the way they did a few decades ago, we can also understand the effect that is having on the future of the shooting supports.