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No, You Aren’t Dreaming. Magpul Releases the Glock PMAG

Breaking news from Magpul! The company just announced on its Facebook page the GLOCK GL9 PMag. The PMag that will fit the GLOCK 17, 19 and all other GLOCK 9mm handguns. In a tongue-in-cheek promotion, Magpul says, “The same boring reliability you expect from an OEM magazine.” It is made in the United States and MSRP is set for $15.95. Read the news on the Shooter’s Log and watch a video of the GLOCK PMag in action.

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Magpul PMAG D60 60-Round Drum Magazine

Has Magpul brought back the drum? The firearms industry and Magpul fans exploded overnight with the news that broke on Magpul’s Facebook page unveiling its latest PMAG—the 60-round drum magazine. Shorter than the 30-round PMAGs, the D60 works on many picky rifles that typically will not accept drum magazines like the IWI Tavor and H&K MR556. Magpul expects the drum to ship in the spring or summer, but you can get a preview on the Shooter’s Log.

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Consumer Information

Cheaper Than Dirt! Resumes Shipping 10-Round Magazines to New York

Amendments to the 2013 New York SAFE Act ended the ban on 10-round magazines. It is not illegal for New York gun owners to purchase 10-round magazines. It is up to the owner’s responsibility to load only seven rounds. After examining these changes to the New York restrictive gun law, Cheaper Than Dirt! will resume shipping 10-round magazines to most areas in New York.

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Gear, Parts and Accessories

5 New Products to Add to Your AR-15 Arsenal

Stuff for the AR-15 just keeps getting cooler. Have you heard of the Browe Sport (BSO) optic yet? It doesn’t need batteries to illuminate its .223 Rem or .300 BLK calibrated reticles. Just Right Carbine builds rifles in pistol calibers and if you haven’t updated to the KeyMod rail system yet, now is the time with Midwest Industries affordable and lightweight handguard. These, plus more in the five newest and coolest AR-15 accessories product spotlight. Click to read more.

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Competitive Shooting

Immediate-Action Drills

The most sickening sound in a gunfight, or even on the shooting line during a competition, is click! If you should ever find yourself in such a situation and your mind races before quickly coming up with the solution, I am sorry to tell you but it is too late. Now is the time to prevent a disaster with this simple drill.

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Do You Use These Common Five Wrong Gun Terms?

Do you know the difference between bullets and ammo? What about clip and magazine? For many immersed in gun culture, there are a few words and phrases we hear all the time that sound like nails running down a chalkboard. Many of these words are commonly used even outside the gun community and usually everyone—pro or anti—recognize what those words mean. I’m not sorry when I say this, but many of those commonly used words are, quite frankly, wrong. Do you use these five common misused words? Read to find out.