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Picture shows a snow-covered train track with a fallen tree in the middle.

Camping & Survival

Winter Storm Preparedness: Everyone Should Have a Little Junk in the Trunk

Cheaper Than Dirt! wants to help drivers prepare themselves and their vehicles for the unexpected … especially considering the next imminent polar vortex. If you have the following list prepared, Bravo! Now is the time to reconfirm your supplies are accessible and in good working order. For those who may be unprepared, assemble what you can from items on hand and order the rest posthaste.

Picture shows a broken down car with the hood up and a man on his cell phone beside it.

Camping & Survival

27 Emergency Vehicle Kit Essentials

If you live in a hurricane- or tornado-prone area, you are no stranger to power outages, floods and going days without, possibly weeks without city utilities. You are prepared by keeping food, water, flashlights and extra batteries in the pantry, garage or basement, but do you have an emergency vehicle kit? An emergency vehicle kit is a bug-out bag that stays in your car, filled with all the essentials to see you through until help arrives. Like your disaster kit at home, your emergency vehicle kit includes food, water, a way to stay warm, but also tools like a shovel and other important things to help get your car back on the road if you are stranded. In this article, you will find 28 essentials to keep in your car.

Picture shows a little girl walking in front of a destroyed school bus.

Camping & Survival

Throwback Thursday—Preparedness: Anticipation and Planning

When you hear the term prepper or survivalist, do you image someone who has spent his or her life savings building a million dollar underground bunker, while wearing a tin foil hat? Preparedness and survival isn’t just for the paranoid. It is for everyday people. From tornados, to flooding and hurricanes to the accidental house fire, all American should prepare for disaster. In this beginner’s guide, Cheaper Than Dirt helps you learn what to prepare for, how to build a bug out bag and what kinds of things you need to store in case of emergency.

Tornado in Oklahoma

Camping & Survival

Preparing for a Tornado

Tornadoes can produce winds in excess of 300 mph and do not discriminate destroying anything and everything that gets in their path. Are you prepared? Do you have a plan? Read this article for tips on staying safe when a tornado is bearing down.

Spring has definitely sprung and with that comes not only weird, but also severe weather patterns.

Camping & Survival

Three Steps to Take to Prepare for Unpredictable Severe Spring Weather

Spring has definitely sprung! And with that comes crazy, unpredictable weather. Tornados and snowstorms in the same state? Wild fires and flash floods are also a threat in the greater part of the United States. Start by stockpiling water, canned goods and emergency lighting. You will need more than that, though. Be prepared for all of it with our three simple steps.

Picture shows a computer graphic of how warm water surrounds the cost of South American during an El Nino weather season.

Camping & Survival

The Importance of Prepping: Forecasters Are Predicting a Bad El Nino This Year

On March 6, 2014, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued an El Nino watch for the spring and summer of 2014. Occurring every two to seven years, with the last El Nino happening in 2010, experts say we are due and they are calling it a “doozy.” El Nino also brings droughts, wildfires, heavy rains, flooding and landslides in other parts of the States and the world. In March, food prices had already reached a 10-month high due to droughts and most weather experts are claiming that 2014 could be our hottest year yet, with possibilities of 2015 being even hotter. Now is the time to prepare for severe weather events.

Hunting and Outdoors

Women Afield—Winter Weather Hunting Safety Tips, Part 3

In part 3 of this series on hunting in the often brutal winter months, discover the right way to mark your path into and out of the area and stay safe from other predators after you make a kill. Knowing what to do when you’re out in the unforgiving cold is what gets you home to your family, safe and sound. Check out this 3 part series on enjoying winter hunting and coming home safe and sound.

Deer feeding in snow.


Cold Weather Shooting

You are different physiologically in the cold. Your blood flows differently. Your breathing will change. You may shiver or hunch more when shooting in cold weather. Tasks that were extremely simple at 70 degrees, such as taking your time, drawing in a deep breath, and slowly squeezing the trigger are all downright unpleasant at 10 degrees. Read this article to learn how to overcome cold weather shooting obstacles and have a successful hunt.