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Hunters hanging a safety line


Video: How to Safely Hang a Ladder Stand — Hunter Safety Systems

Hanging a ladder stand sounds pretty simple. But doing it properly by keeping safety first and foremost isn’t always the way it is done. That’s why Hunter Safety System, the company dedicated to saving hunters’ lives, has launched a new instructional video specifically on this topic.

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NSSF: HUNT S.A.F.E. . . . Hunting Checklist for Families

Hunting is a rich tradition, often passed down from family members to the next generation. The time may come when it’s your turn to introduce your children to this unique, exciting experience. Start by sharing stories about exploring the outdoors, outsmarting the game or even your first hunt; and please remember that safety should be part of every conversation about hunting and firearm use. The most important part of sharing this experience with your loved ones is ensuring they understand that proper precautions and responsible use of firearms can help make every hunting trip safe, fun and memorable. Don’t know where to start? Use the following checklist as your guide.

Man in tree wearing HSS Hanger Utility Harness

Hunting and Outdoors

Hunter Safety System HSS Hanger Utility Harness

Hanging a tree stand can be tricky. You need to get up the tree, get the stand up the tree, and have about six hands to hold everything you need to attach the stand to the tree—until now. Hunter Safety System has introduced the HSS Hanger Utility Harness, which promises to make hanging stands safer and easier than ever.


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Loaded for Bear

We have probably all heard the phrase “loaded for bear” but what does that actually mean? It can mean many different things depending upon the situation you may find yourself in. However, if you are an outdoorsman or woman then this phrase probably means exactly what it indicates—and you are indeed “loaded for bear” with suitable gear to protect yourself in case you are suddenly forced into a face-off with a bear.

Hunter in a Treestand

Hunting and Outdoors

Quick Hunting Tip: Use Your Head and Your Backpack

Hunting from an elevated stand is a very popular method of hunting and for some hunters it is the only option. Knowing how to properly use a safety harness is vital, hanging your treestand in a secure fashion is critical and knowing how to correctly ascend up into your tree is crucial. But planning for a possible worse case scenario may be the thing that actually saves your life if you should experience a fall from an elevated stand.

Dark haired man in multi colored shirt and shirts partway up a tree trimming branches for a treestand

Hunting and Outdoors

Off Season Survival Tips, Part 1

For many hunters there are only two seasons during a calendar year, “in season” and “off season.” The long hot dog days of summer are upon us and many avid hunters are already dreaming about spending countless hours high up in a tree in the coming months. Like most of us who hunt, we keep ourselves busy almost year round with scouting, planning and prepping for the season ahead. Read this post for tips on how to safely set up your treestands, in season or off season.

Dave Dolbee with trophy Quebec-Labrador Caribou.

Camping & Survival

Five Tips for Cold Weather Hunter Safety

This year it doesn’t matter whether you hunt in Texas, Virginia or Michigan, you are dealing with colder weather than you have faced in years when hunting. You need to be sure all your hunting party is well prepared for cold weather hunting with hunter education training for cold weather.

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Hunting and Outdoors

12 Tips for a Safe Holiday Hunt

It is a tradition around my house—when my son returns home every Christmas—we head to the pheasant fields for a bird hunt. He generally hasn’t hunted since the previous Christmas, so the first thing we review is the 12 Rules of Hunter Safety as featured in the online hunters safety course.

Hunter Ed Course instructor explaining zone of fire to a young hunter.

Hunting and Outdoors

5 Tips to Ensure a Safe Zone of Fire in the Field

Hunting day is here. We’re all excited on that first day of hunting, but we must remember that safety in the field is the number one priority. A key rule of hunter safety training is to make sure you understand the concept of a safe “Zone of Fire” and that all your hunting buddies do too.